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Scriptures and Literature

red dotThe Complete Standard Works On-Line - On-line versions of the Standard Works(scriptures) of the Church
red dotCopy of Book of Mormon - Obtain a free copy of The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ
red dotBook of Mormon - American Sign Language
red dotBook of Mormon - Desseret Alphabet
red dotGeneral Conference Scriptural Index - Links from scriptures to the general conference talks that cite those scriptures
red dotGeneral Conference Talks - Access to the most recent General Conference talks
red dotChurch Book Stores - Listing of online Church book stores
red dotGospel Library App - Access to Church curriculum, magazines, and Music
red dotGospeLink - Access hundreds of Church related books, magazines, articles, speeches, etc.
red dot19th-Century Publications about the Book of Mormon (1829 1844)
newred dotBook of Mormon Central - To help readers gather information about the Book of Mormon
red dotEncyclopedia of Mormonism - Encyclopedic coverage of Church history, doctrine, scripture, organization, and culture
red dotRare Book Collection - My own collection of rare Church books and scriptures
red dotThe Book of Mormon Project - Download free Book of Mormons in PDF or executable format
red dotProclamation on the Family - From the First Presidency of the church
red dotThe Living Christ- The Testimony of the Apostles
red dotPolicies of the Church - Church Policies and statements
red dotRecent First Presidency Letters and Statements (Sign in required)
red dotOther Official Proclamations and Statements
red dotChurch Adminstation Handbook #2
red dotJournal of Discourses - General Conference Sermons, 1854-1886
red dotChurch Educational System(CES) - Access to Church colleges and seminary and institute instruction materials
red - Free program to create your own daily scripture reading schedule
red dotNew View Old Testament - An Old Testament website designed with a Latter-day Saint perspective
red dotThe Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research (FAIR) - Site responds to and gives a faithful perspective to criticism of the church perspective
red dotMormon Studies - The premier online resource guide for scholarly material on Mormonism
red dotChurch Publications-Handheld - Download the scriptures and other church publications for handheld computers
red dotThe Joseph Smith Papers
red dotParables from the Prophets - Selected stories from General Conference talks
red dotInspirational talks, and stories
red dotChristmas Stories - Collection of Church-related Christmas storeis
red dotInspirational Thoughts
red dotAncient Americas - Information and News about Book of Mormon Archaeology
red dotAncient American magazine - Archaeology of the Americas Before Columbus
red dotWho's Who in the Book of Mormon - Alphabetical listing of all characters in the Book of Mormon with descriptions
red dotBook of Mormon Timeline- Time line of events in the Book of Mormon
red dotScripture Crossword Puzzles - Have some fun while studying the Gospel and Scriptures
red dotThe Book of Mormon Cycle - Diagram of the life cycle of peoples in the Book of Mormon
red dotNeal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship - To deepen understanding and nurture discipleship among Latter-day Saints
red dotInterpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture - A nonprofit, independent, peer-reviewed educational journal focused on the scriptures
red dotMormon Answerman - Book of Mormon Answerman
red dotProposed Book of Mormon Geography - My own proposal for Book of Mormon geography
red dotBook of Mormon Model - This Google Earth kmz file is a comprehensive, though not exhaustive spatial model of Nephite cities, lands and places in the Book of Mormon
red dotBook of Mormon Geography - Contains a generic map with lists of geographic scriptural references
red - DNA evidence for Book of Mormon geography
red - A proposed map with supporting evidence
red - Proposed Book of Mormon map in Baja California
red dotRecord Keepers of the Book of Mormon - Succession of record keepers throughout the Book of Mormon
red dotMy Personal Testimony About the Book of Mormon
red dotThe Book of Joseph - Supposedly a recently discovered translation of scripture from Joseph Smith
red dotThe Vision - Joseph Smith's poetical rendering of D&C 76
red dotMeridian Magazine - The place where latter-day saints gather
red dotEmergency Preparedness - Food Storage and Emergency Preparation
red dotLatter-day Saint Authors:
Orson Scott Card - Hatrack River
Tracy Hickman - Author and Explorer of the Frontiers of Imagination
Chad Daybell - The official Chad Daybell website

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