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red dotMissionary Service - Official Missionary Service website
red dotMissionary Training Center- Information about the Missionary Training Center.
red dotMormon Mission Prep - Information and resources for preparing to serve a mission
red dotMissionary Medicine - Helping Missionaries prepare medically for their missions and stay healthy while serving.
red dot Missionary Stores - Listing of online stores for all missionary supplies
red dotConvert Counter - Measuring the Missionary Effort
red - Site where church missionary leaders can teach each other what they are learning as they serve
red dotFallen Soldiers in God's Army (Updated 6/5/24) - Memorial to missionaries who have died in the service of God
red dotStake Growth video - Watch a video showing the growth of the Church by stakes across the world.
red dot22 Suggestions for a Successful Mission - Based on my own missionary experiences
red dotMusic conducting tips - Learn how to or improve your conducting skills with how-to-videos
red dotMission.Net - Mission Network
red dotLanguage Translator - Translate your letter to a missionary who is serving in a foreign country
red dotCurrency Converter - Get the most current exchange rates for foreign currency
red dotMapQuest - Locate your missionary's field of service anywhere in the world
red dotCTR Clothing - Clothing designed for missionaries
red dotLDS Mission Specific - Personalized mission shirts for EVERY mission.
red dotMR. MAC - Suits and other clothing for missionaries
red dotMissionary Support Gear - Custom missionary trading cards with photo of missionary, missionary's testimony, and favorite scripture
red - Choose The Right mission bike
red dot Called2Serve - Have cookies, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and other snacks delivered to missionaries at the MTC and throughout the US and Canada

(* The listing of any commercial sites is for your convenience only and is not intended as an endorsement of their products or services.)

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