General Authorities

Number of Presidents of the Church


Youngest President called

Joseph Smith - 24 yr 3 mo

Oldest President called

Joseph Fielding Smith - 93 yr 6 mo

Oldest President at death

Gordon B. Hinckley - 97 yr 6 mo

Longest Served in 1st Pres.

Joseph F. Smith - 47 yr 4 mo

Shortest Served in 1st Pres.

Rudger Clawson - 4 days

Counselor to highest number of Presidents

Joseph F. Smith - 4
N. Eldon Tanner - 4

Served longest as President of Twelve

Joseph Fielding Smith - 18 yr 9 mo

Served shortest time as President of Twelve

David O. Mckay - Howard W. Hunter - 6 mo

Longest time as Apostle

David O. Mckay - 63 yrs 9 mo

Longest time as President of Church

Brigham Young - 29 yr 8 mo

Shortest time as President

Howard W. Hunter - 9 mo

Most # of Apostles called

Joseph Smith jr - 22

Oldest living Apostle

L Tom Perry - 91 years

Youngest living Apostle

David A. Bednar - 52 years

Youngest ordained Apostle

John Willard Young - 19 years 4 mo

Oldest ordained Apostle

George Q Morris - 80 years 2 mo

Total number of Apostles called in this dispensation


Total number of current General Authorities


Average Number of Children


Most Number of Children

John H. Groberg - 11

Total Number of Children





Largest Temple

Salt Lake City, Utah 253,015 sq.ft.

Smallest Temple

Anchorage, Alaska - 6,800 sq. ft.

Oldest functioning Temple

St. George

First Temple outside Utah


First non-US Temple

Alberta, Canada

First European Temple

Bern, Swiss

First Temple built for film use

Bern, Swiss

First Temple converted from existing building

Vernal, Utah

Temple under construction longest

Salt Lake City, Utah 40 years

First Temple to use single spire

Idaho Falls

Tallest Temple

Washington DC - 280 ft