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* President Nelson asks young adults, ‘Decide what kind of life you want to live forever’
* President Ballard Honors Joseph Smith’s Ancestry While Ministering in New England
* Video: Joseph Smith family’s foundation in Topsfield, Massachusetts
* Youth and young adults lead tours at ancient tabernacle replica, pointing to Christ and temple covenants
* Leaders called for 3 new stakes and 5 reorganized stakes — from Argentina to Zanesville, Ohio
* The historical significance of Topsfield, Massachusetts, to Latter-day Saints, the community and President Ballard
* Elder Ryan K. Olsen knows blessings await those who trust in the Lord
* The 2021 Annual Report: How the Church of Jesus Christ Cared for God’s Children
* How to watch President and Sister Nelson’s Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
* Headed to Temple Square for May 15 young adult devotional? Here are 11 things to see and do
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How President Russell M. Nelson made the Salt Lake Temple renovation relevant worldwide
* How a unique student housing project at the U. could generate $1B in student aid over 99 years
* See how much was spent on charity in 2021 by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* 2 men face hate crime charges for separately setting fire to a Latter-day Saint mission car, church
* An apostle’s first memory is from inside a temple
* Why the Tabernacle Choir is launching a new recital series featuring world-class organists
* Primary Children’s Hospital in Utah Celebrates 100 Years
* Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults with President Russell M. Nelson and Sister Wendy W. Nelson
* Temple Square Renovation Update: May 2022
* Africa, Philippines Lead Church Growth Over Past 10 Years
* BYU’s Old Testament Art Exhibition Arrives at Perfect Time for ‘Come, Follow Me’ Students
* JustServe Helps Provide Prom Dresses and Life Skills to Foster Youth
* New Temple Leaders Called to Serve in 2022
* What One Senior Missionary Couple Wants Others to Know About Serving Through Challenges
* Serving those who serve: How the Church is supporting military members and their families
* Learn about the new leaders of 3 temples in Brazil, Washington and California
* BYU’s Old Testament art exhibition arrives at perfect moment for ‘Come, Follow Me’ students
* Church Releases First Virtual Tour of Historic Washington D.C. Temple
* Mongolia Receives Vital Pandemic Resources From the Church
* BYU-Hawaii President Shares 3 Principles to Help During Trials
* Elder Isaac K. Morrison: Attending Seminary Led to Testimony and Baptism
* Focus on Christ, Act on His Strength, Sister Marriott Tells BYU Students
* General Conference Podcast Episodes Are Now Available
* Missionary Service Can Be Life-Changing, Elder Holland Says at MTC Devotional
* Born out of compassion and love, Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City turns 100 years old
* President and Sister Nelson to speak at May 15 Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
* How Elder Holland equates Greenwich Mean Time and 59-plus years to mission service
* Two men arrested following shootout in Idaho Falls temple parking lot
* Groundbreaking Dates Set for Temples in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Utah
* Curator Shares Some of Church’s Historical Connections to Washington, D.C.
* Follow Gospel’s ‘Fires of Faith,’ Elder Stevenson Tells Youth in Brazil
* Church Blood Drives Will Reach 1 Million Units This Year
* How Being ‘Curious, Careful, and Courageous’ Can Enhance Your Scripture Study
* President Ballard: How to Prepare for and Use Your Patriarchal Blessing
* Read Elder Stevenson’s prayer for Latter-day Saints during the dedication of the Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple
* Packed plane in beloved ‘Candy Bomber’ Gail S. Halvorsen’s name sends supplies to Ukraine
* Why 2 women drive 14 hours to deliver aid to a Ukrainian meetinghouse transformed into a refugee waystation
* ‘No politics here’: The many faiths in Poland responding to the refugee crisis
* Episode 82: How a unique ‘Reverse Open House’ is helping build interfaith relationships in the Washington, D.C., area
* Groundbreaking dates set for new Ephraim Utah Temple and Lubumbashi Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple
* Two men arrested following shootout in Idaho Falls temple parking lot
* Lossiemouth man terrified missionaries with replica handgun
* Fire Destroys Homes on Tahitian Island, but Kindness of Neighbours Prevail
* Apostle Dedicates the Rio De Janeiro House of the Lord
* ‘Never forget what you felt,’ Elder Stevenson tells Latter-day Saints in Rio de Janeiro
* The Latest on How the Church Is Helping Refugees in Europe
* Places of Refuge from the Storm
* Learn about areas of recently announced temples in California, Oregon
* Headed to Temple Square for May 15 young adult devotional? Here are 11 things to see and do
* What one senior missionary couple wants others to know about serving through challenges
* Why the donation of thousands of items of Latter-day Saint history in Mexico to a California university is a big deal
* Over 75 Volunteers Clean Up Blue Parkway
* This Mother’s Day on social: Church leaders pay tribute to the influence of mothers and women
* From Mother of Five to Mom of 200
* Ceremony Held for Construction of Elko Nevada Temple
* May 15 Worldwide Devotional Experiences Around Temple Square
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How a 14-day journey to the temple in Brazil is like all our temple journeys
* Elder Stevenson dedicates Rio de Janeiro temple — 8th dedicated in Brazil
* New general authority gained testimony while attending seminary before being a member of the Church
* On the eve of the temple dedication in Rio de Janeiro, Elder Stevenson answers questions about the gospel path
* Read about these 14 recently reorganized stake presidencies called to serve worldwide
* Fleet-footed Ellsworth sisters help pace BYU to storied Penn Relays relay title
* BYU Museum of Art opens ‘Prophets, Priests and Queens’ exhibit
* BYU women’s rugby wins 2022 national championship
* May 15 Worldwide Devotional Experiences Around Temple Square
* Apostles, family and fellow lawmakers pay tribute to the late Sen. Orrin G. Hatch
* President Oaks Honors the Life of Former Senator Orrin G. Hatch
* The Savior’s arms are open wide for a new temple in Rio de Janeiro
* 3 things to keep in mind to endure trials, according to BYU–Hawaii president
* This week on social: Elder Holland calls life ‘the most precious of all gifts’
* KSL NewsRadio turns 100 years old
* How an AncestryDNA kit reunited a family and ‘filled a gap’ on Mother’s Day
* Fleet-footed Ellsworth sisters help pace BYU to storied Penn Relays relay title
* What President Nelson wrote on social media about ‘thoughts and prayers’ to acknowledge National Day of Prayer
* Utah’s state and religious leaders recognize National Day of Prayer
* Senators, Supreme Court justices and ambassadors visit renovated Washington D.C. Temple
* Church wheelchair donations changing lives around the world
* Learn about these new leaders of temples in Guatemala and Panama
* Learn more about President Bingham and President Cordon’s 12-day ministry in 3 Asian countries
* Man charged with federal hate crime, arson in connection with Cape Girardeau church fire
* Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Discusses Church History with Australian Podcaster
* Hundreds visit Utah Capitol to honor Orrin Hatch — senator, father, friend
* Sikh Leaders from Dubai Meet with First Presidency
* JustServe interfaith effort leads to prom dresses and pampering for young women in need
* The Utah Area presidency’s vision and concerns for its members
* The Church’s historical connections to Washington, D.C.
* Learn more about President Bingham and President Cordon’s 12-day ministry in 3 Asian countries
* The religious liberty legacy of Orrin Hatch
* Focus on Christ and act on His strength, teaches Sister Neill F. Marriott at BYU devotional
* 16 more temples moving to Phase 4 — in U.S., France, Africa Central and South America
* Church’s European leaders meet with Latin America, Caribbean diplomats to discuss faith, human dignity
* Episode 81: Davis and Asialene Smith, founders of the Cotopaxi gear company, on being better member missionaries
* ‘Like a big oak tree’: KSL Newsradio celebrates 100 years of serving Utah
* What Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson said about his visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center
* Nashville Tribute Band to play Idaho Falls concert this week
* Video: How temples connect Latter-day Saints with the Savior
* Open House Begins for Yigo Guam Temple
* See inside the new Yigo Guam Temple and learn of its ‘traveling open house’
* Nigerian young single adults donate to help orphans after asking, ‘Have I done any good?’
* Caring for Friends honors year’s top volunteers
* Jon Ryan Jensen: Sharing temple testimonies in ways that weren’t possible during previous open house
* Part 1: A historic first for temple dedications and rededications — and the senior Church leaders who do them
* Part 2: A historical look at temple dedications and the Church leaders who did them
* Torrington man charged with hate crime after setting fire to SUV
* Latter-day Saint Charities Helps Bring Potable Water to Isolated Families in French Polynesia
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints breaks ground on new temple in Farmington
* Groundbreaking Held for Farmington New Mexico Temple
* What Church leaders said about temples during the Washington D.C. Temple open house
* Temple dedications, dates and Church leaders offering dedicatory prayers
* 14 stake presidencies who recently began serving — from Park City to Peru
* A historic first for temple dedications and rededications — and the senior Church leaders who do them
* What Elder James W. McConkie III knows about the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to change lives
* Ground broken in Four Corners area for Farmington New Mexico temple
* Church blood drives produce nearly 1 million units for American Red Cross
* Africa, Philippines lead Church growth over past 10 years
* Perspective: Reflections on a memorable tour of the Washington D.C. Temple
* U.S. national team soccer star Ashley Hatch plays Washington D.C. Temple tour host for club teammates
* Historic Montpelier home relocated to make room for temple
* President Jean B. Bingham and President Bonnie H. Cordon Minister to Saints in Asia
* Latin American and Caribbean Diplomats Meet European Church Leaders to Discuss Faith, Human Dignity
* 13 Ways the Holy Ghost Helps Answer the Invitation to ‘Hear Him’
* Elder Mark D. Eddy: Invitation to Read the Book of Mormon Blessed His Life and Testimony
* FSY Spots Open to More Graduating Seniors This Year
* Institute Student Helps Package Meals Like Those He Survived on in Africa
* Refugees, Immigrants Receive Laptops and Training With Help From the Church
* Reindeer bus brings joy and toys to children around Vancouver, Canada, with help of JustServe
* New Stake Presidencies Announced in April 2022
* Brother Newman’s ABCs of digging deep into the word of God
* President M. Russell Ballard shares counsel on preparing for — and then utilizing — patriarchal blessings
* 3 frequently asked questions, and answers, about patriarchal blessings
* The rumor involving Latter-day Saints that producers of ‘The Chosen’ want to squash
* Video: The light — and lack of shadows — in the Washington D.C. Temple
* US Senators, Representatives and Supreme Court Justices Visit the Washington D.C. House of the Lord
* See which national leaders have toured the Washington D.C. Temple, from the Supreme Court to Congress
* U.S. national team soccer star Ashley Hatch plays Washington D.C. Temple tour host for club teammates
* What Have Invited Guests Said About the Washington D.C. Temple?
* Youth to gather and serve their communities for Global Youth Service Day
* New leaders called for 2 temples — in Chile and Mexico
* Wilford Woodruff personal Bible, son’s journals acquired by foundation
* Relief Society women around the world meet together, perform service throughout March and April
* How music is an unlikely tool that could help ease the burden of refugees in Europe
* 13 ways the Holy Ghost helps answer the invitation to ‘hear Him’
* More than 100 temples now in Phase 4, moving to normal operations
* Temple reopening status tracker — through April 27
* Latter-day Saint leaders and LGBTQ advocates deepen their relationship on Washington D.C. Temple tour
* 13 ways the Holy Ghost helps answer the invitation to ‘hear Him’
* Meet the German woman whose resilient refugee story weaves through the third volume of ‘Saints’
* Orrin Hatch will lie in state before his funeral services in Salt Lake City. Here’s how you can attend
* 2 churches combine efforts to help the needy
* Church funds help provide a place for children to learn and thrive in Serbia
* FSY spots open to more graduating seniors this year
* Episode 80: ‘Saints, Vol. 3’ editors detail documenting a history that highlights globalization of the Church and overcoming trials
* The unlikely tool that could help ease the burden of refugees in Europe
* Why a former senator is giving tours of the Washington D.C. Temple
* Are school prayer rules about to change?
* Lindon Utah Temple groundbreaking signals how the Lord is hastening His work
* Missionary Shares How His Conversion Started with an Allergic Reaction
* What the “Mother in Heaven” Gospel Topics Essay Teaches Us About Our Eternal Mother
* Construction status of LDS temples around the world
* Volume 3 of Saints Is Now Available
* Meet 7 of the inspiring women in ‘Saints, Vol. 3’
* How the Washington D.C. Temple Open House Is Creating Neighbors and Friends
* Refugees and immigrants receive laptops and digital literacy training with help from the Church
* Thousands of meals packaged by Weber Institute students, including one who relied on those same meals as a child
* Latest refugee efforts in Europe: Shoes in Netherlands, suture kits in Switzerland, welcome bags in the United Kingdom
* Latter-day Saint Ukrainian refugees find rest in Christ, kindness of others
* ‘Deep in my soul’: How an invitation to read the Book of Mormon blessed Elder Mark D. Eddy’s life and testimony
* Discusses Using US Census Records and Other Tools To Research Ancestry
* BYU to increase tuition by 3% starting fall semester
* First Presidency Statement on the Passing of Utah Senator Orrin G. Hatch
* LDS Church and West Side Baptist Lead Interfaith Prayer Service
* How the Washington D.C. Temple Open House Is Creating Neighbors and Friends
* Elder Uchtdorf Urges European Saints to Build Christ-Centered Unity
* ‘Greatly desiring to see thee’: Elder Uchtdorf shares message of joy, encouragement with German-speaking Saints in Austria, Germany and Switzerland
* Ground Broken for Lindon Utah Temple
* 23 new stake presidencies who were recently called to serve
* Latter-day Saint Ukrainian refugees find rest in Christ, kindness of others
* Volume 3 of Saints Is Now Available
* This week on social: 2 Apostles share insights about the temple during Washington D.C. Temple open house
* What those who visit are saying at the Washington D.C. Temple
* Tabernacle Choir creates new managing director position
* ‘It will take all of us’: How religious charities and volunteers are in a unique position to help relieve suffering in communities, globally
* Perspective: I’m a devout Latter-day Saint gay man. I’m married to a woman. This is my story
* Utah man from Ukraine helps his people at Polish border
* Laura Hales, Who Examined Her Church’s Tough Issues, Dies at 54
* Food Bank of York Region shows appreciation for church volunteers
* LDS work with other organizations on donations
* President Camille Johnson Addresses Religious Freedom Symposium in Iowa
* Video: How temple visitors are finding stillness, peace in the nation’s capital
* The Latest on How the Church Is Helping Refugees in Europe
* The Temple Emphasizes Different Parts of the ‘Depth of Your Relationship With Christ’
* BYU–Idaho Leaders, Students, Staff Share Lessons From Pandemic ‘Sojourn’
* Focus, Center, Then Recenter, Elder Palmer Tells BYU Graduates
* Kanesville Tabernacle Church Historic Site Improving Experience for Visitors
* Welcoming media – traditional and social – to the Washington D.C. Temple
* 3rd ‘Saints’ volume shares global stories of hope, faith through pandemic, wars and challenges
* Elder Bednar writes about the Washington D.C. Temple, answers questions about why it exists
* An Orthodox Jew Goes Into an LDS Temple…
* 17-year-old sentenced in Fruita church fire
* High Plains Food Bank gets 18,000-lb. food donation, kicks off latest campaign
* Mormon Station seeks volunteers
* The Beauty of the Washington D.C. Temple ‘Lies in What You Cannot See’
* The Tabernacle Choir and Azamara Collaborate to Support Global Relief Efforts
* Trust Prophetic Words, Ensign College Leaders Say
* Young Women General Presidency Answers Who, What and Why of Preparing for FSY
* President Henry J. Eyring, BYU-Idaho students and staff reflect during devotional on lessons from pandemic ‘sojourn’
* Majority of operating temples now in Phase 4, moving to normal operations
* Video: Elder Bednar asks, why are we surprised by today’s youth
* What the Church did to restore, refurbish the Washington D.C. Temple and why it matters
* Unique collaboration between the Tabernacle Choir, Azamara cruise line to benefit relief efforts for 3 global nonprofits
* Personal Stories about Hamilton New Zealand Temple Appear after Rededication Announcement
* Third volume of church’s ‘Saints’ history released to eager audience
* Young Women general presidency: Answering the who, what and why of preparing for FSY
* JustServe Project in Idaho Falls Showed How the Savior Ministers to the One
* Latest temple updates: 72 of Church’s 170 dedicated temples now returning to normal operations
* Temple reopening status tracker — through April 19
* Episode 79: Elder Kevin W. Pearson on the positive influence Utah has on the global Church; featuring Sheri Dew as guest host
* Elder Bednar speaks of the Washington D.C. Temple: ‘It is not just about this building’
* Washington D.C. Temple draws people of diverse faiths as it opens for first time since 1974
* Latter-day Saint leader joins open letter to Georgia: LGBTQ, religious rights don’t have to conflict
* Man throws rocks at Brigham Young home in St. George
* Public Tours Begin for the Renovated Washington D.C. Temple
* The Beauty of the Washington D.C. Temple ‘Lies in What You Cannot See’
* See photographs of the inside of the Washington D.C. Temple
* Washington D.C. Temple Open House Inspires Interfaith Reverse Open House Series
* Seventy Likens BYU–Hawaii Graduates’ Growth to Types of Rock
* Church youth and young adults in Fiji participate in large painting service project
* Church helps give water tanks to residents affected by Australia’s ‘Black Summer’
* Perspective: How to be 97 years young
* Outside filmmaker for 'The Chosen' gets unprecedented access to LDS-owned set
* In exclusive national interview, Elder Bednar calls Washington D.C. Temple ‘a place of light, of peace’
* Ground Broken for Grand Junction Colorado Temple
* Leaders Testify of Risen Christ in Easter Social Posts
* Elder Holland’s Message for Latter-day Saints on Easter — and Every Day of the Year
* A JustServe project in Idaho Falls showed how the Savior ministers to the one
* Reverse Open House Series: How a temple open house inspired visits to other faiths’ sacred sites, events
* See graphics showing Church growth during 2021
* Elder and Sister Jaggi teach BYU–Hawaii graduates about becoming ‘modern-day rocks’ and leaders
* First-chair talent, life-long humility of the concertmaster for the Orchestra at Temple Square
* How to effectively plan, prepare for and participate in interfaith interactions
* Download April 2022 Chart of Church Leaders
* How Youth and Young Adults Are Using JustServe
* Church donates more than 9 tons of food and water to flooded Peru city
* Church members in El Salvador hold blood drive to help others in need
* New leaders called to serve in missions in Georgia, Ghana
* Church donates 38,000 pounds of food to Rockingham County's food drive
* What happened when a Chicago seminary class took over for their sick teacher
* President Nelson Is Now the Oldest President of the Church
* Painting a Methodist Church, Feeding the Hungry and Helping Abuse Survivors: Service from Latter-day Saints Around the World
* How the Church Is Helping Malnourished Children and Women in Nigeria
* ‘It just always brings me joy’: How youth and young adults are using JustServe, from high school clubs to service projects
* Read about the new leaders of temples in Ecuador, Texas and Tennessee
* Mesa Easter Pageant returns to temple grounds, presented as ‘gift’ to community
* The story behind the gilded 'Angel Moroni' statue seen atop the DC Mormon Temple
* A family with special connection to iconic DC Temple is excited for tours to begin
* Pilot killed in plane crash was ‘adventurous, beautiful’ woman who ‘brightened the room with her smile’
* 2022 Easter Message
* Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults with President Russell M. Nelson and Sister Wendy W. Nelson
* FamilySearch Announces New Director for the Family History Library
* Church donates more than 2.5 tons of food in Hong Kong during pandemic wave
* How the Church is helping malnourished children and women in Nigeria
* The Sin City saints
* Deseret Industries opens new thrift store, seeks new employees
* Elder Uchtdorf Tells Ukrainian Refugees in Poland that God Is With Them
* Church donates more than 300 wheelchairs in Honduras
* First 37 of Church’s temples start gradual return to normal operations
* Episode 78: How youth and young adults are changing lives using JustServe
* Temple reopening status tracker — through April 12
* Mesa Easter Pageant Returns to Temple Grounds as ‘Gift’ to Community
* Rededication Date Announced for the Hamilton New Zealand Temple
* A Look Back on Digital, Online Developments in Missionary Work
* Ensign College Graduates Include First Bachelor’s Degree Recipients
* Missionaries Are Messengers of Hope, Elder Uchtdorf Says in Germany
* FamilySearch announces new director for the Family History Library
* Elder Uchtdorf, a former refugee, promises Ukrainian refugees in Poland: ‘You are not alone’
* Paul Alan Cox sees through a beaker, darkly. And he likes his view
* As bombs fall on Ukraine, their mission continues
* Tabernacle Choir 2022 Easter Concert Available Online
* Construction Begins for Bahía Blanca Argentina Temple
* Read about latest humanitarian efforts from across Europe aiding refugees
* Amid Europe’s difficulties, Elder Uchtdorf spends a few minutes of quiet remembrance in Germany
* Latter-day Saint Charities donates vax carriers, cards to DOH-Zamboanga Peninsula
* Latter-day Saint Women Answer the Clarion Call to Serve
* Ukrainian man leaves Utah to go help his people
* Across Europe, Latter-day Saints Help Lead Humanitarian Efforts
* Church Opens New Meetinghouse in Downtown Salt Lake City
* The Latest on How the Church Is Helping Refugees in Europe
* Elder Andersen Tells Graduates Four ‘Voices’ to Listen to Regularly
* How the Savior Modeled Service and Community Building for the Latter Days
* Meet the 6 New General Authority Seventies Sustained at April 2022 Conference
* This week on social: What general conference speakers posted after their talks
* Ensign College commencement honors 1st class of bachelor’s degrees, ‘made for a contest’
* Watch the Tabernacle Choir’s online Easter celebration ‘He Is Risen’ streams April 10, at 10 a.m.
* How Latter-day Saints help others is baked into every ward congregation
* First Presidency Announces 2022 Area Leadership Assignments
* Meet the Newly Sustained Relief Society and Primary General Presidencies
* Church announces 2 new missions in Europe
* A by-the-numbers look at the 100 temples announced by President Nelson
* New Church Easter site includes videos, daily reminders, and resources for a Christ-centered Easter
* Watch the Church’s powerful new Easter video: ‘The Good News’
* 4 ways to combat ‘general conference overwhelm’
* Becoming the ‘Language capital of the world’
* New database shows LDS Church is nation's fifth largest private landowner
* Why the endowment is essential to overcoming today’s challenges, professor Anthony Sweat teaches during BYU devotional
* Church’s humanitarian arm helps give backpacks and school supplies to children in Lebanon
* How the Savior modeled service and community building for the latter days
* Perspective: To the columnist who questioned why we ‘half’ to do general conference — let me answer
* Welcoming Catholic Friends to Brisbane Temple Grounds and Nearby Meetinghouse
* Easter pageant at the LDS Temple in Mesa is back
* Episode 77: April 2022 general conference recap — Jesus Christ offers peace in turbulent times
* See how rolling suitcases, border meals, painted furniture and maternity wards provided by European Saints are helping Ukrainian refugees
* A surprising fact about President Nelson’s list of new temples
* Meet the first woman to study in BYU’s graduate chaplaincy program
* These Latter-day Saints just celebrated 80 years of marriage. What is their key to happiness?
* An animated film and a commercial produced by Latter-day Saints just won college Emmy awards
* Illinois researchers make Deseret Alphabet texts available for study
* Download a PDF of Talk Summaries from April 2022 General Conference
* The Latest on How the Church Is Helping Refugees in Europe
* Prophet’s Temple Announcement Triggers Global Joy, Anticipation
* April 2022 general conference: See a list of talk summaries, photo galleries and session highlights
* Latter-day Saint aid to Ukraine refugees models two-pronged service ideal, leaders say
* Two Evangelicals attended conference for a documentary
* BYU Basketball Referenced In Latter-day Saint General Conference
* President Nelson Announces 17 New Temples
* April 2022 General Conference News and Announcements
* What the Prophet Taught at the April 2022 General Conference
* Meet the New Leaders Called at the April 2022 General Conference
* 2021 Statistical Report for the April 2022 Conference
* 45 New Area Seventies Sustained at April 2022 General Conference Leadership Session
* Latter-day Saints Wish Muslim Friends Ramadan Mubarak
* 100 temples announced by President Nelson — and the counsel he’s given
* General conference special: Someone at the other end
* Latter-day Saints call first Black woman to serve in a general presidency
* Elder Rasband invites members in Asia to ‘stand in holy places’ and prepare for the temple
* New Temple Leaders Called to Serve in 2022
* Primary General Presidency: Preparing Our Children for a Lifetime of Covenant Keeping
* Youth Leaders: Try These 3 Principles Exemplified by President Ballard
* This week on social: Elder Uchtdorf’s reflections on fleeing conflict and violence in Europe as a child
* April 2022 general conference: See a list of talk summaries, photo galleries and session highlights
* Video: What President Ballard wishes he could talk to his grandfather about — and what he wants his grandchildren to know
* A look back on the digital and online developments in the Church’s missionary work
* Read about these 17 new stake presidencies serving around the world
* LDS Mesa Easter Pageant is renewed, ready for its return after 3-year hiatus
* Photos: Thousands of tulips erupt in color at Mormon temple garden in Oakland
* April 2022 General Conference News and Announcements
* 45 New Area Seventies Sustained at April 2022 General Conference Leadership Session
* Elder Gary E. Stevenson Visits and Ministers to Latter-day Saints on the Island of Cartí Tupile in Panama
* Lift Others With Love in Communities, Cultures, Even Online Comments, Sister Ashton Counsels
* Brother Thomas E. Mullen: 3 youth leadership principles learned from President M. Russell Ballard
* Church donates more than 800 specialized wheelchairs throughout Mexico
* Learn about the new Nuku’alofa Tonga Temple president and matron
* Photos: See 10 temples in Utah under construction or renovation
* Elder Uchtdorf reflects on his own refugee experience during WWII in Facebook post
* Support for LGBTQ rights growing among Latter-day Saints
* Making each other happy: Longest-married couple in Utah celebrates 80 years of marriage
* The April 2022 Edition of the World Report
* Video: President Ballard on how it’s an ‘awesome responsibility’ to speak in general conference
* Elder Rasband Encourages Saints in Asia To 'Stand in Holy Places'
* ‘Like a Dream’ in Rio: Elder Soares, Sister Soares Return to Mission Roots to Meet with Members, Missionaries and Leaders
* The Architecture of a Diverse, Pluralistic Society Needs Religious Freedom, Elder Soares Says
* The 1950 U.S. census will be released on April 1. What to do now to prepare to help create the digital index
* All 83 temple locations announced — so far — by President Nelson, with updates on each’s current status
* A sculptor’s journey from Nigeria to the Church History Museum
* College students reflect on Come, Follow Me program
* Children in Lebanon Receive Backpacks and School Supplies
* Sister Dianne Baxter, Wife of Elder David S. Baxter, Dies at Age 66
* Lift others with love in communities, cultures, even online comments, Sister Ashton counsels
* Jason Swensen: How strangers became ‘family’ and brought joy to my heartsick mom
* How Church beliefs, practices and cultures contribute to body image
* British Pageant scheduled for this summer postponed to 2023
* Episode 76: President M. Russell Ballard shares memories of general conference, emphasizes the need to anchor faith in Christ
* ‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua praises Latter-day Saint missions, offers solutions to America’s toxic tribalism
* The 1950 U.S. census will be released on April 1 — What to expect and why it matters
* Temple Square Main Street Plaza to close until 2023
* Church supports vaccination efforts in Eastern Visayas
* Renovation of St. George Utah Temple Nears Completion
* Church Donation Helps Canadian Food Bank Teach Cooking Skills and Self-Reliance
* Church Historian Visits Island Where the Church Entered French Polynesia
* Elder Kyungu Tells BYU–Idaho Students What He Learned From an Unexpected Life Turn
* How the Scriptures Were an Anchor During His Own Trial of Faith, Elder Meredith Shares at an Ensign College Devotional
* Sister Dianne Baxter, wife of Elder David S. Baxter, dies at age 66
* 9 ways to watch or listen to April 2022 general conference + 3 ways to prepare
* Church sends medical equipment and supplies to Fiji, French Polynesia and Papua New Guinea
* Church of Latter Day Saints visits Sonoma Overnight Support
* President Bingham Shares Message of Hope and Resilience in New Video
* The Latest on How the Church Is Helping Refugees in Europe
* Elder Soares and Other Religious Leaders in Brazil Defend Religious Freedom
* Church donates additional $4 million to 7 projects to help refugees in Europe
* President Ballard recalls 46 years of speaking in general conference
* How the Church is helping Syrian refugee children have ‘Azima’ — a determination to succeed
* Mormon church breaks ground in Horizon West
* Ukraine missionary now translates for refugees in Germany and Austria
* Elder Nattress Shares a Way to Benefit from Church’s Twice Yearly General Conferences
* Yakima Interfaith group organizes supply drive to aid Ukraine
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donates to Salvation Army
* Elder Gary E. Stevenson visits and ministers to Latter-day Saints on the island of Carti Tupile in Panama
* How the scriptures were an anchor during his own trial of faith, Elder Meredith shares at an Ensign College devotional
* New Washington Vancouver Mission president and companion called to serve
* This week on social: Church leaders teach about ‘being strong in the Lord’ during times of trial
* These 72 temples will have new presidents and matrons in 2022 — read the list here
* Latest Temple Square renovation update: Main Street Plaza to close in April
* Why the Tabernacle Choir is joining the Utah Symphony’s new season
* Giving Machines’ impact felt by thousands in metro area and beyond
* 'We see these funds as sacred': Utah men deliver donations to Ukraine border
* ‘Many Faiths, One Heart’ Brings Women Together to Serve
* Ukrainian refugees ministered to in many ways around Europe
* Elder Kyungu tells BYU-Idaho students what he learned from an unexpected life turn
* Church donation helps Canadian food bank teach cooking skills and self-reliance
* Read about the new leaders of temples in Idaho, Mexico and Paraguay
* Kentucky church bake sale raises $145K to help Ukrainians fleeing Russian invasion
* How to Hear Messages and Music about Jesus Christ this Easter
* Open House Announced for the Tokyo Japan Temple
* BYU’s Jerusalem Center to Reopen in April Following Two-Year, Pandemic-Forced Closure
* Church-Sponsored Camping Remains Important, Testimony-Building Activity for Youth
* How JustServe Volunteers Stepped Up to Feed Thousands in Hawaii
* Why It’s OK to Have a Mental Health Struggle and What to Do Next
* ‘You Don’t Have to Be a Perfect Messenger,’ Elder Dale G. Renlund Assures Missionaries
* The architecture of a diverse, pluralistic society needs religious freedom, Elder Soares says
* Sister Aburto and Sister Craig mark Relief Society 180th anniversary serving, ministering in western Europe
* Church donates humanitarian aid to help children and families in Peru, Argentina
* Rio de Janeiro temple called a ‘beacon for life’ as Brazil prepares for religious freedom symposium
* Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple Opens to the Public
* Elder Christofferson: Five Ways to Love God
* Ensure God’s 1st great commandment always comes 1st, Elder D. Todd Christofferson challenges BYU students
* The Church and VisionSpring are helping people see in Ghana
* Tabernacle Choir’s global online Easter concert to herald joyous message: ‘He is Risen’
* Church historian visits island where the Church entered French Polynesia
* Episode 75: Elder Brent H. Nielson on the expansion of missionary work in a digital age
* D.C.-area Mormon temple to hold first public tours in 48 years
* The Church of Jesus Christ Gives US$5.1 Million to the American Red Cross
* The Tabernacle Choir Presents a Global Online Concert
* Celebrating 180 Years of Relief Society by Ministering in Western Europe
* How a death provided perspective as Elder Soares leads out on Rio de Janeiro temple tours
* Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple open house begins this week — plus see interior, exterior images
* Church donates deep freezers to help Mexico store COVID-19 vaccines
* ‘Like a dream’ in Rio: Elder Soares, Sister Soares return to mission roots to meet with members, missionaries and leaders
* How JustServe volunteers fed thousands in Hawaii and showed ‘the Lord loves His people’
* The different ways that Latter-day Saints are ministering, donating to Ukrainian refugees
* Elder Soares says new Rio de Janeiro temple joins city’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue as a second witness of God’s love
* The Washington D.C. Temple site’s history is as American as the capital city itself
* Latter-day Saints deliver help by the truckload
* Temple Groundbreaking Held in Sierra Leone
* The World Needs Resilient Leaders, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Tells Cadets at West Point
* ‘Many Faiths, One Heart’ brings women together to serve
* Elder Soares to address first BYU religious liberty symposium in Brazil
* Elder Christofferson praises Judge Wallace for making ‘a difference for good’
* ‘March Madness’ dance continues for Latter-day Saint hoopster Nicole Heyn
* Why it’s OK to have a mental health struggle and what to do when faced with one, according to a Latter-day Saint psychologist
* Brother Thomas E. Mullen: Church-sponsored camping remains important, testimony-building activity for youth
* Santa Clarita LDS Church Hosts Fundraiser For Ukrainian Refugee Destinations
* The Latest on How the Church Is Helping Refugees in Europe
* European Latter-day Saints Find New Ways to Minister to Refugees
* ‘Believest Thou?’ Considering Beliefs Strengthens Faith, Elder González Says
* Church History Symposium Panel Discusses Religious Freedom
* Stake Increases Faith Despite Loss of Meetinghouse
* This week on social: Elder Holland’s unexpected insight while studying the scriptures
* Elder James M. Paramore — emeritus general authority and veteran priesthood leader — dies at age 93
* Video: Elder Cook, religious leaders model ‘The Power of Association’
* Details about Participation in the April 2022 General Conference
* Here’s what to expect for parking, masks and attendance at April 2022 general conference
* Relief Society Celebrates 180th Anniversary of Women Ministering, Serving
* Women’s Organizational Leaders Minister in Western Europe
* Elder Johnson Teaches How to Conquer Life’s Daily Distractions From the Savior
* BYU’s Jerusalem Center to reopen in April following 2-year, pandemic-forced closure
* What learning about the Savior and serving with 6 Church presidents have taught Bishop Keith B. McMullin about leadership
* Long before March Madness, Latter-day Saints vied for the ‘All-Church’ title
* Fruit Heights women prepare hundreds of hygiene kits for Ukrainian refugees
* Local LDS missionary evacuated from Russia
* Elder Gong shares how religious liberty is seen in the Church’s doctrine, history and global experience, during 2022 Church History Symposium
* How Church Funds Improved Education for Refugee Students in Africa
* Innovate Institute: What Institute Is Doing to Better Reach Young Adults Worldwide
* FamilySearch, RootsTech events part of WorldExpo in Dubai
* ‘Believest thou?’ Elder Gonzalez asks students at BYU—Hawaii
* How a WWII pilot’s wallet was returned to his family 77 years after he went missing
* Teenager found guilty in fire that destroyed church
* Awards recognize community partners’ service to the City and Houston residents
* Latter-day Saint hoops star Shaylee Gonzales leads BYU into basketball’s ‘Big Dance’
* Temples Will Begin to Return to Full Operation
* First Presidency announces temples to ‘gradually return’ to normal operations
* What Elder Johnson saw in fractal geometry to help conquer life’s daily distractions
* Church donates to Ghana center for domestic violence victims
* Episode 74: Relief Society President Jean B. Bingham on the 180th anniversary of the worldwide women’s organization
* How 2 international agencies will use $4M from Latter-day Saint Charities to help Ukraine refugees
* MoH receives more medical supplies
* BYU’s 2022 football schedule, released Tuesday, includes a few minor changes
* The Latest on How the Church Is Helping Refugees in Europe
* The Church of Jesus Christ Gives US$4 Million to Help Refugees in Europe
* Relief Society Women Answer the Invitation to Serve Before Organization’s 180th Anniversary
* President Janette Hales Beckham, 10th Young Women General President, Dies at Age 88
* President Nelson remembers Sister Donna Packer as a ‘mother, sister, saint and daughter of the living God’
* New Alaska Anchorage Mission president and companion called to serve
* Latter-day Saint hoops star Shaylee Gonzales leads BYU into basketball’s ‘Big Dance’
* New Zealand Latter-day Saints send ongoing relief aid to Tonga after January volcanic eruption and tsunami
* Church History Symposium panel: Defending religious liberty as both a Church member and citizen, and in societies around the world
* Innovate Institute: Students share how and why it’s working
* Innovate Institute: What institute is doing to better reach young adults worldwide
* Church’s emotional resilience training expands to 15 languages
* Church History Symposium panel: Defending religious liberty as both a Church member and citizen, and in societies around the world
* Three Latter-day Saint Couples’ Efforts Open Ways for you to Directly Help Individual Families in Ukraine Now
* How European Latter-day Saints are supporting and providing relief to refugees
* President Oaks, Elder Holland Install Brian K. Ashton as BYU–Pathway President
* The Latest on How the Church Is Helping Refugees in Europe
* Video: In response to pandemic-related crisis, Church links arms with Christian Community Center to help New York families
* Today is President Cordon’s birthday. Here are 9 of her quotes from the past year
* Learn about the new leaders of these 16 missions around the world — from Chile to Canada
* RootsTech 2022 reached millions — and it’s simply the premiere
* This week on social: Trusting in the Lord ‘no matter how unknown the path ahead may be’
* Elder Gong: Religious liberty is deeply rooted in Latter-day Saint doctrine and history
* Light the World Giving Machines in 2021 Yielded Nearly US$6 Million in Donations
* How nearly $6 million in donations at 2021 #LightTheWorld Giving Machines showed ‘lovingkindness’
* Emotional Resilience Training Is Now Offered Globally
* Feeling Anxious? Or is it Anxiety? Here’s How to Find Hope and Help
* New leaders of temples in Nauvoo, St. George, Australia and 5 more around the world
* Worldwide youth Face to Face audience answering the query: ‘How do you trust in the Lord?’
* Elder Holland installs new president at BYU-Pathway, calls program the most important church education development in a century
* Crane lifts new Angel Moroni statue atop spire of Layton Utah Temple
* Face to Face for Youth Pemieres March 9
* Face to Face Broadcast Encourages Youth to “Trust in the Lord”
* Elder Andersen Shares Lists of Scriptures, Parables and Testimonies of Christ
* Religious Liberty Theme of 2022 Church History Symposium
* Seventh Installment of Eliza R. Snow’s Discourses Show Her Connection to Women Across Utah
* President Janette Hales Beckham, 10th Young Women general president, dies at age 88
* New features in Friend magazine help strengthen children’s faith in Christ
* Religious liberty — historical and global — theme of 2022 Church History Symposium March 10-11
* How new strategic focus on areas of world helped RootsTech 2022 to reach ‘millions’
* BYU religion professor says transparency about history can build faith
* Church Delivers Truckload of Food to NYC Food Bank
* International Women’s Day: General Presidencies Honor Inspiring Women on Social Media
* How JustServe and an FDA-Approved Stake Center Led to Thousands of Meals for Kids
* How Women in England Link Arms to Serve Those ‘on the Margins of Society’
* More Church Meetinghouses Getting Solar Panels in Australia, South Pacific
* As COVID-19 Restrictions Ease, Here's How the Church Is Reopening
* Australian Latter-day Saints spend hours helping those devastated by record-breaking floods
* Episode 73: Incorporating spiritual strategies to forge emotional resilience, with David T. Morgan
* Temple reopening status tracker — through March 15
* Church donates more than 2,000 mobility devices in South Africa
* Members throughout the Church’s Pacific Area do service for ‘Come and Help’ month
* Feeling anxious? Or is it anxiety? Here’s how to find hope and help
* 5 questions about the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square’s latest return to rehearsals, live performances
* Ukrainians are streaming out of the country. What are faith-based organizations doing to help?
* Temples around the world: Photos of the most recent construction updates
* LDS Film Festival reaches member, nonmember audiences
* Sister Donna Packer Passes Away
* Members of the Church in Europe provide relief and help to refugees
* How the Church, its leaders and members in Europe are providing aid and relief in the humanitarian crisis caused by armed conflict
* The Church and Latter-day Saint Charities were ready to help refugees in Europe, Sister Eubank explains
* Relief Society women answer the invitation to serve before organization’s 180th anniversary
* Highlights from RootsTech 2022
* Elder and Sister Soares share family and spiritual roots in Brazil during Family Discovery Day
* Europe Area presidency invites Latter-day Saints in Europe to join in day of prayer, fasting
* Australian Latter-day Saints helping after heavy flooding
* 5 questions about the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square’s latest return to rehearsals, live performances
* 2022 Leadership Instruction Emphasizes Blessings of Temple and Family History Service
* At New York Banquet, Elder Cook Honors Former US Sen. Joseph Lieberman
* A New FamilySearch Tool Will Aid Genealogical Discovery
* Donation of 2,000 mobility devices set to change lives in South Africa
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, March 4, 2022
* Temple Groundbreaking Dates Set for Three Western US States
* 6 messages from RootsTech 2022 keynote speakers: ‘Each of us can connect in our own way’
* FamilySearch’s new Get Involved app allows you to do simple family history tasks in seconds
* This week on social: Church leaders share how and why they #ChooseConnection
* Learn about these new mission leaders who will serve in Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia and more countries around the world
* A first look: Ephraim Utah Temple rendering is released
* Groundbreaking dates set for Smithfield Utah, Burley Idaho and Yorba Linda California temples
* Stories from Ukrainian Latter-day Saints and more on Behind the Headlines
* Church donates 10 tons of food, supplies to those in need
* How the Church Is Helping in Eastern Europe
* Open House Announced for the Praia Cape Verde Temple
* All Church Historic Sites Now Fully Open to the Public After Pandemic Closures
* Book of Mormon Translations: See Maps of Where the 115 Languages Are Spoken
* New temple presidents and matrons called to serve in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, and more
* Need Help with Schoolwork? Try These Scripure-Based Suggestions From Brother Camargo
* Highlights from RootsTech 2022
* Church History Biographical Database combines information on missionaries, pioneers in one place, Elder Curtis announces at RootsTech 2022
* ‘The blessings of power and protection’ — Temple and Family History instruction led by Elder Bednar, Elder Gong, President Johnson, Sister Aburto
* BYU Interfaith Lunch provides dialogue about religion
* The Hurtado family then and now: What a baptism and sealing mean to them 10 years later
* VIDEO: Members and Friends of the Church Clean Suva Beach Area
* Free tool lets you find, connect with your living relatives worldwide
* All-virtual RootsTech 2022 invites to ‘Choose Connection’
* More Church meetinghouses getting solar panels in Australia, South Pacific
* BYU Study: Raising Money-wise Kids Benefits Their Future Romantic Relationships
* How JustServe and an FDA-approved stake center led to thousands of meals for kids
* After call as Relief Society general president, Eliza R. Snow encourages women to keep covenants, build the kingdom
* Latest temple updates: Seoul temple now offering all living, proxy ordinances
* The Wizard Of Hope
* Watch: How one missionary’s insane jump roping is helping share the gospel in Hungary
* This short film directed, written, and produced by Latter-day Saints was just nominated for a college Emmy award
* Australian Latter-day Saints Lend a Hand Amidst Destructive Floods
* Feeling Genuine Gratitude Brings Blessings, Says BYU-Hawaii President Kauwe
* How Church Employment Services Helps People Find Jobs — and a Connection to the Savior
* Christ’s peacemakers remain blessed, eternal ‘influencers,’ teaches Elder Stanfill
* The Latest News on Temple Reopenings
* As COVID-19 Restrictions Ease, Here's How the Church Is Reopening
* Tips to Navigating the Website
* Need help with your schoolwork? Try these scripture-based suggestions from Brother Camargo
* All Church historic sites now fully open to the public after pandemic closures
* Episode 72: Bishop Keith B. McMullin on key Christlike leadership principles that bless work, life and family
* Missionaries at Provo MTC no longer need COVID-19 vaccination, testing; masks now optional
* How the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation is celebrating the church leader’s 215th birthday
* Elder and Sister Yamashita Invite Canberra Youth to Seek Education
* Elder Christofferson Concludes Ministry in West Africa
* Minerva Teichert’s Jewish-Themed Paintings Anchor New Exhibition at BYU’s Museum of Art
* Church delivers humanitarian aid and supplies to hospitals and patients throughout Latin America
* How goats and beehives are helping people in Jordan become self-reliant
* New Stake Presidencies Announced in February 2022
* RootsTech Organizers Share Behind-the-Scenes Look at 2022 Virtual Event
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How a Russian-language meeting and a photograph spoke peace to my heart during war, uncertainty
* The remarkable story of an Olympic swimmer and surfing pioneer headlines LDS Film Festival
* Church Uses Renewable Energy in More South Pacific Meetinghouses
* Elder Nattress: ‘The Gospel of Jesus Christ Grows Faith and Hope, and Strengthens Families’
* RootsTech 2022 Sessions Focus on Oceania
* Foreign Church volunteers in Russia evacuated
* President Nelson Extends Three Invitations to Latter-day Saints in California
* Elder Christofferson Dedicates the Country of The Gambia
* Book of Mormon translations: See maps of where the 115 languages are spoken
* How women in England link arms to serve those ‘on the margins of society’
* Scott Taylor: God speaks to us in many ways, including sacrament meeting messages
* Church leaders and members help with disaster relief for flooding victims in Brazil, Ecuador
* This week on social: What President Ballard wishes he had done differently as a young adult
* 8 Utah artists whose work is on display in some very famous buildings
* Talking their faith: Missionaries with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bring their mission to Washington
* First Presidency Statement on Armed Conflict
* Status of Church’s missionaries in Ukraine, volunteers in Russia
* Utahn who served mission in Ukraine looking to raise funds to help
* Groundbreaking Dates Set for Temples in Nevada and Colorado
* Read a Talk a Day: Start Now to Prepare for April 2022 General Conference
* How Bees and Goats Are Changing Lives in Jordan
* Latter-day Saint French Composer’s Music Featured in Beijing Olympics
* Tongan missionaries save lives after volcanic eruption and tsunami
* Read about the new leaders called to serve over these 16 missions — from southern Utah to Uganda
* Elder Gong encourages looking to the future with faith at nationwide Philippines YSA devotional
* How Church Employment Services helps people find jobs — and a connection to the Savior
* Elder Soares Ministers in the Dominican Republic
* Latter-day Saints join with other faiths in sending relief supplies to Tonga
* Learn about the new leaders of temples in Brazil and 6 U.S. states
* BYU animation is known for winning awards. One short film is up for an Emmy now
* How a defining moment led artist Liz Lemon Swindle to partner with ‘The Chosen’
* See the real Primary kids who helped film and produce last week’s Friend to Friend event
* Elder Christofferson Ministers in West Africa
* Elder and Sister Gong Uplift Cebuano Youth in Devotional
* The ‘Future Is Bright,’ Elder Gong Tells Young Single Adults in the Philippines
* Need Heaven’s Help? Trust the Lord, Obey His Commandments, Follow the Prophet, Says Elder Teh
* President Bingham Compares Missionary Service to Learning to Ride a Bike
* Sister Soares’ Life Story Exemplifies Trusting in the Lord and ‘Doing Our Part’
* RootsTech 2022 Family Discovery Day
* Face to Face for Youth — New Date
* BYU study: Raising money-wise kids benefits their future romantic relationships
* What bonefish and polarized glasses have to do with being genuinely grateful, according to President Kauwe
* Bishop Gérald Caussé: The sustaining power of faith in times of crisis
* Celebration of life for Vernon's Ashley Wadsworth, who was murdered in the UK
* Relief Society Prepares for 180th Anniversary by Issuing Invitation to Serve
* A talk a day: How to prepare for April 2022 general conference
* Relatives at RootsTech 2022 Experience Opens With New Features
* RootsTech 2022’s New and Improved Features Promise to Bring More Energy to the Screen
* Episode 71: RootsTech 2022 organizers on what it means to ‘Choose Connection’ in a divided world
* Elder Uchtdorf among those memorializing Col. Halvorsen — the ‘Berlin Candy Bomber’ — as deliverer of sweets, sunshine and hope
* One Black Latter-day Saint’s reflections on Black history in the Church
* How love grew between Latter-day Saints and members of different faiths in New Zealand
* Learn about RootsTech 2022’s new and improved features that promise to bring more energy to the screen
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How I know a connection to God leads to a connection with His children
* When the Tabernacle Choir has performed for U.S. presidents
* Surgeon hopes to create Utah garden featuring Book of Mormon, patriotic sculptures
* Weekly ‘Spoken Word’ translated into 16 languages, including Finnish, Romanian and Czech
* Showing Christ-like love through ministering
* East Idaho’s first visit from a presidential candidate and one faith’s rocky history with US leaders
* Children Around the Globe Encouraged to Have Faith in Jesus Christ
* Weekly ‘Spoken Word’ translated into 16 languages, including Finnish, Romanian and Czech
* Minerva Teichert’s Jewish-themed paintings anchor new exhibition at BYU’s Museum of Art
* Learn about these 19 new stake presidencies called across the globe
* Sister Soares’ life story exemplifies trusting in the Lord and ‘doing our part’
* First Presidency asks area presidencies to determine local mask policies, says masks should continue to be worn in temples
* French composer’s music part of Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies
* LDS church collects donations for Afghan refugees
* French Polynesians Eager to ‘Come and Help’ in the City of Pirae
* First Presidency Updates COVID-19 Guidelines
* Watch the Friend to Friend event for Primary children on Saturday
* A view of Salt Lake Temple, Temple Square renovations from those overseeing the project
* Family Foundations: Early Homes of the 17 Church Presidents
* This week on social: The impression Elder Holland received as he studied the book of Moses
* Relatives at RootsTech 2022 experiences opens with new features
* These new mission presidents and companions were recently called to serve — learn more about them
* Family History Work Moving Forward in Central Africa
* The larger value two national journalists see in Latter-day Saint missions
* Hawaiian BYU students celebrate Hawaiian Language Month
* Donny Osmond on How His Wife of 44 Years Helped Him Recover After His 'Horrible' Battle with Anxiety
* Lessons learned from responding to California’s wildfires
* Beloved aviator Gail S. Halvorsen — a.k.a. ‘The Candy Bomber’ — dies at age 101
* For heaven’s help, trust the Lord, obey His commandments, follow the Prophet, says Elder Teh
* Tabernacle Choir Presidency Announces Bold Future Initiatives
* Relief Society prepares for 180th anniversary by issuing invitation to serve
* Meetinghouse shooting victim Michael Fauber’s perspective on incident, injuries and increased testimony
* Read about the new leaders of temples in South Africa, Canada, Italy and more
* Brazilian actress Thaís Pacholek will be a keynote speaker at RootsTech 2022
* A Chico church takes major step to help those working to transition out of homelessness
* Church members invited to upcoming 2022 Temple and Family History Leadership Instruction
* Inmates Teaching Inmates: What the Promontory Branch Learned About the Power of Peer-led Worship During COVID-19
* Lessons learned from responding to California’s wildfires
* Church members invited to upcoming 2022 Temple and Family History Leadership Instruction
* Brazilian actress Thaís Pacholek to speak at RootsTech 2022
* 3 stories of faith, hope in how God fulfills His promises, BYU professor Kenneth Alford shares at Ensign College
* No subtitles needed—Why the Primary General Presidency recorded the upcoming Friend to Friend in 3 languages
* Why 97-year-old Pres. Nelson went up scaffolding to inspect the Salt Lake Temple roof
* Italy woman’s effort to help refugees gets new help from Latter-day Saint Charities
* Inmates Teaching Inmates: What the Promontory Branch Learned About the Power of Peer-led Worship During COVID-19
* What do you remember from the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City? See photos and moments from the Church News archives
* Family history work moving forward in Central Africa
* Episode 70: The expansiveness of the Salt Lake Temple renovation project, with Brent Roberts and Andy Kirby
* Celebrating Black history in BYU athletics
* Pacific Area Presidency urges members to help those affected by natural disasters
* Utah influencer on modesty, balancing school, social media authenticity
* Emulate Christ’s ‘Lovingkindness’ to All, President Nelson Says in Valentine’s Day Social Post
* President Nelson’s ‘dynamic’ presidency marked by 70 changes within the Church so far
* Elder Rasband Shares 4 Ways You Can Express Your Love for God
* Latter-day Saint Woman Speaks on ‘Finding Virtue in the Other’
* Study Shows Mental Disorders Impact People More Than Previously Thought
* The Lord Is Ultimate Source for Lifetime of Trusted Answers, Young Women Leaders Say
* The Provo Utah Temple Is Now 50 Years Old
* Why a University of Utah Student Is Turning Hearts to Haiti
* Returned missionaries chasing hoop dreams on No. 1-ranked Salt Lake Community College squad
* Brother Wilcox offers a 2nd apology for ‘insensitive and hurtful’ comments
* A behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Friend to Friend for children
* ‘The way the Savior loved’ — new welfare and self-reliance facility dedicated in Tucson metro
* Mormon Church Stock Fund Buys More Tesla Shares, Cuts Back on Ford and GM
* The High Plains Food Bank recently received an 18-ton food donation from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
* ‘The way the Savior loved’ — new welfare and self-reliance facility dedicated in Tucson metro
* New Deseret Industries Dedicated in Tucson Metro
* Why a University of Utah student is turning hearts to Haiti
* Family foundations: Early homes of the 17 Church presidents
* Inmates teaching inmates: What the Promontory Branch learned about the power of peer-led worship during COVID-19
* Pocatello LDS church converted into Airbnb that sleeps 40, has an arcade, basketball court and more
* Here’s what Matt Gay said about his faith
* The First Presidency Announces Details for the April 2022 General Conference
* April 2022 general conference to include a women’s session; limited tickets will be distributed for all sessions
* Draw Courage From History to Face Modern Challenges, Says Elder Christofferson
* Elder Jackson: What Surviving a Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan Taught Me About Opposition
* Latter-day Saints in Tacoma, Washington, Promote Family History Center to African American Community
* New Temple Leaders Called to Serve in 2022
* Church works toward official recognition in Gambia, West Africa
* Inmates teaching inmates: What the Promontory Branch learned about the power of peer-led worship during COVID-19
* Here are recently called mission leaders who will serve in Brazil, England, Cote d’Ivoire and more
* A mission bookended by evacuations
* BYU Basketball Makes History by Starting 4 Black Players, 5 Non-LDS Players
* Watching videos, reading the Book of Mormon or listening to music are all tricks to learning a second language, bilingual BYUH students say
* The Lord is the ultimate source for a lifetime of trusted answers, Young Women leaders say
* Learn about the new leaders of temples in France, Denmark, Ukraine and 5 more areas
* Sikhs and Latter-day Saints participate in annual service project in Dubai
* Office for Civil Rights dismisses complaint against BYU
* What the world’s longest study of mental disorders reveals about mental health during a person’s lifetime
* The Surprising Latter-day Saint Connections in Hawaii
* Unique Insights into the Abrahamic Covenant from the Book of Abraham
* Groundbreaking Announced for the Bahía Blanca Argentina Temple
* 5 Lessons from the Book of Mormon for Becoming Firm, Steadfast and Immovable
* Elder Christofferson Teaches Missionaries About Repentance, Redemption and Joy
* These 4 Attributes of Christ Help You Find Peace in Perilous Times, Elder Gilbert Says
* What members in Tacoma did to open the family history center to the African American community
* Elder Jackson tells BYU-Idaho students what he learned about opposition after surviving a suicide bombing in Afghanistan
* Palestinian comedian and actress Maysoon Zayid to speak at RootsTech 2022
* The Provo Utah Temple is now 50 years old. Learn more about its history and future
* Deseret Industries Thrift Store & Donation Center grand opening Thursday, Feb. 10
* A Lesson from President Oaks on Leadership: Focus on Eternal Things
* French Polynesia Sends Love to Tonga
* Sikhs and Latter-day Saints in UAE Join for Annual Service Project
* As COVID-19 Restrictions Ease, Here's How the Church Is Reopening
* Latest temple updates: For first time since reopenings, all 82 U.S. temples to offer all living, proxy ordinances
* How Church Humanitarian Donations Are Blessing Lives in South America
* 5 lessons on how to become firm, steadfast and immovable, Elder Perkins teaches
* What Elder Christofferson taught about the Savior’s resurrection and pressing forward
* Find Christ’s peace during perilous times, teaches Elder Gilbert at BYU devotional
* Young Men counselor apologizes for recent comments about race
* Church leader says BYU will remain ‘a religious university with a religious purpose’
* Hundreds commemorate pioneers leaving Nauvoo as they retrace steps to frozen Mississippi River
* Why the Church of Jesus Christ Supports a New Bipartisan Religious Freedom and Non-discrimination Bill in Arizona
* Latter-day Saint Charities provides clean water to Ghana villages
* New commissioner of church education to deliver first BYU devotional on Tuesday
* Latter-day Saint psychologist: Why it’s time to take mental health issues seriously
* Missionaries Share Candy Portrait with Sweet Message
* Does Science Support the Idea of the Splitting of an Original Language at the Tower of Babel?
* Video: What does it mean to enlist in today’s battalion?
* Today is Elder Rasband’s 71st birthday. Here are 8 of his quotes from the past year
* What is the new Eagle Scout award? The Young Men presidency answers
* Mesa Mormon Temple sets up for Easter pageant after hiatus
* 22 new stake presidencies called around the world
* Huntsman appeals lawsuit against Latter-day Saint church over tithing money
* Presidents Oaks and President Eyring: Answers to 8 Questions About Revelation in Councils
* President Nelson’s pandemic ministry
* Clean, Safe, Reliable: How a Village in Uganda Restored Its Water Source
* From the Ice to the Broadcast Booth: BYU Grad Kate Hansen in Beijing for Winter Olympics
* Latter-day Saints Learning to Heal Through Service After Almeda Fire in Oregon
* What Latter-day Saints Get Wrong About Living Prophets
* How Church humanitarian donations are blessing lives in South America
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How Latter-day Saint leaven lifts society’s loaf — in 1846 and today
* New mission leaders called to serve in these 16 areas around the world
* Two missionaries shoveled driveways for others during the winter storm
* Temple Square Renovation Update: February 2022
* 8 questions with President Oaks and President Eyring about revelation in councils
* Keynote Speakers Announced for RootsTech 2022
* 10 Steps to Reclaiming Your African Roots, Plus Other Resources
* Read about the new presidents and matrons called to serve at these 8 temples
* What Latter-day Saints get wrong about living prophets, according to Keith A. Erekson
* From the ice to the broadcast booth: BYU grad Kate Hansen in Beijing for Winter Olympics
* What Church members are learning now about love and service after the Almeda Fire in Oregon
* How food and family history mix for Food Network’s Molly Yeh, who will be speaking at RootsTech 2022
* Elder Nattress Shares How Individuals Can Assist the People of Tonga Following Natural Disaster
* How Service Became the Silver Lining in a Terminal Cancer Trial
* Clean, safe, reliable: How a village in Uganda restored their water source
* Young New Zealanders Look to Future with Faith and Confidence
* Episode 68: The Young Men general presidency on trusting in the Lord and strengthening Latter-day Saint youth
* In what region did the number of missions almost double in the past 10 years?
* Temple reopening status tracker — through Feb. 9
* Groundbreakings Announced for Temples in New Mexico and Utah
* FamilySearch to Participate in 1950 US Census Community Project
* Graphs Show Growth in Missions During the Last 10 Years
* University of Utah President Taylor Randall challenges institute students to seek ‘worth’ at devotional featuring Elder Holland, Elder Gilbert
* Canadian Latter-day Saints join World Interfaith Harmony Week celebrations across the country
* Softening Mormon patriarchy, one correction at a time
* Saturdays are for building: BYU Y-Serve program teams up with Self-Help Homes
* Elder Christofferson Celebrates the 175th Anniversary of the Mormon Battalion
* Remembering ‘faith-infused actions’ of the Mormon Battalion 175 years later
* Sister Nelson: An Eyewitness to President Nelson’s Four Years as Prophet
* Latter-day Saints Join World Interfaith Harmony Week Celebrations
* BYU Athletic Directors Say BYU Sports, Athletes and Honor Code Have Unique Roles
* Watch music video for the 2022 youth theme song ‘Trust in the Lord’
* How service became the silver lining in a terminal cancer trial
* High-scoring BYU soccer star Cameron Tucker to showcase talents in the Big Apple
* Scott Taylor: Don’t take ‘a vacation’ and miss memorable Sunday worship experiences worldwide
* Read about these 16 new stake presidencies from around the world
* The First Presidency Extends the Open House for the Washington D.C. Temple
* Interfaith Project to Clean Up Around Portland Leads to Friendships Between Members of Different Faiths
* January 29 Face to Face Event for Youth Postponed Until March 9
* This week on social: Relief Society general presidency invites women to make Relief Society more inclusive and supportive
* How properly fitted wheelchairs are blessing lives in South Africa
* Brother Peter G. Vidmar: The power of the Aaronic Priesthood quorum theme
* No injuries reported in fire at Liahona High School in Tonga
* Mission presidents and companions recently called to serve in Guatemala, Mongolia, the Philippines and more
* What Mormon bishops should and should not say in counseling LGBTQ+ Latter-day Saints
* Church announces all employees of church education must have temple recommend
* Food Donations for Local Charities Received by Missouri Governor
* Church Educational System Announces Refinements to Employment Standards
* CES updates employment standards to require current temple recommend for new hires
* Six Maps Show the Locations of the Church’s 265 Temples Across the World
* How members of different faiths became friends while cleaning up around Portland
* ‘Reppin’ the Y.’: Holmoe, Darger on unique roles of BYU sports, student-athletes and the Honor Code
* Watch: Latter-day Saint teen/soccer pro Olivia Moultrie featured in faith-filled, Church-produced video
* Missions and mental illness: New film shows one missionary’s journey with depression
* President Nelson lauds new volume of Joseph Smith Papers project, images of original Book of Mormon manuscript
* Tongan Emergency Updates
* Finding Strength in the Lord Through Emotional Resilience Training
* Inside Church headquarters: 8 videos about councils
* Church representatives attend presidential inauguration in West Africa, receive assurances of religious freedom
* African boxing champion Azumah Nelson to speak at RootsTech 2022
* What Church leaders and members are saying about the new emotional resilience course
* This BYU grad, Latter-day Saint is running for Massachusetts governor
* Oakland County is getting food donations from an unusual source — the Mormon church in Utah
* The Church Historian’s Press Releases Landmark Volume on the Original Book of Mormon Manuscript
* President Bingham Shares the Antidote to the ‘Unique Anxieties of This Era’
* Elder Bangerter sees ‘bonds of friendship’ during Philippines’ Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
* As COVID-19 Restrictions Ease, Here's How the Church Is Reopening
* 3 Ways Latter-day Saints in England Are Serving Refugees
* John G. Bytheway: Gather with Friends to Gather Israel Through Temple Service
* The Latest News on Temple Reopenings
* Episode 67: Sister Nelson on being an eyewitness to President Nelson’s four years as Prophet
* BYU speaker says nonviolent protesters win allies when they love their oppressors
* Latter-day Saint missionaries follow island protocols after returning home to Kiribati and testing positive for COVID-19
* The Church of Jesus Christ Is Temporarily Moving Missionaries Out of Ukraine
* Lives Blessed by Lighting the World
* Tongan Emergency Updates
* Today is Elder Christofferson’s 77th birthday. Here are 9 of his quotes from the past year
* New responsibilities for Primary counselors among latest updates to the General Handbook
* LDS community looks forward to completion of new temple in Helena
* The Prophet Says Latter-day Saints Can ‘Change the Future of Europe’ with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
* Tongan Saints on Tongatapu Rush Aid to Outer Islands
* From island to island, Tongans help each other find relief after tsunami
* Elder and Sister Soares to Headline RootsTech 2022 Family Discovery Day
* 3 ways Latter-day Saints in England are serving refugees
* How seminary blessed the life of President Ballard growing up in a family that didn’t attend church
* See the locations of the Church’s 265 temples across 6 maps
* Learn about the presidencies of these 10 new stakes in Canada, the Philippines, Africa and other areas around the world
* In ‘The Mission,’ Young Mormons Try To Spread The Faith In A Very Inhospitable Place: Finland – Sundance Studio
* Tongan Emergency Updates
* First Presidency sends message of love and hope to members in Tonga
* Church Participates in Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
* How Area Temple and Family History Advisers Can Help Stake Leaders
* President Ballard Counsels, Encourages Church’s 5,000 Seminary and Institute Teachers
* Brother John G. Bytheway: A message to young men about a Friday night ‘gathering’ and temple blessings
* Read about these new leaders of missions in Florida, Brazil, Angola and more locations around the world
* South Plains Food Bank receives 36,000 pounds of meat
* MOECST Gifted with Cleaning Supplies by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* A New Pamphlet Urges Understanding Between Muslims and Latter-day Saints
* Interreligious Council Meets with Peru President Pedro Castillo
* Humility ‘Will Change Your Life Dramatically,’ BYU President Kevin J Worthen Tells Students
* More Than Just Sewing Fabric — Days for Girls Service Project Changes Lives of Givers and Receivers
* Inside the first 18 months of the new mission in Ethiopia: Pandemic, civil unrest and lots of miracles
* Elder De Feo participates in Conference on the Future of Europe session
* Episode 66: BYU athletic directors Tom Holmoe and Liz Darger on excellence in sports, BYU’s Honor Code, gospel principles; featuring Sheri Dew as guest host
* Temple reopening status tracker — through Jan. 25
* BYU responds to federal investigation of its LGBTQ policies
* The Mormon farm in Cambridgeshire
* Elder Andersen Dedicates New BYU–Hawaii Science Building as a Place of Scholarly and Heavenly Learning
* Ashtons Share 3 Ways to Build a Spiritual Foundation on the ‘Rock of Our Redeemer’
* How to Avoid Being Deceived by Babylon’s Band, According to Ensign College President Bruce C. Kusch
* President Henry J. Eyring Teaches BYU–Idaho Students About Tests of Honor
* Viral JustServe Project Leads to Thousands of Handmade Christmas Ornaments for Flood Victims
* What 3 Apostles Said About Religious Freedom for National Religious Freedom Day
* Church to send clean water, masks and satellite phones to Tonga following volcano eruption, tsunami
* From an unstable childhood to a confident missionary: Elder Gutierrez’s story
* More than just sewing fabric — Days for Girls service project changes lives of givers and receivers
* Argentine singer and actor Diego Torres to speak at RootsTech 2022
* Episode 66: BYU athletic directors Tom Holmoe and Liz Darger on excellence in sports, BYU’s Honor Code, gospel principles; featuring Sheri Dew as guest host
* President Russell M. Nelson honors Martin Luther King Jr.: ‘Abandon attitudes and actions of prejudice’
* Elder Holland Offers BYU Students Three Lessons to Help Them Become Better Saints
* Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: How 2 car accidents demonstrate the power of forgiveness, faith
* Elder Andersen Counsels BYU–Hawaii Students on How to Look at New Year’s Resolutions
* Elder Andersen dedicates new BYU–Hawaii Science Building as a place of scholarly and heavenly learning
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What Elder Holland taught me about exercising faith in Christ — even amid incomprehensible heartache
* What 3 Apostles said about religious freedom for National Religious Freedom Day
* Episode 66: BYU athletic directors Tom Holmoe and Liz Darger on excellence in sports, BYU’s Honor Code, gospel principles; featuring Sheri Dew as guest host
* Utah celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day; President Nelson issues call to 'abandon prejudice'
* President Nelson Commemorates Martin Luther King Jr. Day
* On the day honoring Martin Luther King Jr., President Nelson asks all to ‘labor together to abandon attitudes and actions of prejudice’
* How to make service a part of your life using JustServe on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
* Volcano Erupts Near Tonga Triggering Tsunami Waves, Flooding and Falling Ash
* Church leaders continue to assess damage after underwater volcano near Tonga triggers tsunami waves, knocks out communication
* Missionaries in Tonga Nuku’alofa Mission safe; no contact yet with Tonga Outer Island Mission
* Elder Andersen shares counsel with BYU–Hawaii students on how to look at New Year’s resolutions
* Volcano Erupts Near Tonga Triggering Tsunami Waves, Flooding and Falling Ash
* Church leaders continue to assess damage after underwater volcano near Tonga triggers tsunami waves, knocks out communication
* 14 photos of what Latter-day Saint Charities is doing to help Palestinians in Jordan
* How a JustServe project went viral, leading to thousands of handmade Christmas ornaments for flood victims
* ‘Guilty, your honor’: Man who dressed as Captain Moroni for Jan. 6 Capitol breach makes plea deal
* 2 apostles, 3 major American writers to speak at BYU this semester
* Church of Latter-Day Saints announces temples will continue to operate despite pandemic
* Trusting the Lord During Untrustworthy Times Remains a ‘Holy Habit’ of Discipleship, Church Leaders Taught in 2021
* See photos from President Russell M. Nelson’s 4 years as President of the Church
* Temples Continue to Operate during Pandemic
* Face to Face for Youth — New Date
* 5 Ways to Talk to Your Son About Serving a Mission
* Bus Crash in Utah and Snowstorm in Idaho Lead to Local Wards Coming to the Rescue
* Counseling Together in Young Women Classes and Aaronic Priesthood Quorums
* Deseret Mill and Pasta Plant Produced Record 1 Million Cases of Food in 2021
* Elder Soares Encourages Missionaries to Better Understand and Implement Doctrine of Christ
* Notre Dame Linebacker Stepping Away From Football for a Mission to North Carolina
* Story of Cove Fort Illustrates ‘the Quiet Faith’ of Early Saints
* Tabernacle Choir pauses rehearsals and performances during COVID-19 surge
* Learn about areas of recently announced temples in Idaho, Montana
* How to avoid being deceived by Babylon’s band, according to President Kusch
* Elder Holland to speak at BYU as apostles focus on young adults
* Four Years of Invitations from the Prophet
* Counseling together in Young Women classes and Aaronic Priesthood quorums
* How area temple and family history advisers can help stake leaders
* Photo Essay: Jordanians Receive Medical Help from Latter-day Saint Charities
* Actor Matthew Modine, French baker will be keynote speakers at RootsTech 2022
* Washington D.C. Temple Offers Tickets for Public Tours
* Temple takes shape: Sacred space will be first of its kind in Arkansas
* Perspective: The Latter-day Saint legacy of supporting voting rights
* What President Henry J. Eyring taught BYU–Idaho students about tests of honor during the COVID-19 pandemic
* In first BYU devotional of the year, President Worthen discusses a trait that ‘will change your life dramatically’
* Dedication Date Announced for the Yigo Guam Temple
* Actor Matthew Modine to speak at RootsTech 2022
* 3 ways to build a spiritual foundation on the ‘rock of our Redeemer,’ President and Sister Ashton tell BYU–Pathway students
* What Elder Soares taught missionaries about the doctrine of Christ and their missionary purpose
* Famed choir cancels plans for ‘Music and the Spoken Word’ with Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square
* Inside the ‘Come Follow Me’ app, a tool designed for daily Latter-day Saint scripture study
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stepped up to donate more than two dozen palettes of non-perishable grocery items to Santa Clarita Grocery
* The Mormon Trail and the deadly winter of 1846-47
* Primary General President Says ‘Stay Securely Bound to the Savior’
* ‘Remove windage’ to be securely bound to the Savior, President Johnson tells BYU students
* 9 Lessons the Church Educational System Learned from the Pandemic
* How Converted Sewing Machines Changed Lives in Guyana
* Episode 65: Leaders of the Ethiopia Addis Ababa Mission speak on faithfully and flexibly serving the Lord amid trials and the pandemic
* Notre Dame linebacker stepping away from football for a mission to North Carolina
* Temple reopening status tracker — through Jan. 18
* How the Pocatello Idaho Temple Is Leading to More Service and Unity in the Community
* How ‘Come, Follow Me’ Is Changing the Church Home by Home
* How Responding to the Pandemic Changed the Church’s Humanitarian Efforts Going Forward
* Last 2 Years Have Been ‘Unprecedented,’ ‘Crazy’ and ‘Inspiring’ at Church Historic Sites
* Temples Operating, Under Construction or Announced — See Statuses at Start of 2022
* Brother David T. Lisonbee: 5 ways to talk to your son about serving a mission
* How the Deseret Mill and Pasta Plant produced a record 1 million cases of food in 2021
* Why this Utah artist feels ‘blessed’ for painting portraits of deceased Latter-day Saint missionaries
* President Ballard Honors Sen. Harry Reid as a Faithful and Caring Disciple of Christ
* In honor of the late U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, President Ballard, U.S. presidents and other leaders talk about his faith in Jesus Christ
* Elder Rasband counsels young adults to choose to follow ‘our watchman on the tower’
* Elder Andersen teaches 5 anchoring principles of repentance, forgiveness
* ‘Fear not,’ Elder Christofferson tells Portuguese-speaking young adults
* 6 Apostles speak in devotionals today — read about them here
* Elder Uchtdorf answers 3 questions about seeking Heavenly Father’s help
* Church leaders teach that trusting the Lord during untrustworthy times remains a ‘holy habit’ of discipleship
* How the story of Cove Fort illustrates ‘the quiet faith’ of early Saints
* How BYU’s defense spurred a crucial WCC victory over defensive-minded Saint Mary’s
* 14 new stake presidencies called all over the world
* Sister Patricia P. Pinegar, Former Primary General President, Dies at Age 84
* First Presidency Calls 164 New Mission Leaders to Begin Serving in 2022
* Seven General Conference Talks About Trust for the 2022 Youth Theme
* Harry Reid memorial service speakers to include Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Latter-day Saint leader
* French baker Apollonia Poilâne to speak at RootsTech 2022
* This week on social: ‘May this be a wonderful year of purpose and possibilities for all of us’
* Sarah Jane Weaver: Messages of Church leaders help us look back on COVID-19 — and move forward
* The ‘Jeopardy!’ episode when Ken Jennings provided the correct name of the church
* How ‘The Chosen’ is unifying people of different faiths and backgrounds
* 2 years of COVID-19: President Ballard’s message of optimism as cases surge
* Temples operating, under construction or announced — see statuses at start of 2022
* 15 #HearHim videos from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
* Today is Sister Wright’s birthday. Here are 8 of her quotes from the past year
* Timeline: How the Church has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic
* 9 lessons the Church Educational System learned through the COVID-19 pandemic
* DC-area Mormon temple opening to public for first time in nearly 50 years
* Washington D.C. Temple open-house reservations begin online — for parking, shuttle tickets; walk-ups need no reservations
* Last 2 years have been ‘unprecedented,’ ‘crazy’ and ‘inspiring’ at Church historic sites
* A look at FamilySearch events and milestones in 2021
* How responding to the pandemic changed the Church’s humanitarian efforts going forward
* Colorado Wildfire: Missionaries and Church Members Accounted for, but Some Lost Everything
* As COVID-19 Restrictions Ease, Here's How the Church Is Reopening
* The Latest News on Temple Reopenings
* New Stake Presidencies Announced in December 2021
* How to make the most of the Children and Youth program in 2022
* Episode 64: Using critical conversation to empower and protect children online with founder Deanna Lambson
* How the Pocatello Idaho Temple is leading to more service and unity in the community
* One blanket at a time: A desire to help child refugees grows to global effort
* How ‘Come, Follow Me’ is changing the Church home by home
* LDS Church building in Park City vandalized with rocks in possible hate crime
* Zach Wilson’s up-and-down season hit a high point vs. Bucs. Here’s why
* Six Apostles will speak at young adult devotionals worldwide this weekend
* Donny Osmond shares sweet tribute video to the late Betty White
* Young Women and Young Men general leaders: 3 ways youth can ‘Trust in the Lord’ in 2022
* Colorado wildfire: missionaries and Church members accounted for, but some lost everything
* President Russell M. Nelson suggests 3 resolutions in his first message of 2022
* 7 general conference talks about trust for the 2022 youth theme
* How to subscribe to the Church News in print and online
* Women of the Old Testament you’ll meet while studying ‘Come, Follow Me’ this year
* From 2 pages to 96 pages — the 39 books of the Old Testament
* 2022 Curriculum to Focus on Study of the Old Testament
* 22 Simple Resources to Help Children Learn the Gospel in 2022
* Sunday School General Presidency Suggests Three Ways to Approach the Old Testament with ‘Come, Follow Me’ 2022
* Clyde J. Williams: How Moses gained divine perspective of ‘things I never had supposed’
* Desmond Tutu will 'leave an indelible legacy'
* Africa South Area presidency offers condolences on passing of Desmond Tutu, who leaves ‘an indelible legacy’
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints D.C. temple to host open house
* BYU QB Baylor Romney announces he’s leaving the program
* Bus crash in Utah and snowstorm in Idaho lead to local wards coming to the rescue
* Read the Church News staff’s favorite stories from 2021
* Overachievers: Forget the finish, BYU football exceeded expectations in 2021
* Video: Elder Uchtdorf describes how ‘information brings inspiration’ in a council setting
* Latter-day Saints, community members blessed by President Ballard in the Pocatello temple dedicatory prayer
* Latter-day Saint artist designs Christmas stamps for U.K.’s Royal Mail
* First Presidency: Sunday, Dec. 26, Church services to be sacrament meetings only
* Man who survived deadly crash returns to finish church mission in New Mexico
* Imagine Dragons front man kicks off Giving Machine donations in Las Vegas
* Mormon women's influence expanding
* Illustrated ‘Old Testament Stories’ Completely Refreshed
* How the Church’s Humanitarian Center and Deseret Manufacturing teach skills and service
* Messages of hope and faith in Jesus Christ emphasized in general conference messages in 2021
* Sunday School general presidency suggests 3 ways to approach the Old Testament with ‘Come, Follow Me’ 2022
* Watch for Latter-day Saint Utes to play key roles in Saturday’s historic Rose Bowl game
* Latest temple updates: All but 1 temple offering all living ordinances and at least some proxy work
* One of the nation’s most powerful politicians was also a steadfast ‘home teacher’ at church
* Helping the helpers: Local LDS church to provide thousands of lbs. of food for local non profit
* Illustrated ‘Old Testament Stories’ Completely Refreshed
* This year on social: Family stories, scriptural insights and other uplifting messages from Church leaders in 2021
* Service and humanitarian work in 2021: How the Church and its members reached out in love around the world
* Temple reopening status tracker — through Jan. 4
* Episode 63: Deseret News Executive Editor Doug Wilks on how connection helped overcome contempt in 2021
* ‘Old Testament Stories’ has rewritten stories and new artwork, just in time for ‘Come, Follow Me’ 2022
* Longtime Nevada Sen. Harry Reid remembered as ‘the embodiment of the American dream’
* 20 tons of food donated to Bybee Lakes Hope Center
* Napa Latter-day Saints church for sale
* Elder Andersen Says Honest, Sincere Prayer Help Us #HearHim
* ‘Christ Was the Example in All Things,’ Elder Cook Tells Missionaries During Special Christmas Day Devotional
* For Bishoprics and Youth Leaders: Six Things To Do in January
* BYU’s Mikayla Colohan Named Country’s Top College Soccer Player Following Team’s ‘Magical’ Season
* ‘There’s a Time to Be a Christian’ — Church Members Help Neighbors After Midwestern Tornadoes
* Watch these 14 Church News videos you might have missed this year
* 5 BYU soccer players leaving for missions following team’s historic national title run
* Year in review: See photos and read highlights from 2021
* Temples in 2021: Emphasis not just on edifices themselves but work of salvation going on inside
* This Christmas on social: President Nelson testifies of ‘first and greatest gift of Christmas’
* ‘Christ was the example in all things,’ Elder Cook tells missionaries during special Christmas Day devotional
* Missionary work in 2021: Spotlight on hybrid training, reopened MTCs
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What 2021, a new temple and two missionaries taught me about faith
* The everlasting Noel
* These one-of-a-kind depictions of Joseph Smith might surprise you
* Temples around the world: See photos of the most recent construction progress
* Missionary from the Democratic Republic of the Congo Passes Away
* Light the World Themed Boat Wins ‘Best Music’ Award in 2021 Newport Beach Boat Parade
* Read these cherished Christmas memories shared by Church leaders
* Today is Elder Gong’s 68th birthday. Here are 8 of his quotes from the past year
* Sarah Jane Weaver: Why it is fitting that Joseph Smith was born during the Christmas season
* A look back at Church news highlights from 2021
* “Light the World with Love” is Shared Globally
* Light the World Themed Boat Wins ‘Best Music’ Award in 2021 Newport Beach Boat Parade
* Brother Bradley R. Wilcox: Young Men Advisers Play a Special Role in the Lives of Those They Serve
* Building People through Job Training
* Christmas Lights Shine Bright around the Mexico City Mexico Temple
* Elder Fauber, Missionary Injured in Alabama Shooting, Returns Home After Hospital Release
* How JustServe Volunteers Gathered Thousands of Stuffed Animals for Ronald McDonald House
* How Young Women #LightTheWorld Worldwide as They ‘Live, Care, Invite and Unite’
* Latest Japanese Triple Combination Edition Updates Footnotes, Study Helps and Headings
* Read 15 Christmas Quotes From Modern Prophets and Apostles
* Service-Driven Latter-day Saints in Pocatello Help Jewish Friends Enjoy Hanukkah in Beloved Synagogue
* ‘There’s a time to be a Christian’ — Church members help neighbors after midwestern tornadoes
* BYU’s Mikayla Colohan named country’s top college soccer player following team’s ‘magical’ season
* Here’s what people have donated so far to #LightTheWorld Giving Machines in 2021
* Year in review: See photos and read highlights from 2021
* How young women #LightTheWorld worldwide as they ‘live, care, invite and unite’
* As a ‘Present Witness,’ President Oaks Testifies of Christ During ‘Witnesses of Christmas’ Concert in Europe
* 50-Plus Church Meetinghouses Shelter Filipinos Impacted by Typhoon Rai
* Building People through Job Training
* How Service at Christmas Changes Hearts to Last All Year
* Stake President Shane Smeed Appointed to the Helm of Missouri’s Park University
* Latest Japanese triple combination edition updates footnotes, study helps and headings
* Episode 62: Service at Christmas and beyond, with JustServe Global Manager Heath Bradley
* For bishoprics and youth leaders: 6 things to do in January
* Which Latter-day Saint temples have reopened?
* Elder Carl B. Cook Promises BYU–Hawaii Graduates ‘the Lord Has a Work For You’
* Philippines Hit with Widespread Destruction by Super Typhoon Odette
* 50-plus Church meetinghouses open as shelters in Philippines after homes damaged, power knocked out by Typhoon Rai
* Church Members Assess Damage After Tornadoes Hit Midwestern United States
* Elder Nielson Encourages BYU–Idaho Graduates to ‘Be Wise’ and Reject the Labels Being Placed on Gen Z
* New Seoul Korea Temple President and Matron Called to Serve
* Watch the ‘Witnesses of Christmas’ Concert Originating from Rome and Copenhagen
* How service at Christmas changes hearts to last all year
* 6 places the Prophet Joseph Smith spent Christmas
* Watch the ‘Witnesses of Christmas’ concert originating from Rome, Copenhagen
* ‘For mine eyes have seen thy salvation’: Read 15 quotes from modern prophets and apostles about Christmas
* Tabernacle Choir’s Celtic-themed Christmas performance celebrates family, Irish traditions
* 'Roof breaking' ceremony marks beginning of restoration project for Provo church
* LDS youths plant more than 5,000 mangrove seedlings in Lami
* The Tabernacle Choir Records 2022 Christmas Concert
* President Nelson invites all to ‘make room in your heart’ this Christmas for those struggling to feel the Savior’s love
* Stake President Shane Smeed appointed to the helm of Missouri’s Park University
* New Seoul Korea Temple president and matron called to serve
* This week on social: The special moment between Sister Craig’s granddaughter and Elder Renlund after the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional
* How JustServe volunteers gathered thousands of stuffed animals for Ronald McDonald House
* ‘Witnesses of Christmas’ concert on Sunday originating from Rome, Copenhagen
* The remarkable story of how the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert came together in two months
* Latter-day Saints, Women in Training giving away 150 turkeys Saturday
* The Light of Christmas: A Message from President Russell M. Nelson
* Interfaith Christmas Concert Event Invites All to Celebrate Christ's Birth
* Elder Neil L. Andersen Offers Healing Balm in Visit to Ecuador and Colombia
* Typhoon Rai evacuees shelter in Church meetinghouse as storm hits Philippines
* Which countries have the largest percentages of their populations as Latter-day Saints?
* Will expected inclement weather play a factor for No. 13 BYU in Saturday’s Independence Bowl?
* USU police chief resigns after comments about sex assault claims from LDS women
* What does the hiring of Danny Ainge mean for the Utah Jazz?
* Groundbreaking Announced for a New Temple in West Africa
* Elder Nielson encourages BYU–Idaho graduates to ‘be wise’ and reject the labels being placed on Gen Z
* The General Handbook Is Complete in English
* Helping Hands respond to tornado destruction in the midwestern U.S.
* Elder Neil L. Andersen offers healing balm in visit to Ecuador and Colombia
* Danny Ainge’s basketball history with the state of Utah
* How BYU, Sitake made an uptick in recruiting of 2022 class
* President Nelson Will Share a Christmas Message with the World on Thursday
* President Oaks Tells Students in Rome Why Religious Freedom Matters
* During Recent Visit to Oxford, Elder Cook Talks About the ‘Precious Precursors’ to Documents That Ensure Religious Liberty
* Read President Oaks’ blessing upon the youth, missionaries, refugees and nation in the Mesa temple rededicatory prayer
* The Latest News on Temple Reopenings
* Latter-day Saint women see expanding roles, influence in church leadership
* Episode 61: Mary Richards reports — from radio to Church News journalist
* Tonga’s first YSA ward is organized
* Helping Hands, Latter-day Saint Charities prepare to help tornado victims
* Two arrested in shooting at Jefferson County Latter-day Saints church
* How Latter-day Saint teens in Texas made their own Giving Machine to help Afghan refugees
* Here’s what’s motivating No. 13 BYU in Independence Bowl against UAB
* Make Wise Choices, Trust God, Elder Uchtdorf Teaches During Asia Area Virtual Tour
* What President Oaks and Elder Gong Taught Youth on the Eve of the Mesa Arizona Temple’s Rededication
* Temple Square Renovation Update: December 2021
* Temple Square renovation update: Pouring concrete for the addition, vertical drilling from the roof and boring pipes below the foundation
* Looking for 2022 Latter-day Saint Winter Olympians and Paralympians
* After earning millions at the box office, ‘Christmas with The Chosen’ soon will air for free on BYUtv
* Utah Latter-day Saint missionary survives Kentucky tornado
* President Oaks Rededicates Mesa Arizona Temple
* Centenarian participates in Mesa rededication — after attending original 1927 dedication
* What President Oaks and Elder Gong taught youth on the eve of the Mesa Arizona Temple’s rededication
* Mesa temple rededication is part of a renewal and revitalization — including grounds, visitors’ center and neighborhood
* One family, many languages — and the Mesa Arizona Temple led the way
* Church in Hong Kong Donates 1,000 Christmas Gift Bags to Underprivileged Children
* Groundbreaking Held for the Bacolod Philippines Temple
* Scott Taylor: How a Santa suit helped me appreciate a journey, gratitude and Christmas ‘presence’
* In first in-person graduation since pandemic began, Elder Carl B. Cook promises BYU–Hawaii graduates ‘the Lord has a work for you’
* Read about these 9 new stake presidencies from all over the world
* Video: President Oaks and President Eyring explain how different perspectives strengthen a council
* The Church Will Open a New Mission in Africa in July 2022
* Church in Hong Kong Donates 1,000 Christmas Gift Bags to Underprivileged Children
* #LightTheWorld Calendar for Children: How it Can Help Strengthen Important Relationships
* The Oakland California Temple is one of the Bay Area's most beautiful buildings. But the public isn’t allowed inside.
* As a First-generation Church Member and College Graduate, Elder Godoy Shares Three Lessons He Learned from Pursuing Education
* This week on social: Brother Brad R. Wilcox and Dallyn Vail Bayles sing together as part of #LightTheWorld
* 70 years of journal-keeping: 5 fascinating things from the journals of Elder George F. Richards
* Europe Area presidency issues statement on Human Rights Day
* Jan. 9 will feature 6 Apostle-led devotionals in one day
* You won’t believe what ‘Christmas with The Chosen’ earned at the box office
* The precarious story behind the Tabernacle Choir’s new Christmas special
* Elder Cook Teaches How to Achieve Worthwhile Goals and Eliminate ‘Saturday Morning Cartoons’ of Life
* Returned Missionaries Can Choose to Share Contact Information with Mission Leaders in Member Tools
* Service-driven Latter-day Saints in Pocatello help Jewish friends enjoy Hanukkah in beloved synagogue
* Lighting ceremony for Manila Philippines Temple grounds kicks off country’s #LightTheWorld
* As a way to thank entertainers for participating in Christmas concerts, Tabernacle Choir donates to Actors Fund
* Listen to the Church’s 2022 new youth theme album
* First ever YSA ward in Tonga created
* Missionaries helped restore the world’s last battleship, now on display at Pearl Harbor
* How Jim Harbaugh recruited and landed prized Latter-day Saint recruit — while in the mission field
* FISH receives huge donation from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* The Tabernacle Choir Celebrates 20 Years of Christmas Broadcasts
* Centenarian Looks to Participate in Mesa Temple Rededication — 94 Years After Attending Original 1927 Dedication
* 2022 Youth Theme Album and Website Released
* Make wise choices, trust God, Elder Uchtdorf teaches during Asia Area virtual tour
* Huge display of Christmas Nativities brings people together in Kansas
* Parents of missionary who was shot in Alabama are grateful for blessings and ‘sense of peace’
* During recent visit to Oxford, Elder Cook talks about the ‘precious precursors’ to documents that ensure religious liberty
* In New York, Tabernacle Choir honors Christmas concert performers with donation to Actors Fund
* This Napa Latter-day Saints church is for sale
* What Elder Andersen wanted BYU students to know at Christmas about the blessings of making time for the Lord
* Elder Cook teaches how to achieve worthwhile goals and eliminate ‘Saturday morning cartoons’ of life
* ShelterBox, Latter-day Saint Charities Partnership Helping Displaced Families Worldwide
* The Latest News on Temple Reopenings
* Christmas lights shine bright around the Mexico City Mexico Temple
* Episode 60: Sunday School general presidency on ‘Come, Follow Me’ 2022 on the Old Testament
* Sites, renderings released for Cape Town South Africa, Querétaro Mexico temples
* Donors impact thousands of lives in huge #LightTheWorld Florida blood drive
* BYU’s historic trip to national soccer championship ends in dramatic shootout loss
* Missionary shot multiple times in Alabama meetinghouse still in serious condition but improving
* Elder and Sister Nattress Meet with President and First Lady of French Polynesia
* Church Leaders Share Messages of Peace and Hope at 2021 First Presidency Christmas Devotional
* President Henry B. Eyring’s message of peace to those praying for strength this Christmas season
* Elder Dale G. Renlund testifies of Christ and says ‘You can know it, too’
* As a first-generation Church member and college graduate, Elder Godoy shares 3 lessons he learned from pursuing education
* Brother Bradley R. Wilcox: Young Men advisers play a special role in the lives of those they serve
* Latter-day Saint Charities and ShelterBox helping people after war, violence, natural disasters
* BYU women’s soccer ready for national title game after attending church on Sunday
* First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional 2021: Read talk summaries and see photos
* Why hundreds of teens from Bulgaria to New Zealand are lending their voices to youth-led recording of the Book of Mormon
* LDS Church volunteers help local synagogue overcome facility problems in time for Hanukkah
* Missionary Wounded in Alabama Shooting
* Missionary in serious but stable condition after being shot multiple times
* Elder W. Mark Bassett invites all to ‘be publishers of peace’ this Christmas season and always
* Sister Michelle D. Craig says ‘less conspicuous gifts’ can be holy gifts that bless others this Christmas
* Watch the First Presidency Christmas devotional
* Why hundreds of teens from Bulgaria to New Zealand are lending their voices to youth-led recording of the Book of Mormon
* Learn about these 8 new stake presidents recently called to serve
* Centenarian looks to participate in Mesa temple rededication — 94 years after attending original 1927 dedication
* How the Uchtdorf family focuses their Christmas traditions on Jesus Christ
* A New Mission Is Coming to Hawaii in January 2022
* Learn about the president and companion of the new Hawaii Laie Mission
* BYU Cancels 2022 Women’s Conference as Options Are Explored for 2023
* How the Relief Society General Presidency and Latter-day Saint Charities are Empowering Families to Improve Children’s Health
* How to Watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional
* See the Children’s #LightTheWorld Daily Service Calendar for December 2021
* This week on social: How the Primary general presidency is participating in #LightTheWorld
* How Ensign College’s new employment center is hoping to bless both students and businesses
* Today is Elder Holland’s 81st birthday. Here are 9 of his quotes from the past year
* Mormon Battalion monuments vandalized — again
* Giving Machines Open Around the United States for #LightTheWorld 2021
* How FSY Conferences Anchor the Children and Youth Program
* JustServe Volunteers in Virginia Recognized for Helping Afghan Refugees
* Video: Elder Soares Describes What a Magnet Teaches About Resisting Temptation
* Youth From Utah and Texas Team Up for Community Family History Project with BYU’s Record Linking Lab
* How the Relief Society general presidency and Latter-day Saint Charities are empowering families to improve children’s health
* ‘A Christmas at the St. George Temple’ provides nightly opportunities for visitors to feel the Christmas spirit
* Meet the women’s college soccer team bidding missionary farewells to almost a third of its roster
* Why faith, family and basketball mean everything to USU’s Brock Miller
* What Drew Barrymore said about the #LightTheWorld Giving Machines on her show
* Animated Nativity Will Be Projected on the Tabernacle’s Ceiling this Christmas Season
* Church Releases New Christmas Album ‘A Savior is Born’
* England’s Most Northerly Congregation Aids Neighbors Following Storm Arwen
* Temple Recommend Changes Include New Process for Completing, Signing and Printing
* Africa launches #LightTheWorld for 2021 Christmas season
* Despite renovations, there are lights on Temple Square. See a photo gallery of this year’s Christmas displays
* ‘Church wasn’t canceled — it just moved outside’: How England’s most northerly congregation aided neighbors following Storm Arwen
* BYU women’s soccer team making historic foray into NCAA’s Final Four
* Light the World Giving Machines Debut in New York City
* Christmas Lights Shine Bright on Temple Square during the Salt Lake Temple Renovation
* Donors will #LightTheWorld in largest single-event blood drive in Florida history
* See the children’s #LightTheWorld daily service calendar for December 2021
* Episode 59: Sister Uchtdorf and her daughter share German Christmas traditions and family memories
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in November 2021
* Church receives commendation from the Legislature of American Samoa
* BYU students stand, cheer as Rev. Dr. William Barber II calls for a moral march on Washington
* What David Archuleta wants you to understand about his faith journey
* “Witnesses of Christ” Musical Tribute Kicks Off Christmas on Temple Square
* Light the World 2021 Launches in West Africa
* Registration Open for RootsTech 2022
* Youth from Utah and Texas team up for community family history project with BYU’s Recording Linking Lab
* What these bishops’ storehouse managers in North Carolina learned about the Church Welfare program
* How FSY conferences anchor the Children and Youth program
* Mormon charity helps hundreds of Afghan refugees resettle in D.C. suburb
* USC athletics issues apology to BYU football program for ‘offensive chant’ during game
* Perspective: No ‘offensive chant’ will break the centurylong bond between USC and Latter-day Saints
* Watch the virtual event Sunday to launch the Christmas season on Temple Square this year
* 20 years of Tabernacle Choir Christmas magic — ‘a gift to the Master’
* How FSY conferences anchor the Children and Youth program
* Temple Square’s ‘Christus’ statue has been removed. What will happen to it?
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Rain donates to elderly
* Learn about these 9 new stake presidencies
* The First Presidency’s 2021 Christmas Message
* This week on social: Church leaders share messages of gratitude
* An animated Nativity will be projected on the Tabernacle’s ceiling this Christmas season
* A guide to visiting Temple Square this Christmas
* Thanksgiving service at Provo MTC produces 385,000 meal kits via ‘controlled chaos’
* Elder Stevenson offers 4 ‘missionary pillars of gratitude’ during Thanksgiving devotional at Provo MTC
* How the Black 14 and church are (still) putting the giving into Thanksgiving
* Stanford's Latter-day Saints players share life experiences
* President Nelson shares a memory of hope and gratitude on Thanksgiving
* The Exterior Renderings for the Redesigned Provo Utah Temple and the Smithfield Utah Temple
* Elder Rasband Encourages Love, Faith and Joy During 11-Day Visit to Africa
* The Tabernacle Choir Releases New Christmas Video
* Giving Machines Open Around the United States for #LightTheWorld 2021
* Temple Square Renovation Update: November 2021
* BYU Cross Country Athletes Claim Men’s and Women’s National Individual Titles; Women’s Team is Runner-up
* Learn About the Areas of Recently Announced Temples in Brazil
* What 2 BYU–Idaho Professors Have Learned from Gathering Stories of Reconversion
* BYU research suggests how to have a deeper, richer gratitude this Thanksgiving
* Temple recommend changes include new process for completing, signing and printing
* Learning a Second Language Taught BYU–Pathway Worldwide President That All Have the Potential to Learn
* New Leadership Calling Guides Help Young Women Leaders Mentor Youth
* Episode 58: The positive power of President Nelson’s #GiveThanks invitation one year later
* Latest temple updates: 164 of Church’s 170 temples now designated in Phase 3 for all living, proxy ordinances
* Latter-day Saint soccer phenom Ashley Hatch adds NWSL title trophy to her resume
* BYU cross country athletes claim men’s and women’s national individual titles; women’s team is runner-up
* In Panama, Church donates cold chain equipment to help preserve COVID-19 vaccines
* FamilySearch Gerações event invites Portuguese speakers worldwide to connect to their family history
* Learn about the new Young Women leadership calling guides
* Learn about the areas of recently announced temples in Brazil
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has helped more than 400 Afghan refugees resettle in a District suburb through a charity drive
* LDS Church returns to Monroe Co. for second massive food donation
* Hundreds of Musical Artists Perform in Luz de las Naciones
* Photo essay: A day in the life of a missionary — ‘a season of miracles’
* How learning a second language taught new BYU-Pathway President Brian Ashton that all have the potential to learn
* What 2 BYU–Idaho professors have learned from gathering stories of those who leave then return to the covenant path
* Read about these 13 new stake presidencies called to serve in North and South America
* Sister Nola C. Lybbert, wife of the late Elder Merlin R. Lybbert, dies at age 94
* Physics explosion results in 3 students, professor injured
* Local Church of Latter-Day Saints and volunteers distribute 40,000 pounds of food and supplies
* BYU football rallies for 34-17 road win over Georgia Southern
* One year after #GiveThanks, Church members express gratitude again for a prophetic invitation
* The Church Donates Cold Chain Equipment to Panama to Help Preserve COVID-19 Vaccines
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, November 19, 2021
* Interfaith Panel at Seton Hall Brings Together Catholics, Latter-day Saints
* New Zealand Stake Indexes 1.1 Million Records — Thanks to Help from Youth ‘Indexathon’
* Watch Saturday’s ‘Luz de Las Naciones’ on a variety of streaming platforms
* This week on social: What President Nelson posted on World Kindness Day
* Mary Richards: What I learned from Air Force cadets about revelation and ministry to the one
* Why President Russell M. Nelson is assigning an unprecedented number of other apostles to dedicate temples
* Video: What it means to Elder Bednar to ‘counsel in council’
* With Christus statue removed, crews begin to demolish North Visitors’ Center at Temple Square
* Light the World Initiative Launches for Christmas 2021
* Through the Power of the Scriptures, Elder Bednar Teaches BYU–Hawaii Students What Matters Most
* Interfaith panel at Seton Hall brings together Catholics, Latter-day Saints in discussing ways to continue in connection and communication
* Generous donation helps BREAD
* New Zealand stake indexes 1.1 million records — thanks to help from youth ‘Indexathon’
* How trusting God allows Utah receiver and returned missionary Devaughn Vele to find success on the gridiron, and beyond
* President and Sister Oaks Teach BYU–Idaho Students How Faith in the Lord Is Synonymous With Trust in the Lord
* Savior’s Atonement Key to ‘an Abundant Life and Life Eternal,’ Elder Bassett Teaches BYU Students
* JustServe volunteers in Virginia recognized for helping Afghan refugees
* Through the power of the scriptures, Elder Bednar teaches BYU-Hawaii students what matters most
* Sydney Walker: How Elder Soares’ return to where he was baptized in Brazil represents the value of compassion
* Video: What it means to Elder Bednar to ‘counsel in council’
* Black 14 Philanthropy, LDS Church collaborate on Laramie food donation
* Elder Holland calls on young adults to be ‘a fortress of strength’ inside the Church and out
* How to obtain ‘an abundant life and life eternal,’ Elder Bassett teaches BYU students
* Afghan Refugees Receive Kitchen Kits from JustServe Volunteers in Northern California
* The Latest News on Temple Reopenings
* General Conference Podcast Episodes Are Now Available
* RootsTech Connect 2022 holds prerecording in Ghana
* Episode 57: BYU–Idaho professors Eric and Sarah d’Evegnée on faith, testimony and reconversion
* 95% of all operational temples are now open for all living and proxy ordinances
* 1 missionary’s call home after the Mexico armed robbery attack on his zone conference
* Elder Sabin Shares 8 Principles of Peace and Happiness With BYU–Idaho Students
* Elder Holland to Young Adults: Be ‘a Fortress of Strength’ Inside the Church and Out
* The 2021 Luz de las Naciones (Light of the Nations) Program Will Promote Hope and Endurance During Difficult Times
* West Africa Supports Preparations for Global RootsTech Connect 2022
* Elder Uchtdorf: Volkstrauertag a Reminder of Need for Peace, Reconciliation and Forgiveness
* FamilySearch announces 300 limit for personal temple ordinance reservations. Here’s why
* Sheri Dew: How Elder Holland and the Rev. Teal demonstrate respect and friendship that is a ‘model for the ages’
* Missionaries in the Mexico Torreón Mission Safe Following Armed Robbery
* All are safe after gunmen rob 70 missionaries, assault mission president and his wife during zone conference in Mexico
* Families react to armed robbery of LDS missionaries in Mexico
* Elder Kearon Testifies of God’s Love During BYU–Pathway Worldwide Devotional
* How Volkstrauertag reminds Elder Uchtdorf of the need for peace, reconciliation and forgiveness
* How a Chinese-speaking ward in Utah found dozens of family names last month to take to the temple
* Today is Elder Renlund’s 69th birthday. Here are 7 of his quotes from the past year
* Read about these 15 new and reorganized stake presidencies
* President Oaks Urges a ‘Better Way’ to Resolve Our Differences ‘Without Compromising Core Values’
* The Tabernacle Choir’s Television Special Is 2021 Christmas Concert
* Elder Holland and the Rev. Teal of Oxford Speak of Special Interfaith Friendship
* How Elder Holland and the Rev. Teal of Oxford became friends and what this interfaith friendship means to them
* Elder Kearon Testifies of God’s Love During BYU–Pathway Worldwide Devotional
* The growing friendship between a Latter-day Saint stake and Ethiopian church in Utah
* Mormon Temple Cancels This Year's Festival of Lights
* This week on social: Elder Uchtdorf shares 10 images of artwork and explains why art is important to him
* The stories of military service two women discovered about their ancestors on Veterans Day
* Seoul Korea Temple President Chiwon Kim dies at age 71
* ‘Come, Follow Me’: Exploring Historic Nauvoo, Illinois
* Ashley Hatch, Ward Young Women Adviser and Former BYU Star, Claims U.S. League Scoring Crown
* Latter-day Saint Artist Designs Christmas Stamps for U.K.’s Royal Mail
* Latter-day Saints to Attend Sacrament Meeting Only on December 26
* Global audience expected for Church’s popular Latino cultural celebration — ‘Luz de Las Naciones’
* Afghan refugees receive kitchen kits from JustServe volunteers in Northern California
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What I learned about salvation and service while serving for a season in the Relief Society
* Video: Elder Uchtdorf describes how ‘information brings inspiration’ in a council setting
* Latter-day Saints, community members blessed by President Ballard in the Pocatello temple dedicatory prayer
* Latter-day Saint artist designs Christmas stamps for U.K.’s Royal Mail
* First Presidency: Sunday, Dec. 26, Church services to be sacrament meetings only
* Man who survived deadly crash returns to finish church mission in New Mexico
* Imagine Dragons front man kicks off Giving Machine donations in Las Vegas
* Read Elder Kearon’s advice on becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ
* BYU–Hawaii and BYU–Pathway Worldwide Announce New Partnership
* President Nelson honors Czech couple in World Freedom Day social media post
* The Latest News on Temple Reopenings
* Episode 56: President Ballard, Elder Holland and Elder Cook reflect on how they first came to know the Savior
* Collection of 3 new Tabernacle Choir concerts products promise to enrich Christmas season
* Ken Jennings returns to ‘Jeopardy!’ — and Temple Square gets a shoutout
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members help after Hurricane Ida
* Sister Holland Receives Public Service Award From BYU Management Society in St. George
* Elder Andersen Tells U.S. Air Force Academy Cadets to Build Foundation of Faith in Christ
* What Elder Orson Hyde’s Prayer Dedicating the Holy Land 180 Years Ago Means to Latter-day Saints Today
* Which 4 Nations Have the Most Latter-day Saints?
* BYU–Hawaii and BYU–Pathway Worldwide announce new partnership
* Pocatello now home to 170th dedicated temple of the Church
* BYU star, claims U.S. league scoring crown
* President Ballard Dedicates Pocatello Idaho Temple
* President Ballard set to dedicate the Pocatello Idaho Temple — the Church’s 170th and Idaho’s 6th
* Missionaries Transferred from Ethiopia to Kenya
* Elder Weatherford T. Clayton Talks About the Multigenerational Blessings of Senior Missionary Service in Podcast
* Two leaders of the Missionary Department explain how senior missionary service contributes to the gathering of Israel
* Ahead of temple dedication, Pocatello area youth invited to follow the Savior as their hero
* Sister Holland receives public service award from BYU Management Society in St. George
* New leaders called to serve in these 18 stakes around the world
* What Latter-day Saint cadets learned from Elder Andersen’s visit to the U.S. Air Force Academy
* Today is Elder Uchtdorf’s 81st birthday. Here are 9 of his quotes from the past year
* Open House Announced for the Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple
* Christmas on Temple Square 2021
* Temple Cafeterias Will Permanently Close in Early 2022
* Elder Weatherford T. Clayton Talks About the Multigenerational Blessings of Senior Missionary Service in Podcast
* How Handcart Treks in Argentina Are Connecting Youth With Their Latter-day Saint Pioneer Legacy
* Tongan returning missionary who tested positive for COVID-19 likely not infectious, health officials report
* This week on social: Elder Uchtdorf’s thoughts after the blessing of his great-grandchild
* ‘Come, Follow Me’: Exploring historic Nauvoo, Illinois
* Read about the new temple president and matron of the Sydney Australia Temple
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints donates $5,000 in food and commodities to RER
* Latter-day Saint Charities pledges 12-month partnership to benefit community in Australia’s heartland
* First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional scheduled for first weekend in December
* Watch: What feeding chickens with Elder Perry taught young President Cordon about shining her light for others to see
* President Ballard asks Latter-day Saints in the British Isles to share this Christmas gift
* The special bonus gift ‘The Chosen’ series is giving to fans this Christmas
* Why did this Mormon’surfing family’ spend a week in a Jewish home for an NBC reality show?
* Tri-State Food Bank gets big donation
* BYU COVID-19 vaccination rate at 77%
* Missionary devotional provides direction, assurance to students and missionaries
* From the mission field to the playing field: How the experience shaped Stanford QB Tanner McKee
* The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints Is Growing In Chattanooga
* LDS temple permit approved - Elko NV
* BYU–Pathway Worldwide to Offer New Scholarship to All Students Based on Need
* Computer-Assisted Indexing Is Unlocking Records on FamilySearch for People Worldwide
* Latest Update to Gospel Library App Promotes Inspiration, Revelation ‘Each and Every Day’
* Read Elder Gong’s blessing for Latter-day Saints in Manitoba during Winnipeg temple dedicatory prayer
* More than 150 records of what Eliza R. Snow shared with women and children as she traveled are now online
* How hearing loss has taught this general authority’s wife to better ‘hear Him’
* Second test negative for Tongan Latter-day Saint missionary who was his nation’s first COVID-19 case
* Watching BYU Cougars pray after the game can teach us something about talking with God
* Elder and Sister Bednar Reflect on Middle East Ministry
* Church Announces Dates for 2022 Churchwide Broadcast Events
* Elder Soares Tells Young Adults, Missionaries in Brazil to Center Lives in Jesus Christ
* In Brazil, Elder Soares addresses 5 concerns from young adults and invites them to put the Savior first
* The Latest News on Temple Reopenings
* BYU-Pathway Worldwide to offer new scholarship to all students based on need
* Episode 55: Latter-day Saint musician Wayne Burton on sharing talents to testify of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ
* LDS missionary brings first COVID-19 case to remote island nation
* Study finds LDS members' faith helped them weather pandemic better than most
* Latter Day Saint Churches Donate 25,000 Pounds of Food to New Hope Food Shelf
* Private collection of rare LDS documents valued at $3.2 million for sale
* Apostles Conclude Ministry Visit to Great Britain
* How Temple Square Is Reopening to the Public
* Light the World Giving Machines Return During Christmas Season
* Elder Christofferson Gives 6 Reasons Societies Should Protect Religious Freedom
* Elder Gong Dedicates the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple
* Sister Aburto Invites Unity of Faith, Love and Strengths Among Religious Communities
* Family History Library expanding hours to Saturdays, evenings
* Fast day was moved from Thursday to Sunday 125 years ago. Here are 8 quotes about fasting
* In Jordan, Egypt and United Arab Emirates, Elder Bednar and President Bingham testify of the Savior and the temple
* Latter-Day Saints Provide Kits for Afghan Refugees
* Opinion: The untold stories of Latter-day Saint ‘reconversion’
* Church Supports Local Families With Thanksgiving Baskets
* Relief Society Leaders Visit Refugee Camp in Middle East
* Apostles Conclude Ministry Visit to Great Britain
* Church and Community Leaders Break Ground for Temple in American Samoa
* Church dedicates a temple — the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple — for the first time in 20 months
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How the Lord amplified the ministry of 3 British Isles missionaries to bless millions
* Ground broken for new temple in Pago Pago, nearly 45 years after one was first announced for American Samoa
* How 3 Apostles received a sure witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ during missionary service in England
* Elder Christofferson gives 6 reasons societies should protect religious freedom
* Elder Gong presides at gratitude-filled Winnipeg temple cornerstone ceremony prior to Sunday’s historic dedication
* Sister Aburto invites unity of faith, love and strengths among religious communities
* Latter-day Saint missionaries share historic week with 3 apostles who returned to the field

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