By Joel Hardy

1. Keep a positive mental attitude. Expect to succeed.
2. Strictly follow the mission rules.
3. Never be without your companion.
4. Have the courage to do what ever needs to be done. Replace fear with faith.
5. Don't worry about being cool or popular. Don't worry about what other people think.
6. Write in your journal every day.
7. Write to your parents once a week. Others as you have time.
8. Stay out of debt. Owing your companion money can put a strain on your relationship.
9. Take time to learn about the people and the area in which you are serving.
10. Have some fun. Work hard. Play hard.
11. Keep a safe but polite distance from the opposite sex.
12. Be patient with your companion. Learn to communicate well with him.
13. Stay healthy. Eat the right foods. Get enough sleep and exercise.
14. Take advantage of every opportunity to strengthen your testimony.
15. Use your own personal talents and abilities to help you in your work.
16. Get to know Jesus Christ through scripture study, prayer and service.
17. Take time to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
18. Have enough faith to use the priesthood whenever needed. Sisters, encourage the elders to use the priesthood when you need it.
19. Never debate or argue with anyone about the gospel. Teach and testify.
20. Use the local members to help fellowship investigators into the church.
21. Don't stay at any appointment longer than necessary. Leave them wanting more.
22. Be careful out there! Wear your helmet!

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