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JAYNE - There are places in the Book of Mormon where it tells what's going to happen long before that event happens.For example in Helaman 2: 12-14, it says it will later on tell more of what Gadianton and his secret band will do before it actually happens. There are many other examples throughout the Book of Mormon. Is this a matter of prophecy or something else?

JOEL - For some things it's prophecy, but for these types of statements you are referring to, it's not matter of prophecy, we just need to remember that the person making these, what are called editorial promises, is the Prophet Mormon himself, who is interjecting these comments into the body of the historical records. Of course he can do so because he had all the records of the Nephites and was able to read ahead to see what was going to happen and interject these comments as he was compiling what would ultimately become the final set of gold plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated.

It's interesting that in every case such edtorial promises made by Mormon were followed through later on with a description of the event that happened. Joseph Smith completed the translation of the book of Momon within just a few weeks with not much time to proofread for consistancy in what he had written. If Joseph Smith was making this up on his own, it would have been very easy for him to forget to include the fulfilment of each of these promises.

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