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JUSS I believe Jesus Christ was died for us and resurrected. My question is, do we celebrate holy week? If yes, how do we celebrate it as an LDS member?

JOEL While The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints celebrates the Easter holiday, it does not include rituals for each of the Holy Week's days, as other Christian denominations do.

Normally on Easter Sunday there will be a special Sacrament meeting with talks and music focusing on the atonement and resurrection of the Savior, but nothing that lasts the whole week prior to that like other faiths do.

There has been an Easter Pageant held in Mesa Arizona each year organized by church members and has been called the largest annual outdoor Easter pageant in the world. The church also has a website called "Holy Week" ("Holy Week") which goes through each day of the Holy Week and describes what happened on each day leading up to Easter Sunday.

There is also a nice video about Holy Week at the following website: Easter

Other than that, church members throughout the world might participate in related events and traditions with the rest of the community they live in during that week, but nothing else that is formally organized or sanctioned by our Church.

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