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Answers to Submitted Questions About
The Church of Jesus Christ

by Joel Hardy

The following are answers to questions that have been submitted to me by both members and non-members of the Church. I will try to personally answer all questions by E-mail but I will only publish here those questions that would be of general interest to others. Please let me know if you do not want your question posted. Questions that I have already answered or that are of a personal nature will only be answered if an E-mail address is provided. Your E-mail address will not be used for any other purpose nor will it be given or sold to anyone. You will not be contacted by the church in any way as a result of providing your Email address.
Although I try to be consistant with teachings of the Church, these are my own answers and opinions and should not be considered the official opinion of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The most recent questions will be at the top of the list. There is also now a link to a page where questions are listed by topic
NOTE: Since the Church recently changed many of it's website addresses some of the links in my answers to questions may not take you to the exact intended page.
See also the page Answers to Critics' Questions.
This page is updated often. Last update: 27 April 2024

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MOST RECENT QUESTIONS                                          newQUESTIONS BY TOPIC

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DAVID - In what way were the two thieves hung on the cross next to Jesus?
KANE - What are UFOs all about??
PAM - Why would God tell Nephi to kill a helpless unconscience Laban just to get his brass plates?
GRANDPA - Wondering if it is possible for anyone to be sealed to Father in Heaven?
KANE - Question about the baptisms of Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery
JAMIE - What Bible verse was Joseph Smith referring to about God when he said, "He was once a man like us"
KANE - What would result if Jesus had rejected his Father’s plan?
TYLER - Question about the pre-mortal council and war in heaven
DAVID - Question about snow mentioned in the Book o Mormon
JAMIE - Asks a question about the fulfilment of Samuel the Lamanite's prophecy regarding the resurrection
KANE - Asks a question about UFOs
JAMIE - When we are resurrected do we have to show ourselves to Heavenly Father or does this apply only to Jesus?
GREGORY - Why does Jesus bless the CUP in the Bible's Sacrament, but in the Book of Mormon's He blesses the WINE, not the CUP
BINJO - What is isiah 45:7? I cant understand why God created evil?
ALBERT - If I am obese in this life, is my spirit a normal size? Will my resurrected body be obese also?
ALEX - Are Latter-day Saint Temples Biblical?
FRANK - Can someone receive revelation for me?
BINJO - What is the meaning of Isaiah 2:22?
KANE - Where will mass shooters end up in the next life?
IVAN - Why was D&C 137:5 changed to leave out the name "Michael"
SCOTT - How come in Genesis chapter 10 it says the people were divided into their different tongues but then Chapter 11, before the tower of Babel happened, is says they were all of one language?
ANGIE - How does the Church respond to the scientific data the suggests the a glass of wine is good for your heart?
GRKANE - What will happen in the next life to all the women who have had abortions?
JAMIE - What prevents us from committing sin in celestial kingdom?
JOHN - Are God's Celestial Kingdom and the Spirit World two separate places?
TYLER - Is it the wrath of God or Satan that causes rumors of war and inspires actual war and all the hardships on the earth?
JOHN - "When God shows you it's time to let someone go and you refuse to accept it, he will allow the person to hurt you to the point you have no choice but to let go"
JAMIE - What are the languages spoken after God confound their language at the tower of Babel
ROBERT - Was the plan of salvation set and just needed characters to play the roles of Lucifer and Redeemer?
KIRK - Why was Cain's sacrifice not accepted by the Lord?
TYLER - What is the verification process to know revelation we receive is from God?
JAMIE - Questions about what God said to Moses and Satan's power
JAMIE - When were the first five books of Moses written?
OLDSTER - Is Satan is the devil for earth only, or is he the devil for all other worlds as well?
GODFRED - Does everyone come to earth with the same amount of potential?
GR KANE - What do the scriptures mean when they say "Men's hearts shall fail them"?
GR KANE - Will I be allowed to atone in the next world for the sins of a close member of our family?
JOHN - Could Adam and Eve have eaten from the tree of life before the fall?
JON - Why was the "Lectures on Faith" removed from the Doctorine Covenents?
OLDSTER - Was Eve really made from one of Adam's ribs?
JAMIE - Why doesn't the prophet receive revelation that explains same gender attraction?
GR KANE - What language will we speak in the spirit world?
JAMIE - Are all the resurrected prophets in the spirit world?
OLDSTER - Did Jesus or God the Father creat the earth?
GR KANE - Question about intelligences and spirits
JAMIE - In the premortal life was Satan's plan rejected because he was not the first born?
GR Kane - Is it possible to explain dinosaurs from the spiritual or scriptural aspect?
GR Kane - Please clarify D&C Section 82 : 21 wherein it states how the Lord mentions the buffetings of Satan
ROBERTO - When are you going to change the name of your website?
JAMIE - What does it mean many worlds that have passed away?
TYLER - Why do we call the priesthood after Melchizedek?
RICHARD - Why is it important for those of us to know that we belong to the Tribe of Ephraim?
JAMIE - Questions about the translation process of the gold plates.
ANNAVAHRY - Why are confirmations for converts usually held on a seperate day of baptism but for primary aged its held on the same day? Is their doctrine or teaching? Aso who presides at baptisms?
GR Kane - Do we know what will happen to all fish and animals when this earth becomes a Celestial world (which turns into a sun)?
JAMIE - How is Church doctrine approved?
BINJO - Questions about temple marriage
JERRY - Will James Huntsman get his tithing donations back from the Church?
JULIO - Questions about Joseph Smith's seer stone
JAMIE - Question was if a member who has testimony of the gospel but breaks law of Chasity and did not repent in this life and died will that person go to spirit prison or paradise?
BILL - Why didn't God know that John C. Bennet was in fact an evil man?
RICHARD - When Satan is loosed at the end of the Millennium who will he be tempting?
ROBERT - How do I explain to a Catholic that we should not pray to Mary?
DENNY - What is the meaning of the veil of the temple being torn at the death of Jesus?
JAMIE - Questions about the need for Satan and his powers
HENRY - Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden so would that not be considered a sin?
JAMIE - After His death Did Christ visit all the spirit worlds of all the worlds He created
JAMIE - Was John the Baptist baptized when 8 days old?
SIMON - Is there good and bad pride?
ALEX - When a sealed couple divorce and the sealing canceled what information about that marriage remains on the membership record?
CARTER - When we enter the spirit world do we remember all that has happen here on earth?
ROBERT - Why did the angel Moroni visit Joseph Smith 3 times in one night and repeat the same message?
LUCY - Why did Joseph Smith say that all churches are wrong and corrupt?
FRED - How can adversity like this pandemic be seen as blessing?
JAYNE - There are places in the Book of Mormon where it tells what will happen before it happens. Is this prophecy or somethng else?
DOREEN - Does someone from the Spirit World come and get you when you are dying?
ANNVER - Is black skin still a curse today?
QUESTION - Why do LDS Members address each other as Brother and Sister?
ANNVER - Is it possible for families to be together in the Terrestrial and Telestial kingdoms?
JOSH - Did Abraham's father have the priesthood?
EMILY - Why are Mormon Temples rededicated after renovation?
BILLY - What will happen to the Aaronic priesthood after the sons of Levi make their offering in righteousness?
ARTHUR - During this Covid-19 quarantine, is there any theological reason for not participating in an online sacrament ordinance for those with no priesthood holder in the home?
SOPHIE - Who is allowed to participate in a Temple dedication?
ALICE - When Jesus was crucified, why was he nailed in the hands and the wrists?
GREG - Why would animal sacrifices be made in the Temple to be built in Jerusalem?
EMILY - Why are Mormon Temples rededicated after renovation?
BILLY - What will happen to the Aaronic priesthood after the sons of Levi make their offering in righteousness?
ARTHUR - During this Covid-19 quarantine, is there any theological reason for not participating in an online sacrament ordinance for those with no priesthood holder in the home?
SOPHIE - Who is allowed to participate in a Temple dedication?
ALICE - When Jesus was crucified, why was he nailed in the hands and the wrists?
ZHED - Is it true that temple work for Hitler has been done?
AMANDA - Who conferred the Melchizedek Priesthood on the Savior?
JAMES - Can you explain 1st Nephi 19:10?
JACKSON - Is baptism necessary for the Terrestrial and Telestial kingdoms?
HOLLY - What is the LDS view on military service?
ERIC - What did the three witnesses actually see when the Angle Moroni came and showed them the gold plates?
SARA - Why are there upside down stars on the temple which are a sign of Satan?
EDDIE - If there is a God why does He not intervene with child abuse and murder?
NONIE - Will all people realize that the Church was true when Jesus Christ comes again?
ZED - how do you explain Isaiah 46:9?
NONIE - Will all people realize that the Church was true when Jesus Christ comes again?
ZED - how do you explain Isaiah 46:9?
CINDY - Is it true that a husband will use the priesthood to cause the resurrection of his wife?
PETER - How was Joseph Smith able to see God and Jesus when the Bible says that is not possible?
TOM - Why wasn't Christ baptized in his youth?
JON - Question about payment of Fast Offerings
LARRY - Why was the last sentence of the introduction in Section 89 remove from recent editions of the D&C?
PETER - How was Joseph Smith able to see God and Jesus when the Bible says that is not possible?
TOM - Why wasn't Christ baptized in his youth?
JON - Question about payment of Fast Offerings
LARRY - Why was the last sentence of the introduction in Section 89 remove from recent editions of the D&C?
LISA - Can you explain the "Son of Righteousness" found in both 2 Ne. 26:9 and Ether 9:22?
KEN - Why was the office of Presiding Patriarch discontinued?
ALEX - Why did God hold on to Leviticus 18:22 as a law?
IVAN - Just wondering how some can justify the claim that the church is led by God, in light of some things that church leaders allow to happen
JOSH - Why did it take Lehi and his family 8 years to travel 500 miles?
JOHN - Would like to have explanations for a few contradictions between Bible and the Doctrine and Covenants scriptures.
GARY - What first sin do you believe Adam and Eve committed on Earth?
ALAN - Questions about those who die as infants, automatically being saved in the Celestial Kingdom
JUSS - Do we celebrate holy week for Easter?
TED - Why did Christ have to give Nephi authority to baptize?
NANCY - What are the specific "conditions required" for someone to get to the celestial kingdom?
JEREMY - Why is the current prophet so focused on the name of the Church when there are more important things in the world to address?
LAMANITE - Why is the church still discriminating members based on Missions?
ADAM - Offers a map of Book of Mormon geography.
JOHN - Can Satan can hear our spoken thoughts?
BEVERLY - What are the Mormon church's beliefs on the Rapture?
DIANA - What is acceptable wear for cremation if the person doesn't have their own temple clothes?
LILLY - Is it possible for anyone to remember anything from their pre-mortal life?
KIRSTEN - Do you have references stating the fact that the atonement of Jesus Christ was for all Worlds ever created and which will be created?
JUSTIN - Is it true that in general all deseases are from Satan?
NAWAL - Can my sister's child be sealed to me and my husband?
MARTHA - Can Angels eat?
BINJO - Can you give me some bible verses about the need of prophet and Apostles in the foundation of the true church of Jesus Christ?
DEBBIE - Questions about the death of Joseph Smith
PHILL - Has there been any point in time where not those not holding the priesthood were allowed to help administer the sacrament?
ANNVER - Why do Mormons often explain that the spirit world consists of two separate sides being prison and paradise?
BOB - Why does the church continue to show the 12 descriptions on facsimile 1 in the book of Abraham, when the church admits they are not correct descriptions?
NOLI - Asks for suggestions on how to become active in the Church again
RICHARD - Questions about temple sealing after divorce
PAUL - What is exact obedience?
JEFF - Asks a question about the phrase "without a cause" in Matthew 5: 22.
IVAN - Will Satan ever get a body?
JERRY - What revelations have your prophet shared with the world lately?
GRANT - Has the leadership of the church ever taught that we should pray facing towards the temple?
LB - Why are some people born into this world with handicaps?
ANNVER - If God remembers our sins no more why can't a previously excommunicated church leader be allowed to be a leader again after they have been rebaptized?
CHELSEA - Will women also teach the people in spirit prison or is that just for the men?
SUSAN - Questions about teen suicide and same sex marriage.
CINDY - What can you tell me about life after we die. What evidence is there of it?
JOSH - Wondering why we are not allowed to kneel in prayer in the Temple Celestial room?
KEVIN - What does the statement "Dust off your feet" mean?
ANNVER - How Did Joseph Smith come to know God the father and Jesus Christ have bodies of flesh and bones?
JON - Asks questions about Jacob's ladder and it's interpretation
ANGELA - Please explain why some scriptures say God repents and others that say He does not repent
JON - Has anyone ever received the priesthood without laying of the hands?
NATALIE - Why do we not today see the big more dramatic miraculous displays that affect a much larger audience of people like there were in the Old and New Testament times?
TOM - Is there a connection between the jews suffering during the halocaust and the jews killing Christ?
BRUCE - Why isn't the Book of Enoch accepted in the LDS canon?
ANNVER - When performing priesthood ordinances, does the person who voices say "I" or "we"?? ie. "I" set you apart as or "I" ordain you...etc.?
JOSEPH - Besdes what Joseph Smith experienced are there any other stories of the spirits of dead people appearing to others?
GRACE - Is it posible that someone can loose their faith and testimony of the gospel while reading the scriptures?
PATTI - My friend was told in a blessing that because she waited to start to have children, her children were given away to someone else.
CAMERON - Why can't there be a staffed nursery during Sacrament meeting where parents can take their noisy crying babies?
GREG - Asks about locations for the Book of Moromon events
ANNVER - How can the president of the church be "called of God" if everyone already knows who it is going to be?
JON - Questions about Cain and the story about David W. Patton seeing him.
FLOR - Why are not all the apostles present and seated next to each other during conferences?
RICHARD - Do you have any scripture or information that signifies which God is talking to Moses in the Book of Moses?
MARIE - When did women first start serving as full-time missionaries?
STEVEN - Will Jesus always have the marks in his hands and feet?
MARILYNN - Why do we celebrate Christmas in December when we are told he was born on April 6?
SYLVIA - Does satan have power over our dreams?
TOM - Where does nephilim Giants in Genesis Came From?
JENNY - Where was lazarus's spirit the four days which he was dead before jesus called him from the dead?
CHARLES - Why does the Church allow divorce and remarriage in light of what Jesus has said about it?
GARY - Why wasn't the Priesthood restored by the hand of Elijah the prophet per D&C 2?
ANNVER - A friend told me recently that the reason why the holy ghost does not have a body of flesh and bones is because he is not an actual person.
JACK - Can you tell me the source of the Mormon myth about the tent cities that the saints are supposedly going to live in?
BRUCE - Can you explain the contradiction regarding Abraham's age as reported in Genesis 12:4 compared to Abraham 2:14?
ANON - Why has the church modified it's position on the word of wisdom by allowing members to drink caffienated soft drinks?
STAN - The Bible says you cannot see God's face or you will die.
RASH - Have you read the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon Yet?
SALA - Where in the scriptures does it teach about the need to attend a "church building" in order to be saved?
RICHARD - Where does the statement come from that we are 'Spirits having a human experience?
JEMANN - Does the church include Green Tea in the word of wisdom?
AARON - Is it true that General Authorities have discouraged Ward 40 day fasts?
SHERALYN - How does the temple provide protection for me and my family?
BOB - What will resurrected beings in the Telestial, Terrestrial & Celestial realms spend their time doing?
GREG - Who is the Queen of the south?
JOSHUA - Does the Quorum of the Seventy have the right and the keys to ordain members to an office higher than themselves, particularly when they are not set apart as Prophets, Seers and Revelators?
PCLINE - Who writes the various temple dedicatory prayers?
BETTY - Can a General Authority quit or be encouraged to quit for reasons other than moral failings?
TOM - Is there a list of all the priesthood keys?
ALEX - Can an Elder serve as an assistant to the High Priest group Secretary?
TOM - If we must prove ourselves worthy in this life to live with God again, and God is all knowing, who are we proving it to?
JENNIFER - What are the LDS beliefs on the rapture compared to the Baptists?
KELLY - Do Mormons believe that Catholics are going to hell?
LEHI - Questions about sealing cancelations
BRAD - Can you explain the verses in Mark 12:19-27?
FRUSTRATED - Our Stake President demands us to wear a white shirt every Sunday as it is "the uniform of the Priesthood", can he do that?
LAU - Why do bad people also have gifts from God that they use to injure others?
JUNE - Tell me about Joseph Smith and polygamy. I can't seem to put it to rest.
BOB - Are there any doctrinal teachings that say that God takes someone to perform a more important work in heaven?
TOM - Are there different levels of sins?
JON - Is it OK to have a baptism in a lake or river?
BRAD - The Book of Mormon has many uncommon names. Have they found some of the names used in the Book of Mormon?
LEHI - Why are members who have made the temple covenants, supposed to wear the holy garments at all times amd places?
ANNVER - Are children's blessings which are done not long after birth considered an ordinance?
TOM - Are there spirit babies? Are babies born with adult spirits?
MARIA - Does the medication you have to take influence where you serve a mission?
DAVID - Does God have a sense of humor?
COLLIN - Was there orginally 14 articles of faith? If so what was the 14th one?
JON - Questions about a future prophet, more scriptures from John, and the parable of wheat and tares
ALEX - What are your thoughts on The Lion and the Lamb (Mandela Effect)?
LAU - We say that after the Apostles were killed, priesthood authority was no longer on the earth. But what about the Seventy that were also called?
LARRY - How is it that Moroni was resurrected unto immortality prior to "the resurrection of the dead"?
PAUL - Why do you believe that God cannot create anythng ex nihilo?
GREG - Where do other Christians get the idea that drinking in moderation is OK
TERRY - Did Jesus actually sweat blood in the Garden of Gethsemane?
RON - What do Mormons believe when a baby dies
GRACE - Where in the bible that i can find that the apostles recieve the priesthood authority?
STAN - Any reason why we should not use the abreviation "Xmas" when we are writing about Christmas?
RYAN - Why do we not hear anyone speaking in tongues in the Church?
GRACE - In Isaiah 66:15-17 does it say that until second coming eating meat is forbidden?
RASH - Why is it that the first sacrament in our dispensation was held on a Saturday?
DEVIN - Are baptisms performed in temples for infants who have died or will that happen during the Millennium?
RASH - Why did God put His spirit chidren that followed Satan here on earth?
RANDY - During the Millennium will people still be able to attend their own non-LDS churches?
CHARLES - Why did Joseph Smith have to wait 4 years before he coud take the plates for translation?
RICHARD - Does the Church Handbook say we should have personal priesthood interviews during Sundy School or Priesthood meeting?
GRACE - Can you give me any quotation or scriptural verse, that says when we are inside the sacrament meeting we need to avoid speaking handshaking?
ANNVER - Is true that every nation and the lost tribes will have scriptures like Book of Mormon?
STEPHANIE - If temples are so important now, why after Jesus was resurrected, did the Apostles condemmed those who worshipped in temples and said that God does not dwell in temples
DAVID - What does the symbol of the serpent represent in the religious world?
PETER - Is it true that no man or woman in this dispensation will ever enter into the celestial kingdom without the consent of Joseph Smith?
JEFF - Question about the phrase "without a cause" in the Matthew scripture.
NIWDE - Questions about cremation and stillborn babies
SHID - Can you help me figure out what exact month and day was the date of Jesus Christ's crucifixion?
NATHAN - How does one respond to mormon critics who claim Joseph Smith's prophesy concerning the american Civil war was not fullfiled as suggested?
ED - How does one trace their priesthood line of Authority? How can I obtain a copy of my own?
SCOTT - Is it wrong to marry outside of the Church?
MAX - Where does the myth that mormons have horns come from?
DIANE - Can you tell me of any place in the Bible that says we will know one another in the next world?
NIWDE - Questions about sealing policies when parents divorce.
ANNVER - Asks for clarifications on the performance of priesthood ordinations
JEFF - Why are all three members of the first presidency and all three members of a stake presidency referred to as president?
ALEX - Can the spirit of loved ones visit us?
ANNVER - Are there any restrictions given to those who are found or confess to gambling
JON - A question about re-baptism that occurs in the New Testament
DANIEL - I need a list of LDS apologetic books and a list of books that deal with anti-Mormons
JON - Can only LDS covenant keeping people get their calling and election or see Christ?
LEHI - Can a bishop hold back a temple recommendation from a member that knowingly supports a commust party?
BRAD - Can our dead loved ones see us? Do they know what we're doing, how we feel, what we're thinking?
AKANIMO - Is it wrong to watch soccer games on the Sabbath?
JON - What does it mean that we will be sealed to the Fathers?
SARAH - If Heavenly Father's glory is increased by our righteousness and progression, and Heavenly Father has more than one wife, isn't his glory greater than any of his wives?
JON - In Zion what will be the difference of Kings and Queens and Priest and Priestess?
ALEX - What is the Church's stand on Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)?
JOHN - Does 2 Nephi 31:19 mean that i don’t need to keep the commandments to earn salvation so long I am faithful and repentant?
JON - Questions about Zoram and Ishmael who joined Lehi's family
LEHI - Can you tell me what you know about the white stone mentioned in Revelation 2:17 and D&C 130:10-11?
ANNVER - Why was the garden of Eden called after the name Eden?
KYLE - Can church members who reject the church in this life get a second chance in the spirit world?
JEFF - Can you explain the verses in Mosiah 15: 1-4? This sounds like modalism to me.
MARK - What happens to someone who is baptized for the dead but was unworthy at the time?
ANNVER - What is the order of importance for God's commandments and why did He use John the Baptist to restore the Aaronic priesthood?
DANIEL - How can people sin in ignorance when every man has plainly been made known what is good and evil?
ANNA - A question about polygamy
NONIE - I feel so responsible for not doing a better job at teaching my children so they would not leave the church
SHID - Which temple is spoken of in D&C 84 that will be reared in "this generation"?
COREY - What did the saints do for temple ordinances during the construction of temples in Utah
DOM - If God is not the God of the dead, why do living people perform ordinances in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?
BEN - Why does Joseph Smith pray to both "Jehovah" and the Father in the dedicatory prayer for the Kirkland temple?
CLYDE - When can a man who has not gone on a mission or gotten marrried get a temple recommend?
ARTHUR - Can women go to outer darkness?
LEHI - What is the most acceptable theory among the LDS researchers regarding the dinosaurs?
ALLEN - Do we renew our own temple covenants when we do temple work for the dead?
JOHN - How can Jesus and God the Father be omnipresent when they have tangible bodies and can only be in one place at a given time?
JAMES - Why don't Mormons say The Lord’s prayer in their services?
CATHERINA - Are Polynesians or any other type of culture are allowed to get a culturual tattoo?
GARY - Why is the Mormon church punishing the children with the new same sex marriage policy?
JACK - Are there situations in which we are not required to forgive those who have done us wrong?
CASEY - Why is there no mention of Laban in the old testament?
ED - How did Jesus get the priesthood?
PHIL - Why are the Sacrament prayers not considered vain repitition, that Jesus told us to avoid?
LEHI - Why do many LDS disapprove of what bother Skousen taught on the atonement and the organization of intelligences
RASHID - Could Eve have gotten pregnant while in the Garden of Eden? Will Satan and his followers ever get a body
LEHI - How is the calling and election made sure given to a person?
TOM - Why does the Savior want us to politically fight against same-sex marriage?
LEHI - How will people being born during the Millennium be tested?
TOM - How you explain people in the Bible marrying close blood relatives.?
ANNVER - Can a Bishop do whatever he feels is necessary to help the members of his ward?
JIM - Is it OK to be rebaptised to demonstrate your total understanding and commitment to the Savior?
LEHI - Why there are no apostles before Jesus Christ?
VITORIO - Did God the Father perform an atonement on the earth he was on the same as Jesus did here?
LEHI - Questions about the symbolic meanings of the fig leaf aprons worn by Adam and Eve.
ANNVER - Why in Moses 3:7 says Adam was the first flesh upon the earth but in 1st Chapter Genesis, animals are created first?
JON - Questions about how John the Baptist and Jesus received their authority
ANNVER - What's the most important principle when it comes to a debate between obedience and the soul?
SAMUEL - Were we assigned to be in a specific family in the pre-mortal world?
JON - Questions about patriarchal blessings, God knowing our thoughts, and ministering angels
SHID - Why can only men have priesthood authority and be a prophet?
STEPHEN - Do you think that it is possible that our heavenly parents will continue the process of creating spirits for other universes and so on and on throughout eternity?
REUBEN - Why was Adam required to till the earth?
TOM - Why did Christ choose to be baptized at the age of 30? Was that a Jewish custom of his day?
STEVE - Asks for an analysis of comments made by Sandra Tanner about the Godhead.
RASHID - What are the differences between Trinity and Godhead?
SHIDRA - If the book of mormon is the the everlasting gospel, why are eternal marriage and baptism for the dead not included in book of mormon?
JAMES - Did our conduct in the pre-existence have any affect on the time, place and circumstance to which we have been born on earth?
ANNVER - Is their any instruction that a priesthood blessing should be used first on a person with a sudden illness before medical tretment?
STEVE - Questions about changes Joseph Smith made concerning the Book of Abraham and the Garden of Eden
NICK - A question about Joseph Smith and the translation process of the Book of Mormon.
JOHN - Are there any scripture verse or a Prophet's talk about not drinking Nestea Ice Tea or Energy Drinks??
CHRIS - I am Seventh Day Adventist. Has there ever been any conflict inside the LDS Church over which day is the appropriate Sabbath day?
JON - Why is that good people, not only LDS, but Good Christians aslo seem to suffer harder in things, compared to less righteous people?
ANNVER - Question about the Holy Ghost?
MICHAEL - Looking for a teaching by a general authority about how a true principle will be repeated more than once in the scriptures?
JON - When we die will we be united with our Spirit Mother and Father and our Mortal Mother and Father in the Celestial Kingdom?
AKANIMO - Questions about the rich man parable and angels guarding our graves
TMCARTHUR - Are mothers prohibited from driving a Deacon around to collect Fast Offerings?
TOM - A question about the law of common consent
ANNVER - What Laws are we living now in these the Latter-days?
KIM - Can a member still go to heaven if they die before their year of disfellowshipment is over?
JON - When was the first Sacrament meeting and why is it held weekly
PENNYSUE - Questions about polygamy

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