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LDS Historical Art and Photography

LDS Church Prophets

Joseph Smith Family
red dotJoseph Smith Jr. - A true photographic image of Joseph Smith Jr.
red dotCould e-mailed photo be that of LDS Prophet Joseph Smith?
red dotNew Photograph of Joseph Smith Compared with Death Mask - YouTube video
red dotJoseph Smith for President
red dotDrawing of Joseph Smith
red dotThe angel Moroni delivering the plates of the Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith jun.1886
red dotThe youthful prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr., and Oliver Cowdery, receiving the Aaronic priesthood 1898
red dotMob tarring Joseph Smith jr. - 1839
red dotJoseph Smith preaching to indians - 1835
red dotDrawing of Joseph Smith rebuking guards
red dotLiberty Jail
red dotSignature of Joseph Smith Jr.
red dotFirst known illustrations of Joseph Smith - 1834
red dotJoseph Smith 19th century drawings
red dotDrawing of Joseph Smith receiving gold plates and urim and thumim from angel Moroni
red dotJoseph Smith Sr.
red dotEmma Hale Smith
red dotAlexander Hale Smith son of Joseph and Emma Smith
red dotLucy Mack Smith
red dotGrave marker of Alvin Smith son of Lucy and Joseph Smith Sr.
red dotPatriarch John Smith
red dotGeneral Joseph Smith 1888 drawing
red dotGeneral Joseph Smith reviewing the troups
red dotJoseph Smith at Carthage Jail
red dotJoseph Smith Jr. -Martyrdom of Joseph and Hiram Smith in Carthage jail, June 27th, 1844
red dotTarring and feathering Joseph Smith
red dotMartyrdom of Joseph
red dotDeath of the Prophet
red dotCarthage jail
red dotAssassination of Joseph Smith drawing
red dotDeath of Joseph Smith
red dotHyrum Smith's martyrdom clothing
red dotAnthon Transcript
red dotDavid Hyrum Smith son of Joseph and Emma 1870
red dotStanding: David Hyrum Smith, Alexander Hale Smith. Sitting: Major Lewis Bidamon, Frederick Smith, Joseph Smith, III
red dotJoseph Smith portraits -
red dotSmith Family artwork -
red dotHyrum Smith
red dotHyrum and Mary Fielding Smith

1840's paintings by Sudcliffe Maudsley
red dotGeneral Joseph Smith - Painting by Sudcliffe Maudsley
red dotJoseph and Hyrum Smith - by Sudcliffe Maudsley
red dotLucy Mack Smith - 1840 painting by Sudcliffe Maudsley
red dotEmma Smith - 1840 Painting by Sudcliffe Maudsley

Brigham Young
red dotEarly Brigham Young drawings
red dotBrigham Young and party 1870
red dotBrigham Young leaning against pillar 1860
red dotBrigham Young
red dotBrigham Young
red dotBrigham Young and his wives
red dotBrigham Young and his brothers
red dotA young Brigham Young
red dotBrigham Young 1876
red dotBrigham Young wives
red dotA young Brigham Young daguerreotype
red dotBack view of Brigham Young
red dotDaughters of Brigham Young
red dotBrigham Young and Apostles
red dotThe Mormon Problem Solved [Cartoon of Brigham Young]

Other Church leaders
red dotHistorical portraits of Church
red dotCollage of past Apostles and Prophets
red dotFirst Presidency and Apostles of 1898
red dotFirst Presidency at 1894 birthday of President Wilford Woodruff
red dotJoseph F Smith and First Presidency 1905
red dotGeorge Albert Smith 1862
red dotGeorge Q Cannon 1880s
red dotHeber C. Kimball 1870
red dotHeber J Grant 1880
red dotJames E. Talmage 1880
red dotJohn Taylor
red dotLorenzo Snow
red dotOrson F. Whitney 1870
red dotOrson Hyde 1862
red dotOrson Pratt 1875
red dotParley P. Pratt and wife
red dotChurch leader polygamists in prison
red dotTabernacle Choir 1883
red dotElizabeth Ann Smith Whitney, Emmeline B. Wells, and Eliza R. Snow
red dotDavid Whitmer
red dotHeber C Kimball
red dotJoseph F Smith 1870
red dotJoseph F. Smith - 1900
red dotPorter Rockwell
red dotPorter Rockwell
red dotEzra T. Benson and family - 1850s
red dotOrson Pratt - 1874
red dotParley P. Pratt
red dotPresident Loenzo Snow and his counselors
red dotPresident Wilford Woodruff and his wife
red dotMormon Batallion
red dotDeseret Sunday School Officers 1895
red dot1897 photo of original 1847 Mormon Pioneers
red dotRepresentative women of deseret

Historical places
red dotA History and Record on Plates and Glass of Latter-day Saint Historic Sites
red dot19th century photo of Sacred Grove
red dot1866 Painting of old Salt Lake City and church leaders
red dotTabernacle organ 1875
red dot1869 Painting of Salt Lake City
red dot1878 Bird's eye view of Salt Lake City
red dot1884 view of Salt Lake City
red dot1885 bird's eye view of Salt Lake City
red dot1886 view of Salt Lake City
red dotHistorical photo of Salt Lake City
red dotSalt Lake Assembly Hall 1885
red dotSalt Lake City, Utah 1880
red dotBeehive and Lion Houses 1890
red dotBrigham Young Accademy Provo 1900
red dotUtah's 1897 Pioneer Jubilee
red dotEagle Gate and Beehive House 1888
red dotEast side Salt Lake City 1870
red dotEndowment house 1855
red dotGreat Mormon Tabernacle - Salt Lake City
red dotA pioneer family
red dotInterior of Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake 1883
red dotInside Salt Lake Tabernacle 1901
red dotMormon village, on line of railroad, Echo Canyon
red dotA Latter Day Saint with five wives and his mother
red dotPanoramic view Salt Lake City 1873
red dotSalt Lake Tabernacle under construction 1866
red dotNauvoo daguerreotype
red dotHill Cumorah 1907
red dotMormons in Utah drawings
red dotMormon Pioneers drawings
red dotMormon History drawings
red dotMormon life drawings

red dotTabernacle and foundation of Salt Lake Temple
red dotEarly construction site of Salt Lake Temple
red dotPartially built Salt Lake Temple 1880
red dotConstruction workers on scafolding at top of Salt Lake Temple
red dotView from top of Salt Lake Temple 1890
red dotLaying of Salt Lake Temple capstone
red dotSalt Lake Temple annex 1893
red dotDetails and cost of building of Salt Lake Temple
red dotGranite quary for Salt Lake Temple
red dotStone masons of the Salt Lake Temple
red dotLogan Temple 1894
red dotManti Temple 1889
red dotEarly drawings of Mormon Temples
red dotNauvoo Temple 1875
red dotRuins of Nauvoo Temple
red dotSt George Temple 1880

Video and audio recordings of LDS Church leaders

Church leaders from early 20th century 1 of 2

Church leaders from early 20th century 2 of 2

Testimony of Joseph F. Smith

Testimony of Wilford Woodruff

Heber J. Grant

Testimony of Heber J. Grant

George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith

Testimony of George Albert Smith

Testimony of David O. McKay

President Thomas S. Monson's first talk as an Apostle

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