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* Cardinal and Elder Andersen Enjoy Sacred Choir Concert
* Renderings for Temples in England, Nevada and Texas
* Church Members in Texas Honor African American Community Leaders During Black History Month
* Elder Bednar and Elder Kearon Field Questions From Youth Across West Africa
* New Prison Branch Forms in Cape Verde
* What the guest artists for the Tabernacle Choir’s concerts in the Philippines are saying before the concerts + how to stream the concert on Wednesday
* Elder Andersen celebrates ‘the good and giving people of the Philippines’ during ministry
* Site location released for Vancouver Washington Temple
* The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra’s sacred music concert during Philippines tour highlights prayer, hope
* Meet the Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra members with ties to the Philippines
* Mormon property fund praying for new tenants in the City
* BYU Women’s Basketball guard Ari Mackey-Williams gets baptized as member of LDS church
* How the Church of Jesus Christ Is Blessing God’s Children in the Philippines
* Elder Bednar and Elder Kearon Meet With New Liberia President
* Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra members visit Manila American Cemetery and Memorial
* President Holland emphasizes God’s love, mercy and watch care during leadership training meeting in Washington, D.C.
* Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra perform 1st concert in the Philippines
* Meet the Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra members with ties to the Philippines
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Feb. 26-March 3: What have Church leaders and scholars said about 2 Nephi 11-19?
* Descendants of Latter-day Saint pioneer and missionaries in Ghana become missionary companions
* How the Church is helping improve health care in Asia
* Church Music Website Receives Major Update
* Elder and Sister Vinson Called as Area Service Mission Specialists for the Pacific Area
* Young Single Adult events held worldwide
* Church historian and recorder takes a closer look at ‘all things’ in the ‘ongoing’ Restoration of the gospel at Church History Museum event
* Elder Andersen teaches children in the Philippines, leaders share messages about the Book of Mormon, discipleship and belonging
* Video: See how those in Nauvoo commemorate when the Saints left the city
* BYU Women’s Conference announces 2024 keynote speakers, invites young women to attend evening event
* Learn about these 16 new mission leaders serving from Salt Lake to Sierra Leone
* Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bring water to Filipino community
* Guiding Principles Help Answer Gospel Questions
* ‘Soulmate Trap’ Study Finds Effort, Not Destiny, Is Key to Strong Relationships
* Those Who ‘Let God Prevail’ Can Experience ‘Miracles Everywhere,’ says Church News Editor
* What Gov. Cox said in D.C. about working with people you disagree with
* Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra arrive for debut performances in the Philippines
* Service stitched with love: JustServe volunteer turns wedding gowns into tiny angel robes
* New Member Tools attendance feature to help teachers ‘minister in a more personal way’
* Learn about the new leaders of these 8 temples — from Boise to Brazil
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How a border town and a new temple taught me that building bridges ‘must begin with each of us’
* What You Need to Know about LDS Canneries
* Historic Nauvoo building houses FamilySearch Center
* Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra Heading to Southeast U.S. on Tour
* Emeritus General Authority Seventy Reflects on Two Decades at the U.S. Naval War College
* FamilySearch, American Ancestors Collaboration to Recover Names of 10 Million Enslaved Africans
* Now Teachers Can Take Class Attendance in Member Tools App
* FamilySearch, American Ancestors Collaboration to Recover Names of 10 Million Enslaved Africans
* Podcast: Elder Clark G. Gilbert on the Power of Involving the Lord in Learning
* What to know about the March 17 Worldwide Relief Society Devotional
* Those who ‘let God prevail’ can experience ‘miracles everywhere’
* Church members in Texas help honor African American community leaders during Black History Month
* New prison branch forms in Cape Verde
* The First Presidency’s 2024 Easter Message
* Apostles Join the Africa West Area Presidency in Visit to Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria
* Keynote Speakers at RootsTech 2024
* News for Temples in Idaho and Florida
* Church-Sponsored Interfaith Event at U.S. Navy Base Grows and Blesses Lives Worldwide
* Episode 176: Elder Clark G. Gilbert on the expansive Church Educational System and the power of involving the Lord in learning
* Provo Utah Temple will be renamed as it prepares to close for reconstruction
* Meet the guest performers at the Tabernacle Choir’s concerts in Manila, Philippines
* Site identified for Jacksonville Florida Temple
* First Presidency releases groundbreaking date, exterior rendering for Teton River Idaho Temple
* Soon-to-be-razed stake center’s furnishings and materials donated across Alaska
* Reflecting on General Conference
* Select meetinghouses will serve as community resource centers
* Look unto the Savior and receive His healing power, Elder Ulisses Soares teaches young adults in worldwide devotional
* Emeritus General Authority Seventy reflects on 2 decades at the U.S. Naval War College
* Elder Wakolo invited to pray for French Polynesia
a href="">* Elder Neil L. Andersen Reaches the Rising Generation in the Philippines
* Media Gather to Hear Elder Stevenson in Kenya
* In Alaska, New Life for Materials from an Old Meetinghouse
* Elder Stevenson Visits Humanitarian Project in Tanzania
* How a Church-sponsored interfaith event — Sailors Devotional — at a U.S. Navy base is growing and blessing lives worldwide
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Feb. 19–25: What have Church leaders said about 2 Nephi 6–10?
* Elder Ulisses Soares will speak to young adults in worldwide devotional Sunday, Feb. 18
* 2024 FSY conferences begin around the world
* Elder and Sister Vinson called to serve as area service mission specialists for the Pacific Area
* Learn about the new presidencies of these 15 stakes around the world — from Hollywood to Nigeria
* Church responds with service and aid after deadly Chile forest fires
* What this Wheatley Institute study found about the ‘soulmate trap’
* Helping education, hospitals and communities in Central America
* This week on social: Leaders focus messages on love
* First Presidency meets with president and first lady of Navajo Nation
* These new mission leaders will serve in 16 missions around the world — from Texas to Taiwan
* Applying Moral Foundations Theory to current and former Latter-day Saints
* Utah House votes for law permitting abuse reporting by clergy
* While wrongly imprisoned for 537 days, this father had one scripture story permanently bookmarked
* First Presidency Welcomes President of the Navajo Nation
* Art Sought for 13th International Art Competition and Exhibition
* Elder Giménez Teaches BYU–Pathway Students How to ‘Prosper in the Land’
* Elder Schmutz: 'Can You Imagine' the 'Beautiful Day' of the Savior's Return?
* Service Benefits Children and Communities Around South America
* Kristin Chenoweth, award-winning actress and singer, announced as RootsTech keynote speaker
* How FamilySearch will help recover the names of 10 million enslaved Africans
* Art sought for 13th International Art Competition and Exhibition
* How members in Mongolia and the Philippines recently celebrated family history
* Church receives humanitarian award for helping Ukrainian refugees in Canada
* Service benefits children and communities around South America
* Salt Lake Temple Renovation Reaches Its Apex
* Elder and Sister Rasband Minister to Maui Fire Victims
* A New Group Photo of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Is Now Available
* The Church of Jesus Christ Joins Relief Efforts in Wake of Fatal Chile Forest Fires
* Elder Stevenson Testifies of Jesus Christ in Kinshasa, DR Congo
* Elder Christofferson to MTC Missionaries: The 'Glorious Message' of Repentance
* Podcast: Reporter Christine Rappleye on Continual Service and the Covenant Path
* Video: A Valentine’s Day Tribute to Senior Church Leaders and Their Sweetheart
* Elder Gong to BYU–Idaho Students: ‘Live With Trust, Faith, Joy and Gratitude'
* 85-year-old Hawaiian Latter-day Saint inspires with lifelong lessons of self-reliance and faith
* President Nelson’s Valentine’s Day message about the 2 great commandments
* Sister Joan Jensen Peterson, wife of Elder Wayne S. Peterson, remembered for faith, love and gentleness
* How an Apostle of the Lord taught repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ to training missionaries
* ‘Can you imagine’ the ‘beautiful day’ of being reunited with the Savior? Elder Schmutz asks BYU students
* These are the top 10 holdings of the Mormon Church's $51 billion stock portfolio
* Church of Jesus Christ Hosts Media Leaders in Cotonou, Benin
* Salt Lake Temple Renovation Reaches Its Apex
* Spires placed on the Salt Lake Temple in latest step in renovation
* Church’s humanitarian efforts in Mexico reach 1 million people
* Episode 175: Church News reporter Christine Rappleye on continual service and the covenant path
* Elder Giménez teaches BYU–Pathway students how to ‘prosper in the land’
* Emotional resilience course expands to 30 languages
* 10 church history sites near Salt Lake City to visit in winter
* Book of Mormon Inspires Faith in Jesus Christ
* Elder and Sister Rasband Minister to Maui Fire Victims
* Latter-day Saints around the World: February 12, 2024
* News for Temples in Wyoming, Florida, Utah and Brazil
* A Call for Integrity: Elder Rasband’s Invitation at BYU–Hawaii
* Brother John G. Bytheway: Young Men Need Mentors to Become ‘Lifelong Disciples of Christ’
* Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra Prepare for ‘Hope’ Tour Stop in the Philippines
* Manti Utah Temple rededication to be done in single, late-afternoon session
* Exterior renderings provide first look at 2 new temples in Brazil
* Elder Gong invites listeners to ‘live with trust, faith, joy and gratitude in the spirit of the lilies of the field’
* First Presidency announces renovation closure for Orlando Florida Temple
* Elder Ulisses Soares ministers to Latter-day Saints in the Caribbean’s ‘ABC’ islands
* Montana LDS missionary hit by truck, hospitalized while serving Salt Lake City mission
* ‘What Organized Religion Does’: A Day of Service in Utah with the World Food Programme
* How the Church of Jesus Christ Is Helping Build Emotional Resilience
* With experiences, lessons from Mexico, Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra prepare for ‘Hope’ tour stop in the Philippines
* A call for integrity: Elder Rasband’s invitation at BYU–Hawaii
* What have Church leaders taught about love? (And not just the romantic kind)
* Remembering the Nauvoo pioneers on a mile-long walk to the Mississippi River
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Feb. 12–18: What have Church leaders said about 2 Nephi 3–5?
* 6 months after the Maui fires, survivors share how they have seen God’s hand, felt His love
* Sydney Walker: The timeless message of forgiveness the Black 14 shared at the College Football Hall of Fame
* Kia Brothers reunion set for 2025 with Notre Dame football after Kahanu's return from Mormon mission
* Elder Ulisses Soares Fulfills a Promise With Visit to ‘ABC’ Caribbean Islands
* Elder Rasband’s message of love for young adults in Hawaii
* How a decade of collaboration is allowing the Church to feed millions worldwide
* Video: A behind-the-scenes look at the late President Ballard recording experiences for 2024 Family Discover Day
* This week on social: Leaders share posts on finding joy despite challenges and how youth are ‘unusually gifted’
* Brother John G. Bytheway: The need for mentors to help young men become ‘lifelong disciples of Christ’
* Learn about the new leaders of 16 missions from Argentina to Vietnam
* Judge rules LDS can start building temple in Cody while litigation continues
* New survey shows strong cross-generational faith among Latter-day Saints
* Young people spark optimism as Latter-day Saints celebrate a global partnership feeding the hungry
* Brother Jan E. Newman: Beware the Dead ‘See’ Scroll of Social Media
* RootsTech 2024 Theme ‘Remember’ Reaches Across Nationalities, Religions and Generations
* ‘You Truly Are Angels,’ Sister Dennis Tells Missionaries
* Scott Taylor: Whether in sports or ‘game of life,’ compassion can supersede competition
* ‘The miracle of your intervention continues’: Parliament of Ghana expresses gratitude for Church’s donations
* All full-time missionaries are safe after Chile forest fires
* The Church of Jesus Christ and World Food Programme Fund Emergency Response Center in the Caribbean
* The Church of Jesus Christ Provides Humanitarian Aid in Mexico to More than 1 Million People in 2023
* Church Schools and Institutes Date Nights Exceed Expectations
* Honor the ‘Holiness of Diversity,’ Eboo Patel Tells Young Adults
* Why Gatlin Bair, the Biggest Football Recruit in Idaho History, Is Serving a Latter-day Saint Mission
* Church’s trio of magazines free to subscribers around the world
* Donations and service to hospitals and schools bless lives in Africa
* Temple closing, impact on Provo
* Chile wildfires: Members and neighbors affected; full-time missionaries safe
* Episode 174: RootsTech 2024 theme ‘Remember’ reaches across nationalities, religions and generations
* College Football Hall of Fame Honors Black 14 For Black History Month
* Today is Elder Rasband’s 73rd birthday. Here are 9 of his quotes from the past year
* Beware the ‘Dead See Scroll’ of social media, Brother Newman tells BYU students
* Utah company provides thousands of white shirts for missionaries in Zimbabwe
* Hamsfork Musuem cleanup continues
* Church of Jesus Christ Donates 300 Wheelchairs in Sierra Leone
* Richard Bushman On Witnesses To The Book Of Mormon
* Groundbreaking Date Announced for the San Luis Potosí Mexico Temple
* Chile Wildfires Affect Members and Neighbors; Full-time Missionaries Safe
* Growing Food and Selling Food: Stories of Self-Reliance in Nigeria
* How Canada’s First Portuguese-Speaking Branch Is Blessing Local Church Members
* Neonatal and Maternal Care Training Saves Lives in Sierra Leone
* Service for Martin Luther King Jr. Day Blesses Communities, Volunteers
* Video: Elder Renlund and Learning in the ‘Language of Your Heart’
* Young Men President Steven Lund Visits Youth at FSY in Argentina
* Why Gatlin Bair, the biggest football recruit in Idaho history, is serving a Latter-day Saint mission
* 2 former BYU runners finish first and second at Olympic Marathon Trials in Florida
* Primary children invited to watch March Friend to Friend with President Oaks and Primary general presidency
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Feb. 5-11: What have Church leaders said about 2 Nephi 1-2?
* Church responds to Japan earthquake with donations, service and relief
* 1st Organ Virtuoso Series concert of 2024 features Tabernacle organist Linda Margetts on Feb. 2
* New Stakes and Reorganized Stake Presidencies Announced in January 2024
* This week on social: President Holland reflects on being a ‘recipient of prayer,’ and leaders post about the healing power of the Atonement
* New leaders of 16 missions around the world — from Pennsylvania to Papua New Guinea
* The world’s most famous YouTuber is teaming up with JustServe
* Want to shoot some hoops with Jimmer Fredette? Now might be your chance
* Utah bill would allow clergy to report abuse or neglect
* Church Magazine Subscriptions Now Available Worldwide at No Cost
* Easter and Sundays Near Christmas Limited to Sacrament Meeting
* Video: The power of learning about Jesus Christ and His gospel in ‘the language of your heart’
* Former BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette joins Family Discovery Day lineup at RootsTech 2024
* Church-supported nursing training center opens in Iraq’s Kurdistan region
* Church seminary program to add life preparation lessons to teachings
* Church calls charge against Latter-day Saint stake president ‘misguided’
* What our survey found about Latter-day Saints' church activity, beliefs
* Sister Aburto, Elder Andersen speak at 52nd Religious Education Symposium
* Church Seminaries Will Soon Add Life Preparation Lessons
* How Service United a Colorado Community at Christmas
* Podcast: The Ever-Expanding BYU Speeches Collection
* RootsTech Introduces New Tools to Enhance Participant Experience
* Episode 173: BYU coach Jennifer Rockwood on the mantle of a BYU athlete and the remarkable 2023 women’s soccer season, with Sheri Dew as guest host
* Church unfurls ‘virtual welcome mat’ as open house begins for Red Cliffs Utah Temple
* ‘Our choices reflect our desires,’ Young Men general leader teaches at BYU–Idaho devotional
* Latter-day Saint awarded 2nd straight Gatorade National Boys Cross Country Player of the Year
* Honor the ‘holiness of diversity,’ Eboo Patel tells young adults
* Neonatal and maternal care training saves lives in Sierra Leone
* An Apostle of Jesus Christ’s Invitation for World Interfaith Harmony Week
* Growing food and selling food: Stories of self-reliance in Nigeria
* How Canada’s first Portuguese-speaking branch is blessing local Church members
* Embrace faith in the public sphere, invites Harvard professor speaking at BYU
* Service for Martin Luther King Jr Day blesses communities, volunteers
* We sent out 80,000 postcards to Latter-day Saints in the U.S. Here’s what we learned
* Major church grant to Trenton Food Bank
* Open House Commences for Red Cliffs Utah Temple
* Ground Broken for Knoxville Tennessee Temple
* Two New Temple Sites in Peru
* 5 Latter-Day Saint Artists Paint Pictures of Faith
* Discipleship Is Lifelong Process, Elder Stevenson, General Officers Tell Youth Worldwide
* How Faith Played a Role in BYU Women’s Soccer’s ‘Remarkable’ Season
* Latter-day Saint Paralympic Champion Sprinter Inducted to RTÉ Sport Hall of Fame
* Lessons Learned After an Emergency Preparedness Fair in Oregon
* What Latter-day Saint youth learned about discipleship from the worldwide discussion
* RootsTech introduces new session scheduler, mobile app features to enhance user experience
* Why the righteous are not spared tribulation, President Holland explains at funeral of Latter-day Saint teen
* Send it in: How did you gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon?
* 5 Latter-day Saint artists paint pictures of faith
* Elder Stevenson, President Lund and President Freeman lead worldwide discussion for youth on discipleship
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Jan. 20-Feb. 4: What have Church leaders said about 1 Nephi 16-22?
* 13 stakes in 5 U.S. states, Mexico and the Philippines were created or reorganized
* Lessons learned after an emergency preparedness fair in Oregon
* Latter-day Saints join with Sikhs to serve in Dubai
* 4 Principles to Learn From How the Presiding Bishopric Works
* Be ‘Purveyors of Hope’ in Christ, Elder Christofferson Tells Teachers
* Having a Vision Toward the Future Is an ‘Act of Faith,’ Bishop Caussé Says
* Preparing for a Temple and Building Self-Reliance in Mozambique
* Worldwide Discussion Event for Youth — “I Am a Disciple of Jesus Christ”
* First Presidency meets with ambassadors of Iceland, Uzbekistan
* Elder Christofferson to seminary and institute teachers: Be ‘purveyors of hope’ to generations plagued by depression and anxiety
* A look back at a ‘remarkable’ season for BYU women’s soccer and how faith plays a role
* Learn about the new leaders of 16 missions worldwide — from California to Cambodia
* Temple referendum hopes dim as petition drive ends; count of valid signatures lags what is needed
* Brother John G. Bytheway: The Discipline Within a Disciple
* California High School JustServe Club Strives to Draw Community Closer
* CES to Host Date Night Events to Help ‘Reset the Culture of Dating’
* How JustServe Helps Utah Valley Residents Come Together to Serve Those in Need
* Sister Reyna I. Aburto: The Book of Mormon Full of Promises Relevant for Today
* Volunteering at Transitional Services Offers Relief and Fulfillment for Cancer Patient
* Video: How Elder Renlund learned the Book of Mormon is true, gained testimony of the Savior
* Renowned photographer Nancy Borowick announced as a keynote speaker for RootsTech 2024
* 4 principles to learn from how the Presiding Bishopric works
* Building self-reliance and feeding the hungry in Liberia
* Preparing for a temple and building self-reliance in Mozambique
* 2 charged in string of Utah County church burglaries face 12 more burglary charges
* Church of Jesus Christ asks to intervene in lawsuit against Heber Valley Utah Temple
* 18,000 lbs of food donated to Kent County nonprofit
* In Cambodia, Elder Renlund Visits Prime Minister and Ministers to Saints
* Elder Kearon’s Message to News Media: Turn to the Source of All Peace — Jesus Christ
* The First Presidency Welcomes Uzbek Leader to Temple Square
* Bishop Waddell Shares 3 Tools to Draw Near to Jesus Christ
* ‘God Keeps His Promises,’ President Holland Testifies to Leaders in Arizona
* A vision toward the future ‘is an act of faith,’ Bishop Caussé teaches at Provo MTC devotional
* CES to host ‘low-pressure’ events to help ‘reset the culture of dating’
* ‘It’s all of us’: Service across faiths in Colorado
* Latter-day Saint Paralympic champion sprinter inducted to RTÉ Sport Hall of Fame
* Twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda receives first visit from Latter-day Saint Apostle
* No ‘Spiritual Shortcuts’ in Righteous Works of God, Elder Bednar Says
* Elder Alexander Dushku: Religious Freedom Critical for Building Up of Zion
* Episode 172: The ever-expanding BYU Speeches collection with curator Charles Cranney
* The ‘beautiful’ and ‘stretching’ life experiences that prepared Elder Kearon to be an Apostle
* Build a foundation on Jesus Christ and establish an ensign, Bishop Waddell invites
* Youth and young adults share music, faith, testimonies in celebration of Orem temple
* Want to join the Bells at Temple Square? Applications due Jan. 26
* One-on-one conversation with newest Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints welcome new apostle Elder Patrick Kearon
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is getting involved in a lawsuit residents filed against Wasatch County.
* Lifting Lives of Families in Liberia
* Ambassador of Iceland Visits Church Headquarters, Pioneer Memorial
* La Paz Bolivia Temple Rendering Released
* Open-house reservations available for Manti Utah Temple
* Latter-day Saint Ken Niumatalolo named head football coach at San Jose State University
* America’s Quilt of Faith Forum to Bring Local Leaders, Clergy and Public Together
* Joe David: Meet Africa’s Youngest Bishop in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
* Elder Christofferson Dedicates Orem Utah Temple
* Orem Utah Temple dedication a ‘milestone in the progress’ of God’s kingdom, Elder Christofferson says
* Church Leaders Minister to Liberian Mayor Whose Son Died in Explosion
* Take an Eternal Perspective About Education, BYU–Pathway Worldwide Leaders Say
* A ‘reel’ invitation to ‘think celestial’: President Nelson posts video message on social media
* ‘God keeps His promises. The question in this formula is will we?’ President Holland tells leaders in Arizona
* Religious freedom is critical for the building up of Zion, says Elder Dushku to legal professionals
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Jan. 22-28: What have Church leaders said about 1 Nephi 11-15?
* 1 new stake was created in Angola and 20 stakes reorganized — from St. Louis, Missouri, to Suva, Fiji
* The Book of Mormon is full of promises relevant for today, Sister Aburto testifies
* Brother John G. Bytheway: The discipline within a disciple
* Elder Mutombo Teaches Young Latter-day Saints in Kinshasa, DR Congo, and Brazzaville, Republic of Congo
* The First Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ is Created in Baraka, South Kivu, DR Congo
* 9 Men Called to Young Men General Advisory Council
* 3 Daily Actions Make an Eternal Difference, Seventy Teaches at BYU
* How Youth Can Prepare for January 28 Discussion on Discipleship
* Take an Eternal Perspective About Education, BYU–Pathway Worldwide Leaders Say
* Elder Stevenson and Young Women and Young Men general presidents discuss upcoming worldwide youth broadcast
* Service missionaries being integrated into teaching missions
* Apostles testify of Second Coming, invite youth to participate in broadcast
* Elder and Sister Soares to host Worldwide Young Adult Devotional on Feb. 18
* Meet the new leaders of these 16 missions — from Barbados to Bangkok
* Steve Young and Brock Purdy sat down to talk about football. They focused on faith instead
* Polynesian Bowl Will Showcase Handful Of BYU Football Signees
* Davis school officials retain Book of Mormon as lawmakers mull new rules on pulling library books
* World Food Programme and Church Leaders Meet Liberian Officials to Reduce Food Insecurity
* New Leadership Assignments in the Presidency of the Seventy
* Church Leaders Reflect on President Nelson’s Six Years as Prophet
* Employment Services Missionaries See Their Own Lives Change as They Serve Others
* Gallup Poll Finds ‘Strong Association’ Between Religiosity and Well-Being
* How Service Can Be Part of Goal Setting This Year
* Watch Elder Bednar’s Third Live Q&A on Instagram
* Open-House Reservations Available for the Red Cliffs Utah Temple in St. George
* Video: President Holland on the ‘flood of faithfulness’ in the Church
* FamilySearch offers a preview of what Latter-day Saints can expect in 2024
* Sister Phyllis Squire Snow, wife of Elder Steven E. Snow, dies at age 73
* How JustServe is helping Utah Valley residents come together to serve those in need
* Trent Toone: What I learned about the joy of Christlike service after a few snowstorms
* 1931 Canada census is now digitized and text-searchable. Here’s where you can access it
* Avoid ‘spiritual crocodiles’ by following the Prophet’s invitation to ‘think celestial’
* How 4 siblings are preparing to attend the Urdaneta Philippines Temple together
* Open House and Dedication Dates for Temples in Guatemala, Argentina and Utah
* World Food Programme and Church Leaders Meet Liberian Officials to Reduce Food Insecurity
* FSY Session in ASL Will Again Be Offered Summer 2024
* Virtual FSY Sessions Available for Youth in U.S. and Canada in Summer 2024
* Young Men General Presidency Launches New Social Media Channels
* Episode 171: The 2024 youth theme with President Steven J. Lund and President Emily Belle Freeman on becoming active disciples of Christ
* 5 quotes from Church leaders in honor of U.S. National Religious Freedom Day
* Young Men general presidency launches new social media channels
* What it means to ‘think celestial’ about education
* How to register for tickets to Tabernacle Choir’s ‘Hope’ tour concerts in Manila, Philippines
* Site released for Cuernavaca Mexico Temple, 1 of 4 houses of the Lord announced in 2022 for greater Mexico City area
* Lima Los Olivos temple dedicatory prayer: Read Elder Christofferson’s blessing upon the Church, leaders and nation of Peru
* Eye on the Y: Museum of Art to continue ‘Come, Follow Me’ series, YFitness schedule announced
* Service organizations, community members make a difference on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
* From service to sermons — a look back at 6 stories in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day
* Employment Services missionaries see their own lives change as they serve others
* With its new gate installed, the LDS Church plans to block pedestrians from Main Street Plaza overnight
* ‘Prophecy has been and is being fulfilled’: Elder Christofferson dedicates Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple
* Elder Christofferson dedicates the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple
* Peru’s Lima to become 3rd city — 1st outside of Utah — to have 2 dedicated temples
* Musicians Invited to Submit Covers for ‘Come, Follow Me’ Song of the Week
* Primary teachers and families see joy from ministering
* On President Nelson’s 6th anniversary as Prophet, Church leaders share what they have observed from his leadership
* Relief Society birthday event March 17 to allow opportunity to testify of Jesus Christ
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Jan. 15-21: What have Church leaders said about 1 Nephi 6-10?
* Learn about these 13 new stakes created around the world — from Missouri to Madagascar
* 5 BYU women’s soccer players selected in NWSL draft; Latter-day Saint Olivia Moultrie receives U.S. award
* Want to join the Bells at Temple Square? Applications due Jan. 26
* Why we’re standing with Israel: A Latter-day Saint view - opinion
* How a Book of Mormon copyright dispute almost led to a fist fight
* How Primary Teachers Can Use the New ‘Come, Follow Me’ Manual
* How Youth Leaders Can Use the New Combined ‘Come, Follow Me’ Manual
*Sharing the Book of Mormon With Others
* Video: Elder Renlund on how daily scripture study is like good nutrition
* Rachel Sterzer Gibson: Setting goals? Try accepting President Nelson’s invitation to gain spiritual momentum
* How to watch this year’s seminary and institute training broadcast with Elder Christofferson
* California high school JustServe club strives to draw community closer
* Utah church sends truckload of food to Cabot
* Arizona illustrator features art in Church magazine series
* The Church of Jesus Christ Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Accra Ghana Temple Dedication
* BYU university chaplain believes in power of love, respect, good food
* BYU President Encourages 'Becoming' and 'Doing' Through Gospel Lens
* Develop 'Eulogy Virtues,' BYU–Idaho President Tells Students
* Disciples of Jesus Seek Gift of Understanding, Says Ensign College President Kusch
* Elder Soares: 5 Principles to Help Missionaries Find Joy — During Missions and After
* Church donations help survivors of Liberia tanker explosion
* How service can be part of goal setting this year
* Where the gym and gospel principles meet: Own It Fitness
* ‘Becoming’ and ‘doing’ through a gospel lens, BYU President Reese and Sister Reese teach at devotional
* Develop ‘eulogy virtues,’ BYU–Idaho President Meredith encourages students
* Episode 170: The Sunday School general presidency on personal conversion, the 2024 ‘Come, Follow Me’ curriculum and the Book of Mormon
* Open-house reservations available for the Red Cliffs Utah Temple in St. George
* Latter-day Saint returned missionary celebrates Michigan’s national championship victory
* This Utah author’s work was headed to the moon. Now it’s on a deeper journey
* Mormon Church Is Top Purchaser of Nebraska Land
* Utah brewery discontinues beer after Mormon church trademark complaint
* The Mormon Church bought a $174M industrial property near Miami. Why?
* The Latest Temple News from the Church of Jesus Christ
* Renderings Released for Three Temples
* Asian with a Southern accent’ comedian Henry Cho announced as a keynote speaker for RootsTech 2024
* Latter-day Saint and former Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo accepts new job at UCLA
* Kaitlyn Bancroft: What I learned from choosing ‘Come, Follow Me’ quotes in 2023
* Want a quick, daily dose of the Book of Mormon? Book of Mormon 365 is your answer
* The Best Free, Online Tools for Maximizing Your Book of Mormon Scripture Study
* Giving Machines donations bless children battling critical illness
* Brother Brad Wilcox: Ways to teach and learn about the 2024 youth theme, ‘I am a disciple of Jesus Christ’
* A look back at messages geared toward young adults the past year
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Jan. 8-14: What have Church leaders and scholars said about 1 Nephi 1-5?
* See the complete list of college devotional speakers for winter 2024 and how to watch
* Brandon Flowers talks about his decision to commit to faith in new docuseries about ‘The Chosen’ actor Jonathan Roumie
* 2024 Youth Theme Album and ‘Disciple of Christ’ Music Video Released
* 2024 Mission Leadership Assignments Announced
* This week on social: President Nelson extends invitation to ‘marvel and rejoice’ and leaders share about goals
* How youth leaders can use the new combined ‘Come, Follow Me’ manual
* How Primary teachers can use the new combined ‘Come, Follow Me’ manual
* Survey: Latter-day Saints have significantly fewer student loans
* Man accused of causing nearly $18K of damage in string of LDS church burglaries
* Youth invited to Jan. 28 worldwide discussion event on discipleship
* Video: Elder Renlund on the ‘profound miracle’ of the Book of Mormon
* ‘God, family and horses’: Latter-day Saint leader who loves horses and dentistry featured in article
* Church donations to Canadian food banks mean new coolers, appliances and ability to feed hundreds of thousands of people
* Latter-day Saint leaders ‘deeply saddened’ by Japan earthquakes and urge people to remain alert
* St. Vincent de Paul distributes 40,000 pounds of food to local shelters, food pantries
* Interfaith donation helps to meet community housing needs
* Temple Square: Main Street Plaza and Other Plaza Reopenings
* General Officers for Youth Programs Comment on 2024 Youth Theme, Discipleship
* Sunday School General Presidency Shares Whys Behind New ‘Come, Follow Me’ Manual
* Here’s what Church leaders have taught about goal setting
* FSY session in ASL will again be offered summer 2024
* A look back at FamilySearch events and milestones in 2023
* Recent humanitarian efforts in Brazil provide equipment, food and supplies
* Church Leaders Encourage Prayers, Aid Following Earthquake in Japan
* New Gospel Symbols Library Available
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in December 2023
* Why parents, leaders should celebrate the spiritual milestones of Latter-day Saint youth
* Episode 169: Elder Dale G. Renlund on his testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Church’s distribution of 200 million copies of the sacred text
* Giving Machines in 2023: ‘Miracles, and this is not hyperbole, every day’
* South Jordan Police investigating explosions in church parking lot
* 81-year-old man charged with a felony after reportedly stalking LDS church leader
* Mormon church’s real estate arm drops $174M for Beacon industrial park in Hialeah
* President Russell M. Nelson marvels on his 100th New Year’s Day
* Sunday School presidency shares the whys behind new ‘Come, Follow Me’ manual
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Jan. 1-7: What have Church leaders said about the Book of Mormon’s introductory pages?
* Temples in 2023, Part 3: Just 8 groundbreakings, but dozens under construction and scores in planning
* 2024 youth theme: What being a disciple of Christ means to Young Women and Young Men general presidents
* Earthquakes hit Japan; missionaries and members safe
* What President Nelson and other Church leaders have taught about being a disciple of Jesus Christ
* Read about these 18 new stake presidents — from Thailand to Scotland
* Today is President Emily Belle Freeman’s birthday. Here are 9 of her quotes from the past year
* 22 people hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisoning at Mormon church in Utah
* The Church Donates Basic Necessities to an Orphanage and a Health Center in Kinshasa, DR Congo
* Church Distributes 200 Millionth Copy of the Book of Mormon
* Iron Nets and Tents Giving Shelter, Peace and Security to Displaced People
* New Photographs of Thomas Bullock, Joseph Smith’s Last Clerk, Donated to Church
* Temples in 2023, Part 1: President Nelson announces 35 temple locations for 2nd straight year
* This week on social: Church leaders share the 2024 youth theme
* Sharing the Book of Mormon with others
* Family Service Association of Redlands honors donors at annual reception
* Mormon Church Buys 370,000 Acres of Ranch Land
* 15 Apostle Quotes About the Book of Mormon
* What Church leaders have taught, promised and testified about the Book of Mormon
* Video: Elder Uchtdorf testifies of the ‘Work of God’ — ‘I know that ... He is there for me’
* Gallup poll finds ‘strong association’ between religiosity and well-being
* See new photographs of Thomas Bullock, Joseph Smith’s last clerk and a notable historian
* Data on Latter-day Saints and others challenges 'spiritual but not religious' mantra
* Mormon church breaks ground on new meetinghouse in Wilton for growing number of members
* Study: Utah is no longer a majority-Mormon state
* How seeing historic images of the original Book of Mormon manuscript can enhance gospel learning
* Read the Church News staff’s favorite stories from 2023
* Interfaith Christmas concert brings faiths together in Virginia community
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What I learned from President Nelson about accepting prophetic invitations and the Book of Mormon
* BYU commit Enoch Watson earns viral honors from MaxPreps
* Elder Cook Invites Missionaries to Love and Serve the Savior
* Retzlaff is 1st Jewish QB at Mormon Institution
* Christmas Turkeys Fly Out the Door at Brooke’s Good Deeds
* Nauvoo Women's Interfaith Society celebrates “Christmas at the Kirche”
* Celebrating Faith in Action: The Church of Jesus Christ in 2023
* 2023 in review: A look back on Church events this year
* Christ and Christmas: 15 Quotes from Church Leaders
* Episode 168: Recounting significant Latter-day Saint news of 2023 with Deseret News editors Doug Wilks and Hal Boyd
* From Hawaii to Pakistan: Church leaders witness the faith of youth while ministering worldwide
* Former NFL player shares ‘Light the World’ video
* Church Members Bring Christmas Joy to Abandoned Children with Disabilities in Kinshasa, DR Congo
* Community dinners give everyone a place to call home in Utah this Christmas
* Glad Tidings of Great Joy: The Plan of Redemption or Plan of Happiness
* Elder Cook’s Christmas message at Provo MTC: Loving and serving the Savior
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Dec. 25-31: What have Church leaders and scholars said about Revelation 15-22?
* How genealogists got millions of Md. records online for all to see
* Village of Bakpaba, Ghana Receives New Bathroom Facilities
* Members of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints help the homeless in Fontana
* What Church leaders posted about keeping Christ the focus of Christmas
* 2 more volumes of Apostle George F. Richards’ journal published online
* Interfaith Choir of Peru Unites Hearts
* How Apostles are called — and a look back at the calls of the current 15 Apostles
* How family history influences holiday traditions, with FamilySearch’s Dan Call
* How Latter-day Saints in the Pacific are helping to light the world — literally
* Listen to 13 stories from past Tabernacle Choir Christmas concerts
* Roseanne Barr talks about ‘Mormons’ and the ‘mysteries of history’ with Tucker Carlson
* 5 ways early Utah pioneers enjoyed Christmas more than Americans today
* BYU’s winter 2024 devotional lineup includes 2 Apostles
* How iron nets and tents are giving shelter, peace and security to displaced people
* How parents say kids use social media versus how kids say they use it
* Broadway singer and ‘Disney Legend’ Lea Salonga to join Tabernacle Choir during Philippines 2024 ‘Hope’ tour stop
* Dark Skies group gathers signatures to put Heber Valley temple plans to a vote
* "Friends of the Children" is making a difference for Utah kids
* Latter-day Saints Spread the Light of Christ around the World
* ‘Love’s Pure Light’: Church of Jesus Christ Hosts International Ambassadorial Event in London
* Broadway Actress Lea Salonga to Join With The Tabernacle Choir in the Philippines
* Second Asia Area Christmas Devotional Showcases Diversity of How Members “Let Your Light Shine”
* Church leader dedicates replica cabin at historic California park 175 years after gold discovered
* Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra’s 2022 concert ‘Season of Light’ to be broadcast in the Philippines on Christmas Eve
* Sydney Walker: How volunteering at the Giving Machines helped me remember ‘the true Giver’
* 10 times Church leaders referenced ‘A Christmas Carol’ — published on this day in 1843
* Episode 167: FamilySearch’s Dan Call on honoring family history and traditions in the Christmas season
* 2023 Giving Machines pass $150,000 milestone
* Latter-day Saint blows away NYC jazz club with her ‘jazzy Jesus’ vocals
* Proctors on a Mission #6 – An Early Christmas in the Mission Field
* Jimmy Stewart was worried about losing the true spirit of Christmas too
* Guiding Principles to Help Answer Gospel Questions
* First Latter-Day Saint Meetinghouse Dedicated in Angola
* Sites Announced for Temples in England and the Philippines
* Thousands Attend Night in Bethlehem Nativity Event at California Stake Center
* 5 things not to tell someone who is grieving — try using these 5 helpful phrases instead
* Former BYU DE Michael Daley Finds New Home Out Of Transfer Portal
* THE OATH is a historical action-adventure inspired by the Book of Mormon
*New ‘Book of Mormon Videos’ Coming in 2024
* Thousands attend Night in Bethlehem event at California stake center: ‘I just didn’t know how much I needed this’
* Guiding principles to help answer gospel questions
* ‘Absolutely magical’: Christmas concert guest artists share about performing with the Tabernacle Choir
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Dec. 18-24: What have Church leaders said about Christmas?
* Read about these 20 new stake presidents — from Guatemala to Madagascar
* Trent Toone: How singing a Spanish song in the Primary program blessed many lives
* LDS university presidents, education commissioner hold special meeting for teens in eastern Idaho
* Light the World Giving Machines makes debut in Modesto mall
* Tabernacle Choir Celebrates the Savior’s Birth in 2023 Christmas Concert
* Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra’s 2023 Christmas concert features stories of service, love
* Elder Godoy Invites BYU–Idaho Graduates to Apply 3 ‘Behold, Therefore’ Principles
*Study: American Family Survey's 2023 Findings on Mental Health, Social Media, Marriage and Fertility
* This week on social: Church leaders share thoughts on remembering Jesus Christ
* First Latter-day Saint meetinghouse dedicated in Angola
* ‘Let love be the motivator in your missionary service,’ says President Johnson to Provo MTC
* Watch 8 #LightTheWorld videos and 6 Giving Machines videos for 2023
* A spirit of fellowship: Interfaith dinners, concerts and events build community and understanding
* What the American Family Survey 2023 found about mental health, social media, marriage and fertility
* BYU Football Returned Missionaries For 2024 Season
* Over a 1000 persons benefit from Church of Jesus Christ’s 'Light the World' campaign in Kasoa
* Latter-day Saint Charities supports LJD Jewish Family & Community Services
* Africa West Area Presidency Welcomes Ghana’s Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs
* How the Church of Jesus Christ Is Responding to the Tennessee Tornadoes
* The Church of Jesus Christ Will Create a New Missionary Training Center in Thailand
* Let Love Be Motivator in Missionary Service, President Johnson Says
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ simplifies from 4 manuals to 1
* Provo Utah Temple windows broken in an act of vandalism
* Relief Society General President Camille N. Johnson ministers in South Korea, Japan and Mongolia
* Light the World encourages people to spread light and service this Christmas season
* How 2 charitable efforts succeeded in helping Philadelphia community this holiday season
* <'Mechanical failure' temporarily closes Rexburg Temple/a>
* Video: President Holland Reflects on Plan of Salvation Following Wife’s Passing
* Leader of 100 Million Muslims Visits Temple Square
* BYU Study’s Findings on How Repentance Strengthens Families
* Helping Primary Children Prepare for Temple and Priesthood Service Next Year
* How to Watch the Tabernacle Choir’s 2022 Christmas Concert
* St. George temple rededicatory prayer: President Holland’s tribute to the ‘weary but believing pioneer hands’ who built ‘a hallowed masterpiece’
* Episode 166: Tabernacle Choir President Michael O. Leavitt and Director of Member Support Karmel Newell on the future of the choir and the power of music at Christmas
* Blindness doesn’t stop this teen from spiritually seeing
* Sheri Dew: We may ask for and expect to receive miracles
* Concerts mark 2023 #LightTheWorld launch in Africa
* Dark Skies group seeks referendum to overturn Heber Valley temple plans
* Worldwide Youth Leader Invites Fiji Teenagers to 'Come and See Jesus'
* Open House and Dedication Dates Announced for Temples in Mexico, the Philippines and Utah
* Of President Holland’s Health and Recovery, Elder Renlund Writes, ‘God Is in the Details’
* The Story of the Original Dedication of the St. George Temple — ‘A Beautiful Testimony of Faith’
* Video: Recalling moments when Elder Kearon has shared insights on refugees, healing, love
* First Presidency announces dedication, open house dates for 3 temples — in Utah, Mexico and the Philippines
* Site announced for Antananarivo Madagascar Temple
* Groundbreaking for Knoxville Tennessee Temple set for Jan. 27, 2024
* Church and Save the Children work together to help babies thrive
* Church, Gaming Store to Hold Food Drives for Loudoun Hunger Relief
* Book Fair Pulls in Over 3,000 Donated Titles for Kids
* Historic St. George Utah Temple is Rededicated
* Lloyd D. Newell, Voice of ‘Music & the Spoken Word,’ Announces Mission Call and Conclusion to Choir Service
* Video: Recalling the influence of his wife, President Holland finds a ‘beautiful moment’ in the plan of salvation
* President Holland rededicates St. George Utah Temple; ‘I consider this one of the sweetest and most rewarding assignments I have had’
* Helping Primary children prepare for temple and priesthood service next year
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Dec. 11-17: What have Church leaders and scholars said about Revelation 6-14?
* Leaders called for 1 new stake and 19 reorganized stakes — from England to Australia
* Latter-day Saint cowboy steps away from professional bull riding to serve a mission
* Elder Patrick Kearon Called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
* Newest Apostle, Elder Patrick Kearon, invites BYU–Hawaii graduates: ‘Put your hand into the hand of God’
* An Apostle at Parliament: Elder Cook Expresses Appreciation for Great Britain’s Historical Lead on Religious Freedom, Human Rights
* God Loves You, President Camille N. Johnson Tells Women in Asia North Area
* See Christmas Lights at These Temple Visitors’ Centers in 2023
* A front-row seat to new growth in Latter-day Saint missionary work
* Religious artist Brian Kershisnik visits Museum of Art to answer questions about his painting ‘Nativity’
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: December 7, 2023
* An Apostle at Parliament: Elder Cook expresses appreciation for Great Britain’s historical lead on religious freedom, human rights
* Church stands by ‘principles of religious freedom,’ Elder Jaggi says at New Zealand event
* Tactile tour helps people with disabilities experience the Orem temple
* Q&A: Tom Holmoe talks football, Kalani Sitake’s performance, scheduling and more with Deseret News
* Twin sisters walked the road to baptism together. The reason they want to serve missions will melt your heart
* From one faith to another: Church of Tonga building dedicated
* BYU Students Encouraged to ‘Be Honest in All You Do’
* All Are ‘Children of a Loving God,’ Elder Gerard Says in Religious Freedom Webinar
* Denver Broncos lineman Garett Bolles nominated for NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year award
* Episode 165: Aaron Sherinian of Deseret Management Corp. on inviting connection around the world and across faiths
* Of President Holland’s health and recovery, Elder Renlund writes, ‘God is in the details’
* Church provides aid after Uruguay flooding
* Former BYU and Virginia football coach Bronco Mendenhall accepts job at New Mexico
* BYU women’s volleyball team wins 25 matches in first Big 12 season, but falls in NCAA tournament
* Kiribati High School Graduates Celebrate Life Centred in Christ
* Did You Know That The Mormon Church Owns These Idaho Companies?
* Missionaries and Members of the Church of Jesus Christ Serve at a School for Refugees in Douala, Cameroon
* Former diplomat to teach at BYU
* Interfaith Food Bank unveils new cold storage units
* Elder Gong speaks on the importance to ‘cheerfully do all within our power’
* Episode 165: Aaron Sherinian of Deseret Management Corp. on inviting connection around the world and across faiths
* Christmas lights shine around Mexico City temple
* BYU students encouraged to ‘be honest in all you do’
* Church support warms refugees in northeast Syria
* Memorable season for BYU women’s soccer team ends with loss to Stanford in NCAA semifinals
* Elder Taniela B. Wakolo Meets with French Polynesian Vice-President
* Interfaith: The new revolution at BYU
* First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional 2023: Read talk summaries, see photos
* All are ‘children of a loving God,’ Elder Gerard says in religious freedom webinar
* McKinney Texas Temple Site Announced
* BYU Study Shows How Reconnecting With God Helps People Return to Faith
* Memorable season for BYU women’s soccer team ends with loss to Stanford in NCAA semifinals
* Reston nonprofit opens food distribution center in Sterling
* Adore Christ the Lord, Says President Nelson at the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional
* President Nelson shares his prayer for everyone at Christmas time
* Today is President Jeffrey R. Holland’s 83rd birthday. Here are 9 of his quotes from the past year
* The story of the original dedication of the St. George temple — ‘a beautiful testimony of faith’
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Dec. 4-10: What have Church leaders and scholars said about Revelation 1-5?
* New leaders called for 4 stakes — from Chalchuapa, El Salvador, to Exeter, New Hampshire
* Returning to faith: ‘I want to be close to God again’
* After fire destroys Salvation Army unit in Florida, Church steps in
* How You Can Light the World during the 2023 Christmas Season
* First Presidency Announces Uniform, Worldwide Standards for Ward and Stake Boundaries
* Football and Faith Have Come Together for This University of Michigan Lineman
* ‘Go Forth to Serve’ Showcased at BYU Football Service Opportunities All Season
* Watch the 2023 First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional
* Where to see Christmas lights at temple visitors’ centers in 2023
* More than 30,000 pounds of food and a lot more heart in Concho
* Couple Returns to the St. George Temple 80 Years After Being Sealed There
* Video: Part 2 of a Day in the Life of an Apostle of Jesus Christ
* 5 Pillars of Happy Marriages Include Commitment, Community
* By the Numbers: Church Programs for Education, Employment
* How to Watch the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in November 2023
* Honor Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, by becoming a peacemaker, says Elder Renlund
* Video: How there’s a ‘Culture of Temples’ in Japan
* Church updates policy for creating or changing unit boundaries
* Andy Reid just reached a mind-blowing milestone
* Who’s Buying Nebraska? After shopping spree, Mormon church is top land purchaser
* Church of Jesus Christ Renovates Buildings at Orphanage in Tamale, Ghana
* Church donation of 22,000 diapers lights up Lighthouse's cause
* New Ukrainian group of Latter-day Saints now meeting in Austria
* The Church of Jesus Christ Is Joining Hands with Other Faiths to Help Children in New York
* Elder Renlund and Philippine Official Illumine Washington D.C. Temple Christmas Lights
* Church of Jesus Christ Provides 1,200 Chicago Residents with Warm Clothes
* ‘A Special Place with a Special Purpose’: Helping Open-House Visitors See a Temple as the House of the Lord
* ‘There’s No Greater Blessing Than to Be an Instrument in God’s Hand,’ Bishop Budge Tells Missionaries
* ‘Go forth to serve’ showcased at BYU football service opportunities all season
* Recent humanitarian efforts from Latter-day Saints in Europe
* What the King Midas myth teaches about happy marriages
* Your guide to sharing the Nativity story with your family
* Elder Ian S. Ardern Thanks Senior Missionaries Serving from the Pacific
* LDS temple groundbreaking in Cedar Park planned for June 2024
* The Church of Jesus Christ Is Joining Hands with Other Faiths to Help Children in New York
* See Others as Who They Are and Their Potential, Bishop Caussé Says
* Episode 164: Historian Matthew C. Godfrey on the ongoing legacy of the St. George Utah Temple
* 50 ideas to share light for #LightTheWorld 2023
* Sister Helen Paramore, widow of Elder James M. Paramore, remembered for life of dedicated service
*‘Find the Mozarts among us,’ Bishop Caussé invites during BYU–Idaho devotional
* New York faith leaders link arms to share joy and light, help children this holiday season
* Sentencing of Utah billionaire Trevor Milton delayed again
* Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi Hosts Religious Freedom Luncheon in Wellington New Zealand
* LDS Church Doesn’t Want 4,000 Public Records Admitted Into Temple Lawsuit
* Light the World Giving Machines Light Up Times Square
* 2023 Light the World Invites All to ‘Let Your Light Shine’ This Christmas
* Christmas Lights, Biblical Displays Portray Nativity at Mesa Arizona Temple
* Okinawa Temple Symbolizes Peace, Elder Stevenson Says in Podcast
* See Christmas Lights at These Temple Visitors’ Centers in 2023
* Ground broken for Kaohsiung Taiwan Temple — 2nd temple on the Asian island
* Angelina Billman: My journey of hope, relief and forgiveness through Jesus Christ
* PragerU asked who a modern prophet was, Latter-day Saints responded
* New Stake Created in the Africa West Area of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* Relief Society and Primary general presidents share the light of the Savior in Philippines ministry
* ‘A special place with a special purpose’: Helping open-house visitors see a temple as the house of the Lord
* How football and faith have come together for this University of Michigan lineman
* Scott Taylor: Set to rededicate the St. George temple, President Holland has already had an influence there
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Nov. 27-Dec. 3: What have Church leaders and scholars said about 1-3 John and Jude?
* Christmas lights and biblical displays portray the Nativity story at the Mesa Arizona Temple
* Where will Temple Square Christmas lights be located this year?
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Renovates a School in Ngiri-Ngiri, Kinshasa, DR Congo
* The First Presidency’s 2023 Christmas Message
* Temple Square Offering Christmas Experiences for 2023 Season
* Artists Show How They Are Inspired by Prophets, Apostles and Leaders
* How ‘My Hometown’ Is Bringing Communities Together in Utah
* Elder Soares Testifies to Youth in Brazil of Savior in Nationwide Devotional
* Miracles Have Not Ceased, Elder Rasband Tells Missionaries on Thanksgiving Day
* RootsTech Launches Video and Social Media Campaign to Promote 2024 Theme ‘Remember’
* 2023 Light the World Christmas initiative invites all to ‘Let Your Light Shine’
* Where to see Christmas lights at temple visitors’ centers in 2023
* How Utah’s dual threat Sione Vaki is striving to honor his faith, team and late mother
* Missionaries help fight childhood hunger during Thanksgiving service project
* This week on social: Leaders on temples, missionaries and gratitude
* What have Church leaders taught about gratitude?
* Miracles have not ceased, Elder Rasband tells missionaries at Provo MTC during devotional held on a day of ‘gratitude and thanksgiving’
* Church of Jesus Christ forges relationship with Islamic community in West Africa
* You buy 3 baby chicks at a Light the World Giving Machine. Here’s the good that happens next
* Video: The ‘Blessings of the Temple’ at a tender time in Japan’s history
* Nearly 670,000 tour St. George Utah Temple during its fall open house
* President Freeman and Sister Dennis testify of Jesus Christ through West Africa ministry
* Expressing gratitude this Thanksgiving? Try indebtedness, instead
* Christmas traditions from around the world and other things to see at Temple Square
* Latter-day Saint young woman becomes first Samoan to win golf competition
* Top Leaders of Women and Children Organizations Minister in the Philippines
* How the Church of Jesus Christ Is Making Its Meetinghouses More Waterwise
* President Freeman and Sister Dennis Conclude 10-day Ministry in West Africa
* JustServe Efforts Spread Across Puerto Rico, With 31 Projects, Hundreds of Volunteers Over Just 1 Day
* New Online Joseph Smith Papers Content Features Nauvoo-era Tithing Records
* Episode 163: Elder Gary E. Stevenson on the Okinawa Japan Temple — a symbol of peace in a land once defined by war
* Church responds to help those affected by torrential rains, flooding in the Dominican Republic
* Elder Soares testifies to youth of Savior in special devotional
* How research and real-life events support President Nelson’s recent promise to youth and young adults
* JustServe efforts spread across Puerto Rico, with 31 projects, hundreds of volunteers over just 1 day
* Bybee Lakes Hope Center receives grant from Church of Latter-day Saints
* General Officers Participate in Light the World Giving Machines Launch in the Philippines
* Gospel Answers Every Doubt and Faith Challenge, Elder Cook Tells Young Adults
* Open House Dates for the Manti Utah Temple Announced
* President Nelson Extends Video Invitations to Enroll in Seminary and Institute
* Sites Announced for Two New Temples in Latin America
* Temple Square Offering Christmas Experiences for 2023 Season
* Fire Burns Through Latter-day Saint Meetinghouse in Chevy Chase, Maryland
* What an Increase in Institute Enrollment Says About the Strength of the Rising Generation
* President Holland to rededicate St. George temple on Dec. 10
* First Presidency release sites for temples in Mexico, Brazil, and rendering for temple in Spain
* BYU men’s cross country team places third at NCAA championships for second year in a row
* Pocatello garbage truck crashes into numerous cars in church parking lot
* Vai Sikahema returns to NBC10 to talk ‘giving machines'
* General Officers Meet with Vice President of the Philippines
* Mali Muslim Leader Visits Church Sites in Utah
* 4 Temples Among Top 20 ‘Peaceful’ U.S. Tourist Spots, According to National Survey
* Brother Wilcox Teaches About Escaping the ‘Worthless’ Trap of Pornography
* How to watch the Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults with Elder and Sister Cook
* Study to Know God’s Character, Sister Spannaus Says During MTC Devotional
* Volkstrauertag: Elder Uchtdorf pays tribute to those who died in armed conflict
* See locations, dates for Giving Machines in 2023
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Nov. 20-26: What have Church leaders and scholars said about 1 and 2 Peter?
* Returning to the St. George temple 80 years after being sealed there
* By the numbers: Church programs for education, employment
* RootsTech launches video and social media campaign to promote 2024 theme ‘Remember’
* Elder David A. Bednar Speaks to Thousands in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
* Jeffrey R. Holland: New Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
* Elder Bednar shares messages of faith in Jesus Christ in Mexico
* Trees, water, equipment and other humanitarian aid throughout Africa
* Sarah Jane Weaver: When my words were inadequate to write about President Ballard, I found comfort in his words
* Employment Services leads to new opportunities for two job-seekers with different experiences
* Bells at Temple Square holiday concert canceled
* Ivory Coast ambassador meets with First Presidency members in Salt Lake City
* Leadership change announced for Deseret Management Corp.
* Church announces funeral services for President M. Russell Ballard
2023 Church Music Festival Features Culture, Music of Kenya*
* Elder Andersen Visits Mongolia, Where Pioneering Members Continue to Help the Church Grow
* Elder Soares Encourages Caribbean Latter-day Saints to Focus Lives on the Savior
* Elder Uchtdorf Teaches of Freedom, Constraints and the ‘Art of Becoming’
* What Sister Spannaus said during an MTC devotional about choosing the light of Christ
* Bells at Temple Square holiday concert canceled
* Church announces funeral services for President M. Russell Ballard
* A look back on President Ballard’s teachings on effective councils
* Updated: First Presidency, Quorum of Twelve Apostles together were the 6th-longest tenured in Church history
* Okinawa temple dedicatory prayer: Elder Stevenson expresses gratitude for the gift of peace
* How President M. Russell Ballard linked the church’s humble founding to its global emergence
* These are the top 10 holdings of the Mormon Church's $47 billion stock portfolio
* Feeding our neighbors: Governor Parson joins Harvesters in the fight against hunger
* Church Youth Group Restores Forgotten Family Cemetery
* Episode 162: President M. Russell Ballard, 1928 — 2023: Celebrating his life in his own words
* Highlights of President Ballard’s teachings, testimony in 2023
* Inside the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: What President Ballard has learned in over 40 years of service
* How 3 Apostles received a sure witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ during missionary service in England
* Today is Elder Renlund’s 71st birthday. Here are 9 of his quotes from the past year
* President M. Russell Ballard dies at age 95
* Elder Stevenson Dedicates Okinawa Japan Temple
* See photographs of the Okinawa Japan Temple dedication
* How the Church of Jesus Christ Is Helping Build Emotional Resilience
* 4 temples among top 20 ‘peaceful’ U.S. tourist spots, according to national survey
* Latter-day Saint who fought in WWII’s Battle of the Bulge set to celebrate his 100th birthday
* Both lost family in WWII, now former stake presidents in Okinawa share their journey from sorrow to peace — and a temple
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Nov. 13-19: What have Church leaders and scholars said about the Epistle of James?
* Read about these 18 new stake presidents — from Idaho to Chile
* Photo gallery: Church Music Festival from Temple Square
* Brother Wilcox teaches how to escape the ‘worthless’ trap of pornography
* Developing emotional resilience can make it easier to perceive the Lord’s guidance
* Mesa Temple Christmas lights 2023: How to see the holiday Nativity display
* The Prophet Thanks Those Praying for His Recovery
* Church Donates US$1 Million to Hurricane Relief in Acapulco
* See Where You Can Donate to a Light the World Giving Machine
* Having Water ‘Is Like a Dream’ in Rwanda
* JustServe Volunteers Help Magic Yarn Project Make Wigs for Children With Cancer
* Sunday School General Presidency Says Teacher Council Meetings for Parents Can Bless Families
* Focus your lives on the Savior, Elder Soares encourages Caribbean Latter-day Saints
* With Acapulco recovery ‘there is a lot to do,’ Elder Bednar says
* How the 2023 Church Music Festival is different than ever before
* Contentious visitors center proposal heads to Nauvoo City Council vote
* The Church of Jesus Christ Launches Global Effort to Nourish Children and Mothers
* Ivory Coast Ambassador Meets Church Leaders
* Early Branch President in Okinawa, Now 93, Returns to Japan for Dedication of the Okinawa Temple
* How prayer, good friends and ‘divine design’ led this BYU football player to baptism
* Video: How 2 friends from different faiths are linking arms ‘across the isle’
* Learn about the new Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mexico Temple president and matron
* How 3 daily routines can make your career fulfill your life’s mission, according to the president of Deseret Management Corp.
* JustServe volunteers help Magic Yarn Project make wigs for children with cancer
* Church missionaries robbed at gunpoint in Milwaukee, suspect charged
* 16 Young Adults from Ghana Stake Accept Full-time Mission Calls
* Wasatch County Council approves construction of LDS temple in Heber Valley
* Prattville church packs ornaments for January tornado survivors
* Church Leaders Discuss Increased Missionary Numbers and 36 New Missions
* With 36 new missions coming in 2024, get to know the cities, states and countries a little better
* Spread Hope ‘to a World That so Desperately Needs It,’ Says Elder Uchtdorf at Provo MTC Devotional
* FamilySearch Launches Changes to its North American Website
* Despite Challenges in Europe, Members Continue Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Reports Elder Cook
* What to know about teacher council meetings for parents
* Elder Andersen visits Mongolia, where pioneering members continue to help the Church grow, prosper after 30 years
* Sen. Mitt Romney was the answer to a clue on ‘Jeopardy!’
* Elder Bednar Embarks on Ministry in Mexico
* ‘Mexico has been richly blessed,’ Elder Bednar says in nationwide devotional
* Elder Uchtdorf Meets with Ambassadors and Senators in D.C.
* Church Leaders Strengthen Ties with Senator Blackburn and Others in Tennessee
* Despite Unfulfilled Yearnings in Family Life, Christ’s Atonement Makes it Possible for ‘Our Eternal Family’
* Understand the Plan With an Eternal Perspective, Teaches Elder Sabin
* The Friendship of the Rev. Dr. Andrew Teal and Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ ‘Has Brought Me to a Deeper Love of Jesus Christ’
* Episode 161: Oxford’s the Rev. Dr. Andrew Teal — Part 2: The reverberations of interfaith friendships with David W. Checketts and Deb Checketts, former mission leaders in England
* FamilySearch launches changes to its North American website
* How the Church is helping address one of the biggest issues in Kiribati
* ‘The most important relief is spiritual,’ Elder Bednar tells Saints in Acapulco
* Church providing humanitarian aid in Middle East during conflict
* Temple updates: A location for a temple in Chile and a rendering for one in Michigan
* Wasatch County manager: Heber Valley temple application received no preferential treatment
* Planned Heber City park honoring Book of Mormon, U.S. founding raises talk of Christian nationalism
* Church Humanitarian Aid in the Middle East Conflict
* Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple Opens to the Media
* See first images inside, outside of the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple, the Church’s 2nd in the metro area
* See the Location of the new Temple in Viña del Mar, Chile
* Brazilian YouTuber Interviews Elder Soares, Who Talks About His Apostolic Calling
* What Church leaders are saying about increased missionary numbers and 36 new missions
* Today is Elder Uchtdorf’s 83rd birthday. Here are 9 of his quotes from the past year
* Church did not provide tithing records to Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad, spokesman says
* Which state is the most charitable in the country?
* Jaren Hall In Concussion Protocol, Josh Dobbs To Start For Vikings
* Video: Interfaith Friendship Creates a ‘Sacred Bridge’
* Elder Uchtdorf Meets with Ambassadors and Senators in D.C.
* Thousands Gather for Luz de las Naciones Celebration of Nuestra Tierra (Our Land)
* The Church of Jesus Christ Honors Four Dominican Members for Their Focus on Family
* The friendship of the Rev. Dr. Andrew Teal and leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ has brought me to a deeper love of Jesus Christ
* Despite challenges in Europe, members continue living the gospel of Jesus Christ, reports Elder Cook after recent visit
* Photo gallery: See how the Church and its members are helping people across Latin America
* Brazilian YouTuber interviews Elder Soares, who talks about his apostolic calling
* Come, Follow Me for Nov. 6-12: What have Church leaders and scholars said about Hebrews 7-13?
* 4 new, 11 reorganized stakes around the world — from Taiwan to Cote dIvoire
* A shimmering diamond in the Gem State
* Cheyenne River Youth Project partners with local church to offer free food, household item distribution events next week
*How to watch or attend First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional this year
* Following his wife’s death, President Eyring expresses gratitude, hope on social media
* President M. Russell Ballard returns home following short hospital stay
* How Family Services counseling helped this single mother
* Why people are talking about this 13-year-old BYU study on sibling relationships
* Meet the new Deseret Peak Utah Temple president and matron
* ‘Luz de las Naciones’ celebrates ‘Our Land’ with songs, dances from multiple countries
* The Church of Jesus Christ Will Create 36 New Missions in 2024
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Caring for Others
* JustServe officially launches in Chile
* How a violinist and videographer overcome challenges and share their talents
* How the Church in Brazil has been blessing thousands of people throughout the country
* Day of the Dead is a time to remember ancestors
* Nigerian stake president named peace ambassador; Church leaders visit Nigerian National Mosque
* Three men sue church over use of tithing funds, humanitarian donations
* ‘The Chosen’ officially releases its Christmas special trailer — Andrea Bocelli and the Bonner Family will perform
* Orem Utah Temple open house begins
* BYU Study Finds Religious Hope Strengthens Families
* Disciples ‘Advocate for Truth and for Righteousness,’ says President Johnson to Law Professionals
* Family featured in President Monson address returns to Hamilton New Zealand Temple
* Episode 160: Oxford’s the Rev. Dr. Andrew Teal — Part 1: Building bridges of interfaith friendship with Elder Matthew S. Holland of the Seventy; with Sheri Dew as guest host
* What Halloween has to do with ‘fulfilling the dream’ of BYU
* A BYU professor is hunting ghosts this Halloween — but not the spooky kind
* Church gives emergency food and supplies to flood victims in Ghana
* LDS Church supports Akosombo Dam spillage victims with US$300,000 worth of items
* Groundbreaking Held for Fort Worth Texas Temple
* Three New Temple Sites Announced in the US and Europe
* How Worldwide Day of Testimony Impacted Youth Worldwide
* Latter-day Saint with Down syndrome has become a ‘dancing’ usher at Texas Rangers home games
* Holly Richardson: What I learned about God from a toddler’s tantrum
* Descendant of Dred and Harriet Scott announced as first keynote speaker for RootsTech 2024
* New memorial honors pioneers, reunites 2 family branches
* Family Returns to the New Zealand Temple to Celebrate an Extraordinary Legacy
* The impact of the Worldwide Day of Testimony
* What this BYU study found about how religious hope strengthens families
* Invitations President Nelson has given since he became President of the Church
* Elder Rasband meets with stake, district and branch presidents from 11 countries comprising the Bangkok temple district
* New memorial honors pioneers, reunites 2 family branches
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Oct. 30-Nov. 5: What have Church leaders and scholars said about Hebrews 1-6?
* Learn about these 8 new stake presidencies — from Aarphus, Denmark, to Davao, Philippines
* BYU administrators join Army ROTC cadets in Black Hawk helicopter ride from Provo to Camp Williams
* FamilySearch provides discovery experience for nearly 4,000 at book fair in Germany
* 2024 Youth Theme Is “I Am a Disciple of Jesus Christ”
* FamilySearch Provides Insights Into One’s Family History at the Frankfurt Book Fair
* Video: Lessons From Joseph Smith’s Desire to Repent
* Summaries and videos from October 2023 general conference leadership meeting now available as resource for members
* Disciples ‘advocate for truth and for righteousness,’ says President Johnson to law professionals
* Young Women and Young Men general presidencies announce 2024 youth theme
* This week on social: President Nelson speaks in worldwide testimony meeting, Elder Rasband dedicates Bangkok Thailand Temple
* How poultry production is promoting self-reliance in Ethiopia
* BYU cross-country athletes ready for ‘championship season’ and first Big 12 conference race
* The Church of Jesus Christ Helps Restore African American Schoolhouse in Louisiana
* Church donates nearly $1 million to Florida food bank
* Boyd C. Matheson: How I know Jesus Christ stands ready with arms open wide
* The World Food Programme and the Church of Jesus Christ Are Blessing Lives
* Sister Yee Shares the ‘Wellspring of Relief’ That Comes Through Covenants With God
* The Orem Utah Temple Will Bless Local Students, Young Adults, Community Members
* Elder Andersen encourages Cedar City young adults to ‘grow up into the gift of the Holy Ghost’
* Episode 159: Issac and Rebecca Goeckeritz on dealing with disappointment and using talents to bring people to Christ
* World Food Programme highlights Church of Jesus Christ in efforts to fight hunger
* Tabernacle Choir announces guest artists for 2023 Christmas concert
* Elder Rasband thanks Vietnamese leaders for respecting religious freedom
* Second Harvest of the Big Bend receives major donation from Latter-day Saints
* Three Choirs Come Together for Special "Music and the Spoken Word" Broadcast
* The Orem Utah Temple Is Opening for Public Tours
* How the Orem Utah Temple will bless local students, young adults, community members
* The Church of Jesus Christ Gives Nearly US$1 Million to Florida Food Bank
* ‘You Can Do All Things Through Christ,’ President Nelson Promises Youth
* Latter-day Saint Britain Covey and family featured in Philadelphia Eagles ‘Unscripted’ video
* Bangkok Thailand Temple dedicatory prayer: Elder Rasband prays, ‘May this temple fulfill its blessed purpose’
* Faith, perseverance and hope: A Mormon’s journey west to foreign lands
* Sister Kathleen Eyring Celebrated as 'a True Woman of God'
* Elder Rasband Dedicates Bangkok Thailand Temple
* What the Morehouse College and Spelman College glee club members are saying about singing with the Tabernacle Choir
* 'Come, Follow Me' for Oct. 23-29: What Church leaders and scholars say about 1 and 2 Timothy; Titus; and Philemon
* 22 new stake presidents called — from Waco, Texas, to Nice, France
* How the Bangkok temple stands on the foundation of 6 decades of the Church in Thailand and multigenerational members
* Want to be featured in the Church News? Send us a photo of your worldwide youth testimony gathering
* What Are Funeral Potatoes And Why Are They Called That?
* Church Leaders Urge Care for the Earth at Conference in Brazil
* BYU Jerusalem Center Students to Return Home October 31
* Church Donates 33,000 pounds of Food to 20 Kentucky Organizations
* Meet New Church Historic Sites Leaders Who Will Begin Serving in 2024
* Preparing Primary Lessons for a Fifth Sunday
* Meet the new Church historic sites leaders who will begin serving next year
* International Government and Religious Leaders Visit Church Headquarters, Meet with the First Presidency
* General Officers Instruct Saints in Illinois and Iowa on Becoming Lifelong Disciples of Christ
* Like Moses, God Gives Us Vision to Accomplish His Work, Sister Browning Testifies
* Oklahoma Latter-day Saints Strengthen Community Relationships Through Service
* Youth to Fill World With Testimonies of Jesus Christ on October 22
* Preparing for the Worldwide Day of Testimony for youth
* BYU Jerusalem Center students returning home at the end of the month
* A rabbi shares how to be changed by general conference messages
* How BYU and the Big 12 are ‘Lean(ing) into the Light’
* Funeral information for Sister Kathleen Johnson Eyring
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How Sister Kathleen Eyring blessed my life with a smile
* Oklahoma Latter-day Saints strengthen community relationships through service
* Church donates 33,000 pounds of food to 20 Kentucky organizations
* Nicaragua Latter-day Saints celebrate 70 years of the Church in the country
* Why the Tabernacle Choir’s next ‘Music and the Spoken Word’ broadcast is so significant
* Tooele Daughters of the Utah Pioneers selling Temple handkerchiefs
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Hosts Mental Health Awareness Conference in Nigeria and Cote d'Ivoire
* Kiribati Islands to Benefit from Desalination Project Partnership
* Open House and Dedication Dates Announced for the Red Cliffs Utah Temple
* After Their Son’s Tragic Death, One Latter-day Saint Chaplain’s Family Found Comfort and Hope
* BYU Study Found Schools More Likely to Call Moms When Both Parents Are Available
* Family Services Provides Emotional Relief for Maui Saints
* FamilySearch Opens New Center in Las Vegas
* Sharing Aloha: Thousands Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Polynesian Cultural Center
* Groundbreaking scheduled for Kaohsiung Taiwan Temple
* Today is BYU’s 148th birthday. Here are 9 quotes from Church leaders about its prophetic destiny
* Introductory religion courses acquaint non-LDS students with the religious culture of BYU
* Mormon chapel to move into City as church-owned property fund looks to fill empty office space
* A mission of faith
* Kathleen Johnson Eyring Passes Away
* How one Latter-day Saint chaplain’s family found comfort and hope after their son’s tragic death
* What is the Latter-day Saint Sunday meeting schedule for Christmas Eve 2023?
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Oct. 16-22: What have Church leaders and scholars said about 1 and 2 Thessalonians?
* Learn about these 6 new, 4 reorganized stakes — from Brazil to Nigeria
* Sharing aloha: Thousands celebrate 60th anniversary of Polynesian Cultural Center
* This week on social: Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Soares post about temple dedications
* Trent Toone: How the Feather River Temple was built on the faith and service of members
* Family Services provides emotional relief for Maui Saints
* Latter-day Saints Missionaries Showed Up To Support BYU At TCU
* Ghana Police Services Receives Equipment Donation from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* BYU Jerusalem Center to Relocate Students and Faculty in Greece
* Bonnie H. Cordon named new president of Southern Virginia University
* Chaplains Are Like ‘Angelic’ Medevac Helicopter Pilots, Elder Wickman Says
* The Tabernacle Choir Will Make Its First Trip to the Philippines
* First Presidency Says Sacrament Meeting Only on Christmas Eve
* Church Leaders Encourage Latter-day Saint Youth in Utah to ‘Dream Big’ in Regards to Education
* FamilySearch opens new center in Las Vegas
* Sister Blanca Espinoza Gonzalez de Ayala, widow of Elder Eduardo Ayala, dies at age 84
* First Presidency Issues Statement on Middle East Violence
* Hurricane Idalia Volunteer Disaster Relief by the Numbers
* Video: What Church leaders hope for the next generation of missionaries
* Church leaders encourage Latter-day Saint youth in Utah to ‘dream big’ in regards to education
* Final Tabernacle Organ Virtuoso Performance Series concert of 2023 to feature Tabernacle organist on Oct. 13
* How chaplains are like ‘angelic’ medevac helicopter pilots, Elder Wickman teaches at seminar
* African leaders visit Ghana MTC and BYU in October
* Artists Show How They Are Inspired by Prophets, Apostles and Leaders
* Two Women Called to Relief Society General Advisory Council
* Bishop Budge: 5 Things Both President Nelson and Prophet Mormon Taught
* Like to Perform? Apply to Be a Performing Missionary in Nauvoo
* After his wife’s death, the ‘wonder of life goes on,’ Elder Holland writes on social media
* How ASL religion classes are better reaching those who are deaf and hard of hearing
* JustServe volunteers support MOMS baby shower in Dallas, Texas
* ‘Think Celestial’ resonated among Latter-day Saints
* Food donation to Midwest Food Bank of Texas of Haltom City ahead of TCU vs. BYU game
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints donates 20,000 pounds of food to Christian County food bank
* Elder Meredith Inaugurated as 18th President of BYU–Idaho
* As a Newcomer to BYU–Idaho, President Meredith Shares His Impressions of the University
* Elder Dushku: Making the Savior the ‘Very Center of Everything’
* Over 512,000 Tour Utah Area’s ‘Tabernacle Experience’
* Episode 157: Rabbi Joe Charnes on the power of general conference as a member of a different faith
* BYU–Hawaii devotional: Bishop Budge outlines 5 things both President Nelson and prophet Mormon taught
* ‘Learn how to make righteous choices,’ encourages Elder Homer at Ensign College
* How to meet Jesus Christ in the temple, teaches Elder Haynie
* Feather River California Temple dedicatory prayer: Read Elder Soares’s gratitude for the restored gospel and Savior Jesus Christ
* Watch: Behind-the-scenes of Conference Center floral arrangements
* Save Wasatch Back Dark Skies has sent out a letter in response to LDS church leaders’ defense of the planned Heber Valley temple.
* Apostles Dedicate Temples in McAllen, Texas, and Yuba City, California
* Location of Budapest Hungary Temple Released
* Ticket Reservations to Begin for ‘Luz de Las Naciones’
* Church Support Helps Survivors of Devastating Pakistan Flooding
* Polynesian Cultural Center Cites 60th Anniversary ‘Treasures, Examples’
* As a newcomer to BYU–Idaho, President Meredith shares his impressions of the university
* McAllen Texas Temple dedicatory prayer: Read Elder Uchtdorf’s blessing upon the Saints
* Ground broken for Modesto California Temple, one of state’s 12 houses of the Lord
* Giving hope to survivors of abuse in Samoa
* BYU Jerusalem Center students safe as war is declared in Israel
* Today is Sister Browning’s birthday. Here are 9 of her quotes from the past year
* How the Feather River temple has already been a blessing to Latter-day Saints in California
* From 24 hours of travel to 15 minutes: How the McAllen Texas Temple is bringing blessings home for local members
* Blessings of McAllen Texas Temple dedication bridges borders, Elder Uchtdorf says
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Oct. 9-15: What have Church leaders and scholars said about Philippians and Colossians?
* A by-the-numbers look at all 153 new temple locations announced by President Nelson since he became President of the Church
* Today is President Ballard’s 95th birthday. Here are 9 of his quotes from the past year
* Read invitations from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles from October 2023 general conference
* Local Houses Of Worship To Provide Support To Shelter For Asylum Seekers – A Heads Up
* Guest Artists Announced for 2023 Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert
* In Mexico, the Church of Jesus Christ Celebrates International Day of Peace with Other Faiths
* Swahili-Speaking Saints Feel ‘Stronger Than Ever’ After Salt Lake City Visit
* YSAs in Washington, D.C. Feed Local Families Through ‘Stock the Block’ Service Project
* Over 512,000 tour Utah Area’s ‘Tabernacle Experience,’ which will conclude Oct. 12
* This week on social: How Sister Wright overcame feelings of inadequacy before speaking at general conference
* Church is dedicating 6 temples in just 36 days — but as many have been dedicated in shorter times before
* See the 50+ past guest artists and narrators at the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concerts
* Polynesian Cultural Center cites 60th anniversary ‘treasures, examples’
* BYU’s Widespread Fan Base, Religious Ties, Help Bolster Media Value
* LDS church building used by the first Hispanic congregation still stands a century later
* Video: How Joseph Smith's family was 'Family of Faith'
* Church support helps survivors of devastating Pakistan flooding
* Swahili-speaking members feel 'tronger than ever' after Salt Lake City visit
* Watch or listen to 22 songs sung by 3 choirs during the October 2023 general conference
* YSAs in Washington, D.C. feed local families through 'Stock the Block' service project
* Various faith groups support The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Huntsman tithing appeal
* Before Jonathan Roumie was cast in ‘The Chosen,’ he was broke and praying to God for help
* Alachua man quickly arrested after breaking into church
* Representatives from African Nations and Interfaith Leaders Attend Landmark Religious Freedom Event in the US
* Church Helps Open New Health Clinic in Ukraine
* Church Members, Missionaries Join Service Effort for 5,000 People in Colorado
* Elder Soares Testifies of ‘God of All Comfort’ to Church-Endorsed Chaplains
* Jesus Christ Is ‘the One Thing’ That Is the Most Important, Says President Emily Belle Freeman
* Text of Each October 2023 Conference Talk Published
* Elder Soares shares his witness of the ‘God of all comfort’ with Church-endorsed chaplains
* Hungary’s president meets with First Presidency, speaks at BYU
* ‘Share our testimony through music’: 10 singers from around the world perform with the Tabernacle Choir in October 2023 general conference
* Scott Taylor: How general conference is ‘a source of divine message’
* How Catholics, Latter-day Saints and other religious Americans feel about climate change
* Are Latter-day Saints the most Republican college students?
* 3 Ways This Virginia University Became One Of The Fastest-Growing Colleges In The Nation
* 1st day of 2023 Chaplain Training Seminar celebrates history of female chaplains
* Scott Taylor: How general conference is ‘a source of divine message’
* Rwanda Catholic Cardinal visits headquarters of Church of Jesus Christ
* Church members, missionaries join service effort for 5,000 people in Colorado
* Members of First Presidency meet with prime minister of Samoa
* Here’s why the Church is combining all ‘Come, Follow Me’ manuals for 2024
* Two juveniles arrested after LDS Church building is vandalized
* How a Prophet’s words brought tears and peace to Church members in the conference center
* ‘So grateful, so grateful’: How Latter-day Saints reacted to 20 temples announced at general conference
* Today is Elder Soares’ 65th birthday. Here are 9 of his quotes from the past year
* Episode 156: October 2023 general conference — Leaders emphasize covenant keeping and invite all to ‘think celestial’
* Video: 20 new temple locations announced at general conference
* An inside look at the newly renovated St. George Utah Temple
* ‘Come, Follow Me’ for Oct. 2-8: What have Church leaders and scholars said about Ephesians?
* Photos: Missoulian photographers' photos of the week
* October 2023 General Conference Talk Summaries, News and Announcements
* President Nelson Issues Conference Invitation to ‘Think Celestial,’ ‘Put Jesus Christ First’
* The Church of Jesus Christ Will Build 20 New Temples
* See the Locations of the Church’s 315 Temples Across 6 Maps
* ‘You get to choose’: What Church leaders taught about the covenant path and agency in October 2023 general conference
* A focus on faith in Jesus Christ at October 2023 general conference
* Learn about these 17 new stake presidents around the world — from Cote d’Ivoire to Centerville, Utah
* Relief Society, Primary and Young Women leaders minister around the world in September
* The Osmonds: Faith, Family and Fame
* Joseph Smith: A Witness of Jesus Christ
* Sacred Hymnbook to Help Unite, Uplift Latter-day Saints of All Ages Worldwide
* Tabernacle Choir's Pilot Program Once Again Welcomes International Participants
* Download an Up-to-Date Chart of Church Leaders for October 2023 Conference
* New Joseph Smith Birthplace Historic Site Directors Called
* See the locations of the Church's 315 temples across 6 maps
* After recent fall, President Russell M. Nelson to participate in general conference remotely
* Elder Bednar talks tech at Silicon Slopes Summit
* This week on social: Church leaders speak on general conference preparation
* 9 experiences from those who accepted President Nelson's invitation to be peacemakers
* Elder Jeffrey R. Holland to participate remotely in upcoming general conference
* Download a PDF with 4 general conference-related games
* What's happened in the Church since last general conference
* Sarah Jane Weaver: My journey to understand why ‘prophets face lions'
* Church leaders sustain 2 new Area Seventies, release 2 others during leadership meetings
* Young service missionaries to be integrated into teaching missions, Church announces
* Samoan Prime Minister Meets with Members of the First Presidency of the Church
* Papua New Guinean Young Adult Leads with Faith in Jesus Christ
* 'A different, more fractious world': The warning an apostle sounded at BYU
* Choir Experience is a 'High Note' of this New Zealander's Life
* A General Conference Message from the Prophet
* What General Conference Visitors Will See with Temple Square Construction
* October 2023 General Conference Leadership Session News
* Relief Society and Young Women General Presidents Offer Love and Support in Maui Ministry
* General Conference Activities for Children and Youth
* Maui Stake President Shares Miracles and Lessons Learned From Lahaina Fires
* Temple Square renovation update: See video, plus 11 photos, on latest work on and around temple
* Video: How Bronco Mendenhall would help his football players find answers to questions
* The October 2023 Edition of the World Report
* October 2023 General Conference
* President of Hungary Discusses Faith and Family at BYU
* Backpacks and Cereal: Texas Children, Youth, Young Single Adults and Others Serve Those in Need
* National Foundation Honors Latter-day Saint Woman as 'Pioneer' of Social Work
* Palmyra New York Stake Commemorated 200 Years Since Angel Moroni's Visit to Joseph Smith
* Relief Society and Young Women general presidents offer love and support in Maui ministry
* abernacle Choir and Orchestra in 2023: Tour to Mexico, international singers, expanding weekly broadcasts and variety of concerts
* Maui stake president shares miracles and lessons learned from Lahaina fires
* October 2023 general conference: Announcements, talk summaries and session highlights
* Minerva Teichert's paintings on display at Church History Museum
* BYU community tries the Book of Mormon Experiment
* Producing pears with lots of helping hands
* LDS Church Doesn't Have To Wait On Court To Start Building Cody Temple
* The Growth and Momentum of the Church Educational System
* Single Manual to Unify 'Come, Follow Me' Study in 2024
* How to watch, listen or follow October 2023 general conference + 5 ways to prepare
* What happened to John Taylor's pocket watch at Carthage Jail? Historians conclude investigation
* USU Alum Set to Deliver Performative Arrington Mormon History Lecture Oct. 5
* 'Welcome home, Grandpa Haight': Early Mormon pioneer leader reburied in Cedar City
* BYU's Jewish quarterback is balancing football with High Holy Days observances this month
* 3 Attitudes to Help Youth Understand Principles in the FSY Guide
* Historians Conclude Investigation on Damage to John Taylor's Pocket Watch at Carthage Jail
* Messages on Missionary Work from New Edition of 'Preach My Gospel'
* Current Status for the 133 Temples Announced by President Nelson
* Episode 155: Getting to know President C. Shane Reese, the new president of Brigham Young University
* Backpacks and cereal: How Texas children, youth, young single adults and others serve those in need
* Leaders of the Church teach from 'Preach My Gospel' during 2023 mission leadership seminar
* Brother John G. Bytheway: 3 attitudes to help youth understand principles in the FSY guide
* LDS Church addresses temple concerns in letter to Wasatch County residents
* Three Generations of Charitable Service
* Aligning hearts and minds with Jesus Christ will provide relief
* How the Joseph Smith Papers has provided a foundation for future Latter-day Saint scholarship
* What's the current status for the 133 temples announced by President Nelson?
* 'Come, Follow Me' for Sept. 25-Oct. 1: What have Church leaders and scholars said about Galatians?
* Here's how the Utah Area Young Single Adult Conference went
* See the Piano Guys and the Tabernacle Choir perform a traditional Latin American hymn together
* Sister Dennis and Sister Browning experience 'warm and welcoming' ministry to Brazil
* Be 'of one heart, of one mind,' Elder Stevenson says during Iceland, Scotland, England ministry
* The purpose and power of Tuesday night devotionals at the Provo MTC
* 12 times Joseph Smith defended religious freedom
* 5 Latter-day Saint fiction writers
* Over 20 Latter-day Saint churches burglarized across Salt Lake County
* 200 Years Ago: An Angel's Visit that Led to the Book of Mormon
* President Nelson commemorates the 200th anniversary of angel Moroni's first visit to Joseph Smith on social media
* Public Invited to Tour the Okinawa Japan Temple
* Apostles' Testimonies of the Book of Mormon
* Video: Restoration Ongoing Since the Angel Moroni Appeared to Joseph Smith, Historians Say
* Young service missionaries to be integrated into teaching missions, Church announces
* Orchestra at Temple Square fall concert tickets available — and there's an early Christmas gift for concertgoers
* Where is FamilySearch opening a new center?
* Meet the 'Service Dudes' — 2 young men who began a club to serve others around Arizona
* This Is the Place Heritage Park honors medical career of Ellis Reynolds Shipp with new statue
* Local teen offering free moving, lawn services in Blackfoot
* Public Invited to Tour the Okinawa Japan Temple
* Avoid Comfort Zone In Education and Leadership, Seventy Says at BYU–Idaho
* Keep Covenants to Receive 'Divine Help,' BYU–Pathway President and Wife Tell Students
* $8.25 million Church donation to help refugees in Sudan
* Open-house reservations available for the Orem Utah Temple
* Brother Newman shares how to navigate 4 critical decisions for students
* Keep covenants to receive 'divine help,' BYU–Pathway president and wife tell students
* The Church of Jesus Christ Increases Help to Sudanese Refugees
* Church Leaders Inaugurate Shane Reese as 14th President of BYU
* 3 Phrases Elder Andersen Wanted Youth to Know Ahead of Temple Dedication in Brasília
* Episode 154: Church historians on 200th anniversary of angel Moroni's first visits to Joseph Smith and coming forth of the Book of Mormon
* Outreach in San Diego connects the Church with community leaders
* How this Latter-day Saint found hope to keep living after a serious car accident
* A Virginia church, a company, and a nonprofit come together to feed the hungry
* General Officers Connect With Women Leaders in San Diego
* BYU defensive end Tyler Batty was recognized today as Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week
* General Officers Connect With Women Leaders in San Diego
* Two US Temples and One in Brazil Dedicated on the Same Day
* Church Leaders Gather in Mexico City for Historic BYU–Pathway Worldwide Meeting
* RootsTech 2024 Opens Registration
* C. Shane Reese: From 1st-Generation College Student to University President
* Church Marks 200th Anniversary of Joseph Smith, Moroni's Visit and the Gold Plates
* Video: Sister Dennis on Learning About 'Partnering With the Savior'
* Church leaders emphasize education during historic Spanish-language devotional originating from Mexico City
* Moses Lake temple dedicatory prayer: Temple blessed to be 'a refuge from the evil and turmoil of the world'
* Read Elder Bednar's blessing upon the Saints in the dedicatory prayer of the Bentonville Arkansas Temple
* Sister Wright and Sister Spannaus help children and youth in the Pacific feel love of the Savior
* Youth Learn Service Through Community Volunteers
* Papua New Guinean Latter-day Saints Welcome Visiting Church Leaders
* Missionary Serving in the Philippines Passes Away
* A focus on the Savior, ordinances, covenants as Elder Bednar dedicates the Bentonville Arkansas Temple
* Church marks 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith, Moroni's visit and the gold plates
* Elder Cook dedicates Moses Lake Washington Temple: Temples are 'a blessing and a gift'
* How 2 Arkansas schoolkids in the '60s exemplify the growth, strength that led to a temple in Northwest Arkansas
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How President Nelson's invitations to forgive are good for our hearts — both spiritually and physically
* 'Come, Follow Me' for Sept. 18-24: What have Church leaders and scholars said about 2 Corinthians 8-13?
* Donations help improve schools, education programs in 5 countries
* How 2 Arkansas schoolkids in the '60s exemplify the growth, strength that led to a temple in Northwest Arkansas
* Special devotional to Latin America to feature two Apostles and the Relief Society general president
* How the Joseph Smith Papers project will lead to 'rich outpouring of scholarship'
* BYU fans continue traditions of away-game generosity in Arkansas
* First Presidency Commissions New Biography of the Prophet Joseph Smith
* Church Hosts Interfaith Symposium in Chicago
* Bronco Mendenhall Talks About Leaving UVA and How His Faith Continues to Direct His Life
* New Gospel Stream App Simplifies Safe Viewing of Church Videos, Broadcasts
* This week on social: 'Each of us deserves to be remembered' says Elder Gong
* Tabernacle, Cathedral of the Madeleine organists to perform together at Organ Fest XIV
* Tailgating with a purpose: BYU football road games provide service opportunities
* Party with a purpose': BYU alumni group donates 3 months of food before game in Arkansas
* Bronco Mendenhall talks about leaving UVA and how his faith continues to direct his life
* How volunteers took part in 9/11 Day of Service around U.S. and Canada
* Video: Sister Dennis on learning about 'Partnering with the Savior'
* President and Sister Kusch teach humility and representing Jesus Christ at Ensign College devotional
* Libya flooding prompts Church condolences and support
* 3 fun ways to get to know new BYU President Shane Reese before his inauguration
* Court Fight Over Proposed Cody LDS Temple With Giant 77-Foot Steeple Heats Up
* Latter-day Youth in Switzerland Experience the Middle Ages at Medieval Festival
* Hawaii Hospitality Hall of Fame Inducts President David O. McKay
* Church Leaders Extend Condolences and Prayers to Those Impacted by Flooding in Libya
* It's not coincidence — it's divine design, teaches BYU President Reese
* A first for the Church of Jesus Christ: 3 temples to be dedicated on same day — Sunday, Sept. 17
* Hawaii Hospitality Hall of Fame inducts President David O. McKay
* Rely on Jesus Christ and become more like Him through principles in the Honor Code, BYU–Idaho president and wife teach
* President Johnson feels the 'Hoosier' hospitality, shares about the Church during trip to Indiana
* Hawaii Hospitality Hall of Fame inducts President David O. McKay
* Rely on Jesus Christ and become more like Him through principles in the Honor Code, BYU–Idaho president and wife teach
* BYU students respond to updated CES standards
* Perspective: As a bishop, the urgent 'church finances' discussions I had rarely made the news
* Church Leaders Minister in Indiana, Meet with Civic and Faith Leaders
* Answers to Questions and Timeline for FSY Conferences in 2024
* Elder Andersen Encourages Saints in Asia to Follow Jesus Christ
* Elder Stevenson Encourages Saints in Ministry to the Land of Fire and Ice
* Historians Introduce the Brigham Young Papers Project and First Volume of Journals
* Blind individuals get a special tactile tour of the St. George Utah Temple
* Episode 153: Seeking and giving spiritual solace amid the Maui wildfires, with Church News reporter Mary Richards
* Today is President Johnson's birthday. Here are 9 of her quotes from the past year
* Elder E Ray Bateman, emeritus general authority, dies at age 84
* Church offers condolences, support after deadly Morocco earthquake
* Latter-day Saint Volunteers Join National 9/11 Day of Service
* Two Temple Sites in Nigeria Announced
* Want to Attend the Temple as a Group? Now You Can Schedule Group Appointments Online
* Where were you on 9/11? The Church News staff shares what they remember
* 3 ways forgiveness can benefit your physical and mental health
* This NFL linebacker spoke on faith instead of football at his postgame press conference
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* What research says about forgiveness and mental health, physical well-being
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* Worldwide youth testimony meeting to be held Oct. 22
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* “Stuff the Truck” Food Drive held in memory of 9/11 and National Day of Service
* Collective kindness: Different faith leaders and their members come together in Boise to help those in need
* BYU students gather to celebrate David O. McKay's 150th birthday

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